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SD Gundam Force

Cartoon Network (ended 2004)


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SD Gundam Force

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The anime, SD Gundam Force is about the land of Neotopia, a peaceful place where humans and robots exist side-by-side in perfect harmony. That is, until the Dark Axis, evil invaders from another dimension, set their sights on conquering Neotopia. But Neotopia has a means to defend itself. Working in secret, the Super Dimensional Guard Force was established, and their best hope to defeat the invaders is the top-secret Gundam Force. Led by Captain Gundam, the Gundam Force is made up of different Gundams with amazing and unique abilities. With the help of a brave boy named Shute, these fearless defenders will stop at nothing to defend Neotopia and defeat the Dark Axis once and for all! As this series moves on their will be more and more Gundams and friends joining the Gundam Force such as Bakunetsumaru the Blazing Samurai, Zero the Winged Knight and many others. This series is in 3D animation and will make your hair rise through all of the momentum in this anime. SD Gundam Force is scheduled to have a second season sometime soon, where we do not know when up to now. This show is a thriller and will hopefully change the way you look at anime for a very long time now. So watch SD Gundam Force, now! Character Guide: Shute - a brave boy who becomes involved in the battle for Neotopia when he accidentally meets top-secret Captain Gundam. Shute fixed Captain Gundam when he was destroyed by Grappler. Shute activated Captain Gundam's Soul Drive which makes him very strong. He is smart, brave, and often uses his inventions to help the Gundam Force. He becomes very attached to Captain Gundam and the others, and will do anything he can to help them. He is Captain Gundam's best friend, and a special member of the Gundam Force. Captain Gundam - a perfect fighting machine. Captain Gundam was the leader of the Gundam Force before Shute came along. He was built with the sole purpose of defending Neotopia and the rest of the universe, but his identity is a secret. In fact, the citizens of Neotopia aren't even aware that he exists. Captain Gundam has been given clearance to use all sorts of guns and weapons against the Dark Axis, but his most powerful asset is the Soul Drive, which is activated when he first meets Shute. He is heroic and brave, but doesn't always understand emotion. Captain Gundam and Shute are best friends. Zero: The Winged Knight - a powerful sorcerer, Zero is a Knight Gundam from the world of Lacroa. When the Dark Axis began to destroy, Zero's homeland, it was up to him to and his comrades to defend it. They failed, and the Dark Axis took over Lacroa. Zero left at the princess's command to find a way to defeat the Dark Axis. He teamed up with the Gundam Force to get help in defeating the Dark Axis once and for all. He often uses magic to devastate the enemy forces. A gallant hero, Zero will fight his heart out for revenge. Bakunestsumaru: The Blazing Samurai - Bakunetsumaru is a fierce Musha Gundam from Ark, a place where the Dark Axis also destroyed. The Gundam Force invited Bakunetsumaru into their team and he gladly accepted. Bakunetsumaru has a sharp temper and let's it out on Zero a lot. The "blazing samurai" is a huge addition to the Gundam Force.moreless
Doug Erholtz

Doug Erholtz

Captain Gundam / Grappler Gouf / Fenn

Michelle Ruff

Michelle Ruff


Wendee Lee

Wendee Lee


Daisuke Namikawa

Daisuke Namikawa


Danny Katiana

Danny Katiana

Zapper Zaku / Entengo / Kao Lyn

Deborah Sale Butler

Deborah Sale Butler


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  • A Insult To The Gundam Saga.

    This show is nothing more then Pokemon in CG metal suits!

    It never made any god damn scene? The voices where total crap!

    I am sick to even use the word GUNDAM when talking about the this show.

    This is a insult to all the Gundam fans and it should be burned and never spoken of again!
  • SD Gundam is a great show, Hillarious as well. I remeber watching it when I was very little and I was suddenly reminded of it a few days a go. This show is not for your hardcore gundam fan(Boring.......) a GREAT sense of humor is a must for this show!moreless

    MAN you people have no sense of humor!

    SD Gundam RULES. Its not suposed to be taken seriously anyways! The other gundam shows are repetive and I stopped watching in the middle of Gundam Seed, i couldnt stand that stuff anymore. KIRA! Athrun! Kira! Athtuuuuuun! back and forth, it got OLD.

    SD Gundam, It actually made me laugh, and im sick of the other Gundam Shows, its just the same CRAP over and over again.

    Hero of the show is angsty, emotionless creep who has to destroy destroy destroy. That stuff gets old and fast.

    SD Gundam on the other hand, watched as a kid and I still love it.

  • Don't judge a book by it's cover.

    SD Gundam Force was something completely different than the other Gundam series. It was more light-hearted and the animation was completely different (chibi-style).

    When I first saw the series, I immediately became drawn in by the beautiful animation. Honestly, I believe this show has the greatest animation of all cartoons and anime.

    The storyline isn't very original, but it holds it's own. Basically, you're average storyline between good and evil.

    The characters are interesting to say the least. Captain Gundam, Zero and Bakunetsumaru are the main Gundams, while a young boy named Shute is the protagonist.

    Overall, SD Gundam Force needs to be given a chance. Just because it looks completely different from all the other Gundam series doesn't make it bad. I enjoyed the show just as much as the other Gundam series.moreless
  • How can any true gundam fan stand this insult!!!!!

    I have never seeen such a horrible, putrid, vile, poorly created, disgusting, stupid excuse for a gundam show!!! I would never allow such worthless junk to be aired on T.V.!!!! i'm so angry I'm ending every scentence with exclamation marks!! I would fire the person who even thought of this!!! Gundams are not supposed to have emotions, be super deformed, or have lame comedy lines!!! I do not know a single person who likes this show (personaly, there are a few people who like it in the reviews)!!! This is not only a gundam rip-off, but one of the worst shows ever made!!!moreless
  • This show made me want to rip my eyes out with a dull, red hot spoon and then squirt lemmon juice in the sockets and then "violate" my tv... all over it... mainly the screen!!!moreless

    This show totaly sucked what should never have been sucked!!! I love all that is gundam... except this! It's an insult to even just the word gundam! Now, when I say I'm a gundam fan, some people think I'm gay!!! I'M NOT!!! It's an insult to all people show like any anime! They took a gundam theme and turned it into a 100% piece of crap! I started watching a different channel from there on out! It made me want to rip my eyes out with a dull, red hot spoon and then squirt lemmon juice in the sucks!!!moreless