SD Gundam Force

Season 1 Episode 26

The Final Battle! Commander vs. Captain

Aired Unknown Oct 06, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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The Final Battle! Commander vs. Captain
With his Soul Drive back in place, and the petrification effect of the Bagu Bagu reversed, Captain Gundam faces Commander Sazabi in a battle to decide the fate of Neotopia!

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    Michelle Ruff

    Michelle Ruff


    Doug Erholtz

    Doug Erholtz

    Captain Gundam / Grappler Gouf / Fenn

    Daisuke Namikawa

    Daisuke Namikawa


    Deborah Sale Butler

    Deborah Sale Butler


    Danny Katiana

    Danny Katiana

    Zapper Zaku / Entengo / Kao Lyn

    Yello Lollicups

    Yello Lollicups

    Bakunetsumaru The Blazing Samurai

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      • Zapper Zaku: Oh, my many days have we been unconcious? Hey, wake up down there, we've got work to do!
        Grappler Gouf: Oh, stop. Isn't it obvious we'll never get out of here? We're doomed.
        Zapper Zaku: Fah! What kind of defeatist talk is that?! You'll never help the commander conquer the universe with that kind of attitude!(Sarcastic) Oh, we're doomed...
        Grappler Gouf: The commander? He's the one who's left us to rust like a bunch of scrap metal!
        Zapper Zaku: Oh, fine! Now you got depressed...
        Destroyer Dom: Huh? What was that?
        Zapper Zaku: What? What was what?
        Destroyer Dom: Me hear something!
        Zapper Zaku: ...hey, I think you're right!
        Grappler Gouf: I don't hear anything...
        Zapper Zaku: It's a team of my loyal Zako solders come to rescue us, we're saved! Ha ha ha!
        Grappler Gouf: You sure...?
        Destroyer Dom: Yay, saved!
        Zapper Zaku: Three cheers for the Zakos!
        Destroyer Dom: Let's get this party started!
        (Captain smashes a hole in the wall)
        Zapper Zaku: Huh?
        Grappler Gouf: Huh?
        Destroyer Dom: Duh?
        Captain: Here they are!
        Zero: Are you sure?
        Bakunetsumaru: Snug as bugs in a rug.
        Zapper Zaku: The-the-the Fundum Gorse!?
        Grappler Gouf: Gundam Force!!!
        Destroyer Dom: Uh, Oh!
        Cheif Haro: Greetings. Let's talk.

      • Zako #1 What do we do now, zako? Perhaps we should take a brief look at the situation!
        Other two zakos: Good idea!
        Zako #2: Our mighty leader has been defeated!
        Zako #1 Our armies have been demolished, and we're all left on our own!
        Zako #3: I know what, let's ask the Gundam Force if we can join them, zako zako!
        Zakos 1&2: Hey... that's not bad! Zako!
        Zako #3: Yep, forget that stupid ol' Dark Axis, time to join the winning side!
        (Mysterious being appears)
        Zakos: Zako?!
        Zako #2: Is that who I think it is?! The new guy!?
        (The Zakos begin running and jumping around, yelling)
        Zako #1: The Dark Axis, forever! And ever...and ever and ever... and ever!

      • (Kao Lyn is jumping and flipping about)
        Kao Lyn's robot: he is saying he is excited.
        Bell Wood: I didn't know he came with a translator.
        Kao Lyn's robot: He doesn't, but they offered me a line of dialog, and that was it.
        Bell Wood: More then I get sometimes.

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