Sea Hunt

Season 4 Episode 10

Sonar Story

Aired Unknown Mar 11, 1961 on

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  • Mike does his bit to stem the tide of hard drugs!


    Without Joe Friday's preaching, Mike Nelson tells us about the war on drugs, his efforts to stem the tide, and his hope for an illegal drug free American (within 15 years or by 1973). Of course, his prediction is way off, as the only way to have an illegal drug free American is to attack the reasons people want to use drugs. Yet, American politics won't allow us to really work on the problems on individuals and hence the reasons people use drugs.

    This episode is fun and has all of the underwater adventure we come to hope for and desire, when watching Sea Hunt and the continuing adventures of Mike Nelson. We have beautiful females (or dames (wording of the time)), sneakers / plimsolls, new technology, the Coast Guard, friends of Mike, organized crime, Mr. Big (himself), and a rescue right at the last moment (after all Mike can't die in the middle of the season, right?).

    You should try to find this episode on DVD, VHS, on the net, or over the air (as I did on the Chicago "This" channel). It will give you about 21 minutes of good clean, family, fun, excitement, and drama.