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What is it you like about Sea Hunt?

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    I'm getting to watch the Sea Hunt episodes nightly on a local (Chicago) broadcast channel. While there are several reasons I really enjoy watching these episode, I think one of the biggest reason are seeing the sneakers (plimsolls) worn by the various actors. Right now, I'm seeing the "Time Fuse" episode with Leonard Nimoy as Luis Hoyo. Both he and our hero (Mike Nelson) are wearing Navy Blue canvas CVO sneakers (plimsolls). I can't tell if they are by Keds (e.g. Keds Surfers) or Sperry (Sperry Top Siders). I know they're not Vans, as the episode is before their time and they aren't Keds Champions. My guess is canvas Top Siders by Sperry. Anyone know for sure?

    I'll be happy to add to this list of why I enjoy Sea Hunt, but I'm wondering why do you enjoy it?

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