Sea Hunt

Season 4 Episode 28

Sunken Car

Aired Unknown Jul 15, 1961 on

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  • Mike lifts a black cloud hanging over a town and a good man

    For once Mike is on the wrong side of the law; getting himself arrested for skin diving, while on a job for national security. While the U.S. Coast Guard comes to his aid and prevents him from doing time on the local chain gang, which might have made for an interesting episode or scene. Yet, they didn't stick around to prevent two attempts on Mike's life, which I think is a lot like diving without a buddy. It just doesn't make sense, but then I'm an amateur and not a professional.

    This is a fun and exciting episode and well worth watching, but you're going to have to suspend some belief in Mike, though. Based upon other episodes you'd think Mike would get some back up after the incident with the Sheriff arresting him. This would be especially true after someone cut his boat adrift. Finally, Mike had to get the help of another diver who rescues him from a death trap.

    In the end, Mike figures it out and beyond that of the town and the important people who run it. From beyond the grave the monster who ran the town has been keeping the town under a cloud of blackness and especially the man who was only defending himself. Once Mike gets the entire picture, he realizes this is a clear case of self defense. Even Jack McCoy would have to agree you have the right to defend your life when someone shoots at you, even if it is necessary to kill (not murder) to do it.

    In the end, the man will need to come clean and though the episode leaves his final fate up in the air, we have Mike's word things will turn out OK. It makes sense, if the law, DA, court, and jury comes from his town he'll not even see the inside of a courtroom. Of course, Bones could tell us everything or even CSI, but this is the late 50's / early 60's and, well, Mike, is enough for us, right?

    So, while the episode isn't perfect with the not giving us a way to rate from 9.6 to 9.9, I will (as I do) round up to 10 - a perfect episode. It is well worth your time to watch, if and when you get the chance. Fortunately, for me I get the chance on the Chicago TV channel - "This" 25.2 on you digital tuner.

    Oh, and while the man did try to kill Mike twice, Mike won't be mentioning that to anyone, anytime soon, for Mike's a good guy and won't press charges. Turns out Mike was right not to involve anyone else after the Sheriff, guess I should always trust Mike, right?! ;-)
  • A surprising ending following the mysterious murder of a friend of Mike Nelson!

    This episode proves once and for all not to drive your motor vehicle into the water! It's an okay Sea Hunt effort and a surprising ending for the viewer. Again one of the reasons I like to watch Sea Hunt is the adventures underwater with Lloyd Bridges and the equipment used way back when!
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