Sea Hunt

Season 4 Episode 32


Aired Unknown Aug 12, 1961 on

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  • A very positive and necessary message for the time and fun episode for today

    It is through communications people learn about challenges, how people are different, yet same, and how we're all the same - in the end. Episodes, such as this one, help us accept and understand people who are different and who have nothing shameful in their lives.

    In this episode a man so ashamed by the fact he is a diabetic has been keeping this information from his own wife. How - fortunately - times change, but if it wasn't for episode, such as this one, times would change. I suspect some readers will be saying, but how can they not be accepting of something as simple as a person being a diabetic, but honestly, there were times when it was a big deal and a big negative in the eyes of many people (and not so many years ago).

    The episode teaches those of the '50s/'60s an important fact, while giving us a warm and wonderful story. It is a well spent 30 minutes for anyone.
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