SCTV Network 90 - Season 1

NBC (ended 1983)




Episode Guide

  • The Days of the Week / Street Beef
    There is a battle between Guy Caballero and Johnny LaRue as Johnny is sent out to do "Street Beef" against his will. The "Days of the Week" ends in a wedding cliffhanger. Bill Needle bids farewell on TV Talk. Carl's Cuts features a homage to the movie The Deliverance. Bill Murray is featured throughout this episode.moreless
  • Rome, Italian Style with Jimmy Buffett
    Brian Johns researches time-share condominiums; Jerry Lewis performs live at the Champs-Elysees; tonight on "Nightline Melonville," a debate between Margaret Thatcher and Tip O'Neill doesn't go quite as planned; a spoof of Italian new wave cinema; "The Fishin' Musician" welcomes Jimmy Buffett.
  • Battle of the PBS Stars

    A spoof of Battle of the Network Stars, including a "Firing Line"footrace and a boxing match between Julia Child and Mister Rogers; a parody of '50s B-movies; the fourth episode of The Days of the Week.

  • Chariots of Eggs
    Chariots of Eggs
    Episode 27
    In his latest appearance on Sammy Maudlin, Bobby Bittman plugs his directorial debut, a spoof of Chariots of Fire starring Hall & Oates and two lesbians; Walter Kronkite narrates an all-astronaut production of T.S. Eliot's "Murder in the Cathedral"; the third episode of "The Days of the Week"; Mrs. Falbo and Mr. Messenger visit prison; Guy Cabellero comments on SCTV's political stance.moreless
  • Pet Peeves/The Happy Wanderers
    The members of SCTV Network 90 impersonate famous celebrities as they discuss their pet peeves. Eugene Levy and John Candy play Stan and Yosh Schmenge perform their polka version of "Stairway to Heaven" and other rock classics.
  • 3D Stake from the Heart
    Tonight the crew from SCTV Network 90 spoof the film One From the Heart. Their version is a 3D horror movie that isn't very good.
  • People's Global Golden Choice Awards
    SCTV Network 90 spoofs award show is this very funny episode. The show quickly takes a turn for the worst when people realize that SCTV has fixed the results so they win all of the awards.
  • Pre-Teen World Telethon
    Gerry Todd and Tim Ishimuni fight over a hands-off remote control; the seven young hosts of the after-school TV series "Pre-Teen World" hold a 24-hour marathon to save their show; a spoof of "Ocean's Eleven" starring Sammy Maudlin and Bobby Bittman; tonight on "Nightlive Melonville," Earl Camembert reports on the kidnapping of Mayor Tommy Shanks' grandson (sort of).moreless
  • The Great White North Palace
    Emcees Doug and Bob McKenzie host a SCTV special. Station manager Guy Caballero, explains that the special is due to criticism of having too many reruns. The McKenzie brother then proceed to show reruns. At the end of the show there is a tribute to the late John Belushi who had been scheduled as a guest that very night.moreless
  • Midnight Video Special
    Gerry Todd and Tim Ishimuni have a technology war; "Johnny LaRue's All Girl Friday Night Pajama Party" stirs controversy; Alfred Hitchcock (Candy) presents "Murder is Dangerous for Your Health."
  • Teacher's Pet
    Teacher's Pet
    Episode 20
    A To Sir With Love movie parody featuring The Boomtown Rats. Plus, "Dr. Tongue's Evil House of Pancakes" and a send-up of Ben-Hur!
  • The Best of SCTV, Part Three
    The best of SCTV from the past four years:
    • English for Beginners
    • Harry Filth
    • Taxi Driver (Gregory Peck)
    • Lola Heatherton in Concert
    • Sid Dithers - Private Eye
    • Taxi Driver (Woody Allen)
    • Video Piracy (Star Wars)
    • Videotech
    • How the Middle East Was Won
    • Taxi Driver (Sid Dithers)
    • Fillips Milk of Amnesia
    • Quincy: Cartoon Coroner
    • The Dick Cavett Show
    • Biller Hi-Lite
    • Harvey K-Tel's Fast-Talking Playhouse
    • Great White North: Star Wars
    • The Young and The Wrestling
    • Death Takes No Holiday
    • Joni Mitchell: For Dogs Only
    • Money Talks: Mr. Douglas
    • Yellowbelly
    • Monster Chiller Horror Theatre: Whispers of the Wolf
  • The Best of SCTV, Part Two
    The best of SCTV from the past four years:
    • Message From Guy: Arabs
    • Got a Minute? with Sid Dithers
    • High Q (2-9)
    • The Johnny LaRue Show
    • Point/Counterpoint: Alcoholism
    • My Fair Lady
    • Great White North
    • Long Distance
    • Danny Eubanks - Seminarian/Rookie Cop
    • The Sammy Maudlin Show: On the Waterfront
    • Dr. Chet Vet
    • Graft Cheese
    • Hats of the West
    • Bad Acting in Hollywood
    • Alpha Channel
    • The Irwin Allen Show
    • Tomorrow Today Tonight
  • The Best of SCTV, Part One
    Best of SCTV skits from the past four years:
    • Dr. Shekter
    • Comment with David Brinkley: Quality Smoke
    • Leave It to Beaver 25th Anniversary Party
    • John McEnroe for Coffee
    • Katharine Hepburn for Twillings Tea
    • Merv Griffith Show from Mayberry
    • National Midnight Star
    • Indira, live at the Akron Arena
    • Great White North
    • The Fishin' Musician: The Tubes
    • The Brooke Shields Show
    • Cooking with Edith Prickley
    • Tex and Edna Boil's Prairie Warehouse
    • What's My Shoe Size?
    • Dr. Cheryl Kinsey
    • Perry Como: Still Alive
    • Play It Again, Bob
    • SCTV sign-off with Mel Torme
  • Staff Christmas Party, 1981

    Nearly every possible recurring character attends a huge SCTV staff Yuletide celebration, and very unique things happen while they mingle and party; Bob and Doug McKenzie exchange cigarettes as presents; Mayor Tommy Shanks talks about Christmas shopping with his wife; Neil Simon and his wife, Marsha "Pamela" Mason appear onMaudlin todiscuss Simon's new Christmas special: an adaptation of the classic musical about a writer played by Judd Hirsch going to a hotel with his wife (played by Marsha) and encountering a crazed Richard Dreyfuss and a nutcracker prince played by Alan Alda; Johnny LaRue finds no one on the street and the shops closed, eventually being abandoned by his crew and giving a drunken monologue about the crane shots in his films; in a "sexy" special, Dusty Towne introduces her new television show.

  • The Godfather
    The Godfather
    Episode 15
    A huge wraparound concept involving Guy Caballero starring in an SCTV adaptation of "The Godfather" filling the role of the Don, and the plot revolving around network television, eventually causing a controversy even talked about on the news by Floyd Robertson and Earl Camembert and involving a legendary oath on Guy's part; Bob and Doug McKenzie show viewers long underwear and overcooked back bacon; Dr. Tongue and Woody Tobias, Jr. host a 3-D presentation at theatre House of Beef; In the SCTV Movie of the Week, the Vikings bring bees next time they raid England.moreless
  • Doorway to Hell
    Doorway to Hell
    Episode 14
    Bob and Doug McKenzie explain why not to cook bacon in a microwave oven; An after-school special about young social outcast Pepi Longsocks; Sammy Maudlin's guests are Bobby Bittman and his younger brother Skip; SCTV Movie of the Week telling the tragic story of Paul Boray, who found true love in a character played by Joan Crawford at one of his violin concerts.moreless
  • Walter Cronkite's Brain
    An episode of a show examining the mind of host Walter Cronkite doing his daily activities; Count Floyd watches clips from "Slinky... Toy from Hell"; A black and white film chronicling Edith Prickley's attempt to restore an insane young woman; Bob and Doug McKenzie, on carpets; Stephen Seely and Alexis Shannon give advice for youths and interview the band Rough Trade; Carl Schultz rambles about head cheese; A game show hosted by Bob Link; Dr Tongue and Woody Tobias, Jr. watching clips and previews of their 3-D show.moreless
  • Zontar
    Episode 12
    PSA advertises dental floss; In honor of G, the letter of the day, G. Gordon Liddy visits Mrs. Falbo, Mr. Messenger, and the kids; Aliens send double agent Hank Bain into SCTV to help them conquer it by making a TV show, "Different Folks", and taking over the staff with zombifying cabbages; Bob and Doug McKenzie argue instead of talk about short cuts; Big Jim McBob and Billy Sol Hurok dedicate an episode to blowing up Meryl Streep; Floyd Robertson announces the Zontar crisis while Earl Camembert reports an overturned cabbage truck; Sammy Maudlin talks with Joan Embry about a zoo incident, and later talks to Natalie Cole, who has recorded the theme song for "Different Folks", and DeForest Kelly about his new film, "The Julia Child Story"; Henna Claire Graham is visited in her penthouse by Brian Johns.moreless
  • I'm Takin' My Own Head, Screwing it On Right, and No Guy's Gonna Tell Me it Ain't
    Ventriloquist Mr. Wilcox and his dummy host "Sunrise Semester"; Alex Trebel hosts a special episode of "High Q" featuring night school students; Bob and Doug McKenzie share the secrets of free beer; Libby Wolfson and Sue Bopper Simpson discuss their new play, "I'm Takin' My Own Head, Screwing it On Right, and No Guy's Gonna Tell Me it Ain't"; behind the scenes, the play goes awry thanks to unhappy actors; Bill Needle hates theatre and invites us to watch his show, "Theatre Beat", which flames the play; Gil Fisher and the Plasmatics watch a video of their safari tour; William Shatner and Darryl Sittler star in a hockey movie.moreless
  • CCCP 1
    CCCP 1
    Episode 10
    Bob and Doug look at economics; Bobby Bittman portrays the title role in a Shakespeare adaptation and improvises when the signal is cut; a satellite from the Russian network CCCP1 (or 3CP1) takes over SCTV's and begins broadcasting their programming; Valeri Cometsky and Ivan Mahailov serve as Russian Bob's and Doug's in a boring foreign version of "Great White North"; Guy Caballero juggles getting SCTV back on the air and blaming Johnny LaRue for the Caesar incident; game show where a contestant makes up a twenty-eight letter word for "dog"; A warning against enemies of Russia; Sid Dithers and his relationship with adopted son, Yissel ; Al Pacino briefly hosts "The Cruisin' Gourmet"; Guy, Dr Tongue , and Woody Tobias, Jr. go into space to correct the satellite.moreless
  • The Great White North / Repeats
    Bob and Doug McKenzie go to a club with Johnny LaRue and steal his interviewee, fellow hoser Ian Thomas, for "Great White North"; Brian Johns talks with wealthy William Douglas in his manor in Bel Air; LaRue exercises while eating; a contrived soap opera where every sentence starts with "Hey"; Richardo and Patoo amuse eccentric musicians; Dom Strom warns of the seven signs of mental illness; Bob and Doug finally get Ian Thomas on "Great White North"; Mel Torme sings two nation anthems to sign off.moreless
  • Bouncin' Back to You with The Tubes
    Critic Bill Needle debuts a morning show with pill-popping Lola Heatherton as his first guest; Lola's musical special is swiftly cancelled by her ex-lover Guy Caballero, sending her into manic depression; Gil Fisher welcomes band The Tubes on "The Fishin' Musician"; Earl Camembert mistakenly reports Lola's alleged suicide, sparking interest with viewers and putting Guy on the spot; Libby Wolfson talks with Dr. Saul Reuben about women's problems; Lola's special goes on and she insults her ex-boyfriends by song, so The Tubes throw together a performance of "Talk to Ya Later"; a spoof of the movie The Oscar focusing on the Nobel Price for medicine.moreless
  • Pledge Week
    Pledge Week
    Episode 7
    After losing millions of dollars from the Sunbright incident, Guy Caballero resorts to begging for money, threatening to turn SCTV into an all-soccer network and taking the audience on a tour through the studio; prolific characters like Earl Camembert, Bobby Bittman, Count Floyd, Lola Heatherton, Dr. Tongue, and Lin Ye Tang also help during the pledge drive; Big Jim McBob and Billy Sol Hurok name their favorite domestic and foriegn films, the best being "Scanners"; Rockin' Mel Slurm replays clips from the first episode of "Mel's Rock Pile," featuring Roy Orbison; Edith Prickley hams it up while visiting India searching for a savage boy; The Elephant Man wrecks havoc around the building; Bill Needle berates RCA for depriving NBC of satellite time; Mayor Tommy Shanks rambles about his opinion on gun control laws; Bob and Doug McKenzie explain why calculators shouldn't be used in school; On "Hugh Betcha's Short Story Playhouse", Hugh watches a bizarre story called "The Private Booth" and its edited version.moreless
  • Moral Majority
    Moral Majority
    Episode 6
    Sunbright is taken on, first by Guy Caballero on "Moral Majority" and then by Bill Needle on "Critic's Corner" for their advertising, but they take over whenever it cuts to commercials; Mrs. Falbo is injured and counts to ten with Mr. Messenger; Rawl Withers gives the news and watches "Kissinger's Drunken Rampage"; Lin Ye Tang hosts an episode of "Doorway to Hell" called "The Man Who Lived in a Box" and accidentally gives away the ending, and nearly next week's ending as well; Count Floyd watches clips of "Dr. Tongue's 3D House of Stewardesses" ; Bob and Doug McKenzie, on why people honk when you look at a car accident; Floyd Robertson rejoins Earl Camembert as a newscaster after trying to quit his substance abuse; Gerry Todd watches videos and looks for a lost dog.moreless
  • Lunchtime Street Beef / Repeats
    Johnny LaRue watches his star fall after the "Polynesiantown" debacle, than gets assignment to a new (and very cheap) show called "Lunchtime Street Beef"; Mr. Wilcox (Moranis) does impression of Ed Sullivan and James Stewart on "Sunrise Semester" and later Dr. Cheryl Kinsey (Martin) shares some phrases for faking an orgasm; Bob cooks bacon while Doug McKenzie wears snow chains; Tom Boslee watches one of Hollywood's worst-acted films, "Johnny Dark Always Rings Twice"; LaRue hectors an SCTV staffer into giving him a helicopter shot; a spoof of The Grapes of Wrath with lots of mud; Rabbi Karlov shares some wisdom about insults.moreless
  • Repeats
    Episode 4
    This is an episode composed entirely of repeated material from the Second City Television series. In "Comment with David Brinkley" the topic is quality smoke. In "Cooking with Prickley", Edith cooks a turkey. Johnny LaRue as Mr. Science makes coffee and watches TV, on "The Sammy Maudlin Show" we see Bob Hope plugging his new special, "I Owe Peking 2000 Dollars". "Kanadian Korner" covers the topic parking at donut places. In "Lee A. Iacocca's Rock Concert", Lee asks for 1.5 billion dollars in government assistance. In "Mel's Rock Pile", Richard Harris sings MacArthur Park. In "Shock Theatre" Dad tells Billy a shocking Poe story of the girl who wouldn't wash her face. Throughout the episode we see several promos, including many different promos for "Taxi Driver".moreless
  • Southside Fracas with Southside Johnny
    This episode mixes new sketches with repeated material from Second City Television. New material includes: "Southside Fracas," where Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes are hired to play for the Fracas-Poindexter Wedding; promos for the movie "Melvin and Howards," and messages from Guy Caballero regarding illegal aliens.
  • Polynesiantown with Dr John
    Tim Ishimuni chats with critically acclaimed writer Grogan; Johnny LaRue stars in "Polynesiantown"; Bob and Doug McKenzie tell a funny story about a travelling incident; Sammy Maudlin examines drugs and Hollywood; Ben Bumme presents three British films starring a Scottish lad named Billy: "Look Back in a Bloody Rage", "The Lonliness of a Long-Distance Mum", and "Clockworth Leathernecks"; Gerry Todd watches videos, predicts the weather, and gives money to a sick man.moreless
  • One on the Town with Levon Helm
    Alex Trebel hosts the frustrating "High Q"; Perini Scleroso attends an English class; Bob and Doug McKenzie examine disco, boating, and seagulls; Earl Camembert examines Levon Helm on his show, "One on the Town"; A tycoon loses his fortune in "The $Millionaire"; Woody Allen meets his idol, Bob Hope.