Sea Hunt

(ended 1961)





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  • Sea hunt TV series was popular also popula in Japan.These episodes invite us to the undewater world.

    In 1950S ,japan was not so rich to play using Scuba equipment.It was only seen in a movie or Tv drama.
    So,it was quite fan to see the underwater world through "Sea Hunt"TV series.
    I did my best to see these episodes ,but I couldn't find video or DVD ,unless your seite.
    I would be happy if I can see Them again.
    Seeing episode gudes I remember some of these .
    It remaids me of my childhood days.Each episode is splended.
    1950s was a golden era of U.S,and i was a an afuluent society which we dereamed .So the stories are shining.NO other stories such as "Bay Watch"is not charming as "Sea Hunt".

  • Sea borne adventure with an ace scuba diver.

    What great fun! SEA HUNT was one of TV\'s most successful syndicated series and became a trademark of TV\'s golden age. Lloyd Bridges, tall, blonde, strikingly handsome, ruled as Mike Nelson, ex-Navy frogman, now operating as a trouble shooter for hire on the Pacific Ocean. Operating from his boat, The Argonaut, Nelson worked for insurance companies, federal, state and local governments, even the military at home in Southern California and abroad in Central and South America, handling matters that ranged from deep sea salvage, artifact recoveries even covert espionage. The sets were sparse, Bridges and his distinct voice (he narrated the episode) and the sea were the true stars. Look close and you find upstart talent cutting their acting teeth, among them Jack Nicholson in 2 episodes.
    Long Live ZIV!!!
  • SEA HUNT is the definitive action show of its time. Lloyd Bridges made the show what it is. It makes you yearn to go skin diving. I have a collection of all the original episodes and I like to watch them in the summer! Great show to watch on video!

    SEA HUNT is one of the best adventure shows on televison. I am a proud owner of the video collection of every episode made. I like to watch them in the summer time. Lloyd Bridges is the definitive Mike Nelson. He played the role with such enthusiasm. Great show, great underwater action! Four stars all the way!