Sea Hunt - Season 1

(ended 1961)




Episode Guide

  • The Manganese Story
    The Manganese Story
    Episode 39
    Mike discovers an important manganese deposit, but an ambitious young geologist, sharks, and an approaching hurricane threaten to silence him before he can inform the government.
  • The Sea Has Ears
    The Sea Has Ears
    Episode 38
    Mike investigates the murder of a diver who maintained an underwater phone cable connecting a chemical company with the mainland. He discovers the wire is being tapped to gain information on a top secret project at the chemical company. The cable is monitored for them to tap in again so Mike can capture the spies.moreless
  • Decoy
    Episode 37
    Mike is called to the Baja peninsula to investigate a sea monster that's frightening the whales and the local fishermen. He tracks the regular path of the creature using a hydrophone, and then strings nets across the channel to capture the "beast."
  • Lord Christobal
    Lord Christobal
    Episode 36

    Mike investigates a sunken freighter for an insurance company and to search for an earlier diver who never resurfaced. The salvage ship operator he hires to transport him wants the wreck all to himself. Not hesitating to kill again, he refills one of the air tanks with deadly carbon monoxide.

  • The Amphibian
    The Amphibian
    Episode 35
    Avalon Air hires Mike for the easy job of watching over a group of competent sports divers he knows well. Joining them is one stranger, George Peterson, who goes missing from the rest of the divers. A search finally finds him on the off-limits side of San Granada island, photographing a top secret Navy facility for the underwater launching of missiles.moreless
  • Explosion
    Episode 34
    Mike is called to Canada by an engineering firm to destroy "Killer Rock", an underwater peak that has caused many ships to sink and hundreds to die. The chief engineer of the company dives with Mike and they discover a cave system they can fill with explosives. The decision is made to use highly-dangerous liquid nitro to destroy the shipping hazard.moreless
  • Dead Man's Cove
    Dead Man's Cove
    Episode 33

    The police ask Mike for his thoughts on a man whose wife didn't resurface after photographing a shipwreck. The husband says she simply went deeper than she could handle. Examining the couple's photos, Mike realizes the man''s lying. To get a confession, Mike fools him into believing they can retrieve her body from 500 feet down.

  • The Birthday Present
    After finishing up a job, Mike retrieves the bicycle of young Jimmy who lost it off the pier. For some reason, his dive has upset a gang of thugs who rough him him. Clearly, there's something on the bottom that the hooligans didn't want found. Mike comes back for a late-night dive to discover what it might be. He's lucky his new friend Jimmy is looking out for him.moreless
  • The Big Dive
    The Big Dive
    Episode 31
    Stuntman diver Tom Gale wants to make a name for himself by diving to 380 feet and setting the skin diving depth record. Mike tries to talk him out of risking his life with such a reckless grab at publicity, but gets nowhere. The young man is clearly being pressured into this by his father, a former athlete who's willing to risk his son's life for another record.moreless
  • The Shipwreck
    The Shipwreck
    Episode 30
    Mike shares his rubber life raft with three others following a sudden storm that sank their boats. It's soon clear the others have no experience on the sea, making Mike their sole hope for survival. After six days adrift, everyone's strength and hope has been depleted.
  • Capture of the Santa Rosa
    Mike leads a diving team in rescuing a Latin American diplomat and his family from kidnappers.
  • The Lost Ones
    The Lost Ones
    Episode 28
    A frustrated former athlete pushes his children to be Olympic swimmers, resulting in their becoming trapped in a cave by a rising tide.
  • Underwater Station
    Underwater Station
    Episode 27
    While off the coast filming whales, Mike and his boatmate learn another guided missile expert has disappeared in the area. Investigating suspicious activity by some divers he spots, Mike discovers the missing scientist is hidden beneath the surface in an underwater holding cell.
  • The Hero
    The Hero
    Episode 26
    To finance a research project, Mike reluctantly agrees to accompany a rich big game hunter and his wife to Puerto Blanco, South America. His job is to teach them how to dive so the macho husband can add a shark and squid to his trophy collection. Danger arises when the know-it-all millionaire thinks he can ignore Mike's diving rules.moreless
  • The Prospectors
    The Prospectors
    Episode 25

    A radioactive knife and fish convince a pair of prospectors there's uranium underwater. They bring in Mike to scour the seabed with a Geiger counter and find the deposit. Rather than celebrating, one of the men becomes suspicious of his partner and Mike, convinced they're plotting to steal his claim.

  • Pressure Suit
    Pressure Suit
    Episode 24
    A professor and his daughter hire Mike to harvest a rare underwater plant from a South American lake. The anxious old man joins Mike for the dive, comes up too quickly, and develops the bends. Hoping to save the man's life, Mike radios a nearby military base looking for a pressure suit used by high-altitude pilots.moreless
  • Legend of the Mermaid

    Diving for sponges off of Florida, Mike hears bells as a fierce current tries to force him into a cave. He barely escapes death, but learns many other divers have met their demise after being lured in by an evil mermaid. Obsessed with solving the mystery, Mike is determined to dive again.

  • Underwater Patrol
    Underwater Patrol
    Episode 22
    Mike helps the Florida Highway Patrol identify the skin diver who came up from the water and robbed a fisherman and his daughter of their valuables. They recruit the help of the old codger named Waco who refills the air tanks of local divers.
  • Magnetic Mine
    Magnetic Mine
    Episode 21
    An entire Mexican town is menaced by the presence of a derelict floating mine in its harbor that could ignite fumes from the local nitrate factory if it is detonated.
  • Alligator Story
    Alligator Story
    Episode 20
    A traveling fair comes to town and Mike takes an immediate fancy to Sue, the attractive daughter of the show's owner. After just one date, Mike is recruited to help capture their star attraction, Caesar, a dangerous alligator that's escaped and made its way to a nearby lake.
  • Diamond River
    Diamond River
    Episode 19
    Mike supervises a diamond diving expedition in South America, but discovers that his employers are poaching on someone else's property.
  • The Sponge Divers
    The Sponge Divers
    Episode 18
    Mike interrupts an underwater survey in the Gulf of Mexico in order to save a diver whose air line has become snarled.
  • Girl in the Trunk
    Girl in the Trunk
    Episode 17

    Mike dives to see how a woman escapes from a locked truck at the bottom of a lake. Watching a near-tragedy underwater, he takes his concerns to Harry Baldwin, the head of the carnival show. The girl's life is placed in serious danger when Harry sabotages the trick in revenge for her falling in love with another man.

  • The Poacher
    The Poacher
    Episode 16
    Mike is nearly killed by a massive electrical jolt used by a poacher to kill fish in the Florida Everglades.
  • Marvelous Treasure Machine (aka Continental Rift)
    A man claims to have invented a machine that can locate ships carrying gold.
  • Hard Hat
    Hard Hat
    Episode 14
    A professor from the Smithsonian brings Mike to Latin America to retrieve any historical materials from a recently discovered Nazi submarine. A couple of hard hat divers (those using the old suits with the huge helmets) catch wind of the U-boat discovery and set out to claim the potential spoils for themselves.moreless
  • The Shark Cage
    The Shark Cage
    Episode 13
    Mike and two cameramen are imperiled when an irrationally jealous man drops their camera cage into shark-infested waters.
  • Midget Submarine
    Midget Submarine
    Episode 12

    While Mike is helping a friend test a new mini-submarine, the daughter of a Soviet scientist approaches him about rescuing her Father from behind the Iron Curtain. Mike turns her and the US government agent with her down flat. Later, though, Mike becomes a one man commando team, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, when he boards an Eastern block ship. One additional issue is no one was able to tell her Father Mike is coming to spirit him to the West.

  • Killer Whale
    Killer Whale
    Episode 11
    A killer whale is capsizing boats and endangering scuba divers and swimmers along a stretch of coastline.
  • Recovery
    Episode 10

    While looking for a rare fish in the West Indies, the US Government loses the nose cone of a test ICBM missile. Can Mike find and recovery it before enemy agents find it or him?

  • Gold Below
    Gold Below
    Episode 9

    After Mike turns down an offer to work with a pair of men who run a deep sea salvage company because of their past, Mike's assistant on his current job agrees to work for them. Mike joins the three men on a treasure hunt for gold, as Mike wants to keep his former young assistant safe from harm.

  • Sonar Queen
    Sonar Queen
    Episode 8

    While on job field testing a new device called a "Dual Sweep Transducer," common name fish-finder, Mike crosses path with a Mexican fishing village without fish, except for one man. Using the ship ("Sonar Queen") equipment, Mike finds the fish and then goes into sale mode to save the fisherman and sell the community on new technology.

  • Mr. Guinea Pig
    Mr. Guinea Pig
    Episode 7

    While working on a project to formulate a safety code for skin divers, Mike meets up with an old flame who has her own safety issues while skin diving. She is trying to combine skin diving with her job as a photographer, but needs a portfolio and wants Mike's help in shooting a sunken barge off the coast of Mexico. Her impatience brings both Mike and her to the brink of death.

  • Female of the Species

    TV Rating: TV-G: A mysterious woman who's hired Mike for private diving lessons proves so inept that, after a week, Mike drops her, fearing she'll accidentally kill herself. Her motivation for the lessons becomes clear when an insurance investigator shows up; her boyfriend is doing time for a jewel heist and the loot is stashed 150 feet down.

  • The Sea Sled
    The Sea Sled
    Episode 5

    TV Rating: TV-G: The Immigration Department contacts Mike after he rescues a young woman from the ocean. Officials believe she is involved in smuggling foreign criminals into the states. After having her released into his custody, the tables are turned and Mike finds himself being held by the woman and her brother. They want to keep Nelson quiet until their other brother has safely slipped into the country.

  • Mark of the Octopus
    Mike helps investigate the disappearance of two underwater geologists mapping an area for oil. One of the men washes up covered with the tentacle marks of an octopus. Mike is rightly suspicious; the other diver is determined to keep the oil discovery for himself.
  • Rapture of the Deep
    A grudge between two divers whom Mike is testing for underwater mining skills becomes a secondary issue when one of them contracts nitrogen narcosis.
  • Flooded Mine
    Flooded Mine
    Episode 2

    A mining company flies Mike 1,500 miles inland to survey a collapsed and partly flooded mine. They're trying to decide the best way to reopen the mine. During his first dive, Mike hears noises that lead him to an air pocket where two men barely are surviving. One of the miners feels there is only enough air left in the cave for 10, maybe 20 minutes. Mike has only enough air to take one of the miners out. Who will go with Mike? Who stays and hopes (with only one miner breathing the air) he'll be able to survive until Mike returns? How will they decide who lives and who risks death?

  • Sixty Feet Below
    Sixty Feet Below
    Episode 1
    A Navy test plane is ditched just off the coast and Mike is rushed to the site to attach a marker so the plane can be retrieved. He's shocked to discover the pilot still alive in the airtight cockpit with just 15 minutes of oxygen left.