Sea Hunt

Season 4 Episode 23


Aired Unknown Jun 10, 1961 on

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  • Great episode for the entire family - drama, suspense, and its clean

    It is great to see the series trying to tie up ends created by previous episodes during its last season. We get to see how the character played by Beau Bridges is doing about three years later. After Mike saves him from drowning after he robbed a jewelry store. Fortunately, the judge agreed with Mike and gave him a second chance by suspending his sentence.

    While still a convicted felon (most likely), he's now doing God's work and the characters aren't ashamed, embarrassed, nor shy of talking about faith and praising God. Warren (Beau's character), his, and his infant Son are missionaries working with a tribe of Indians in Ecuador. Both Mike and Warren have opportunities to show their faith and bravery. It is great family fare and well worth mentioning and recommending as part of a shared TV family evening.
  • A family affair in Sea Hunt!

    Like Father Like Son. Beau Bridges joins dad Lloyd on an underwater excursion like no other in this rescue mission. They are trying to make an underwater delivery of an infant under the sea away from some hostile indians. It\'s great to see the Bridges family perform in this special episode.