Sea Hunt

(ended 1961)




  • Season 4 Episode 35: Starting Signal

  • Mike states the US Coast Guard motto is "Semper Paratus." which he translates as "Always Prepared." The US Coast Guard website (, though, uses the English translation "Always Ready."

  • Goof: Mike Nelson quotes a time of 90 minutes for the depth charge sound to reach the hydrophones in the Caribbean from the Indian Ocean, 8,000 miles away. He also says the sound is suppose to travel at 840 miles per minute. These facts do not mesh / make sense, as the time for the sound to travel 8,000 miles at 840 miles per minute would be 9 minutes 31.2 second and not 90 minutes. At 90 minutes, the speed over 8,000 miles would be about 88.9 miles per minute, which is not the quoted 840 miles per minute.

    The speed of sound depends upon the density of the material used to transmit it. Sound, generally, travels faster in material where the atoms are closer together, such as a liquid or a solid. Temperature and pressure also affect the speed of sound, as it affects the interaction of the atoms to one another. The speed of sound in salt water at 4,000 feet is about 1,490 meters per second or about 3,334 miles per hour. At this speed it would take around 2 hours 24 minutes and not the 90 minutes given by Mike Nelson.

  • Season 4 Episode 33: Roustabout

  • Cattle dip is the solution used in cattle dipping, which is useful in eliminating cattle fever ticks. From 1906 to 1961 over 3,500 cattle dip vats were created to help deal with this issue. The solution typically contains a strong solution of arsenic and later on synthetic pesticides, such as DDT and toxaphene (now banned). In this episode the dip / poison is Dytek in powdered form (per the writers).

  • Season 4 Episode 31: Impostor

  • Mike wears his typical white swimming briefs during this episode (like the white hat on the good cowboy), while the imposter wears color striped swimming briefs, while his partner wears black (like an outlaw) swimming briefs.

  • Mike doesn't open this episode with his typical narration, instead it begins with the guest stars.

  • Season 4 Episode 30: The Saint Story

  • Goof: When Dr. "Tank" Wallace visits Mike at the church to offer his help in killing whatever "it" is, the doctor calls Nita Delgado he instead of she.

  • Mike says Hurricane Carol hit this Latin American country, yet, the only Hurricane Carol occurred in 1954 and hit New York & Connecticut. With the creation of standard names, theWorld Meteorological Organization (WMO) retired the name.

  • Season 4 Episode 29: Hit and Run

  • Goof: When Mike begins his search in his Coast Guard auxiliary uniform, the visor on his cover is blank. Yet when he questions the masters of small yacht harbors, his cover has gold embroidered oak leaves and acorns.

  • Season 4 Episode 27: Dark Evil

  • Goof: We see Oliver Brandon swim to a dock that has explosives. He begins climbing out of the water, yet as he exits the water on the ladder he's completely dry (his suit, his body, and tanks). He's also seen as a young man when in the water approaching the dock, but as an older middle aged man when on the dock looking for the explosives.

  • Goof: Oliver Brandon above water is a father with loose skin, wrinkles, and other signs of normal aging on a man in his 50s or early 60s. Yet, underwater he looks to be a man in his late 20's to middle 30's with tight skin, firm muscles, and no wrinkles. The stunt double obviously isn't a good double for the actor playing Oliver Brandon.

  • Season 4 Episode 26: The Meet

  • Mike Nelson watches his version of "Sea Hunt," while at home (an apartment or hotel room). The series is "Dempsey of the Deep" and is one of the TV series that Mike and his friend Commander Mason share in common. As with "Sea Hunt," the lead character is also the narrator. (The series doesn't really exist.)

    Mike watches this episode of "Dempsey of the Deep" on a Philco Tandem Predicta. It came with a wired remote control (25 foot cord) and advertised using the slogan, "Keep the set beside your chair - put the picture anywhere."

  • As a change of pace, per Mike, this episode begins in only 3 fathoms of water (about 18 feet).

  • Season 4 Episode 25: Underwater Pirates

  • Mike creates a breathing bag for a diver (one of the pirates) who lost or is about to lose conscious. Mike does it by pulling the driver's shirt up over his head to create a tent like area and fills it with air from tanks. This allows the barely or unconscious diver to breath the normal way through his nose and/or mouth.

  • Mike discloses his underwater demolition (UDT) duty with the U.S. Navy was during the Korean War ("the war in Korea," as Mike puts it). Mike states in the episode "Recovery" (season 1, episode 10) he worked for the US Government during World War II.

  • Season 3 Episode 33: The Missing Link

  • Continuing error: After making sure Ann Prescott is busy, so she isn't guarding the cave, Mike returns to check out the cave. On the way he discovers a mystery diver and we see him carrying a spear. Upon entering the cave, though, the scene shows him without the gun. Yet, once he is inside the cave he has his gun again.

  • Season 3 Episode 27: Underwater Beacon

  • Goof: While Mike Nelson and his friend are trying to find an underwater radio signal supposedly way out in the Pacific Ocean, as Nelson is seen swimming underwater toward the signal, in the background, a swimmer's legs and arms can be clearly seen on the surface of the water. In the following scene, as a frogman swims from a submarine, a small rubber dinghy with oars can be clearly seen on surface at the edge of frame probably carrying support crew members for the underwater camera crew, all indicating that this part of the episode was shot at Silver Springs, Florida, and not in the middle of the Pacific.

  • Season 3 Episode 19: Cross Current

  • Goof: After Nelson is swept miles from the police boat by a strong current, he ends up on a small deserted island where he finds his friend, who is in poor shape. He fashions a spear and heads into the water to get some food for her. As he swims near the shore of this remote tropical island, a line of Silver Springs' swim buoys can be clearly seen above his head.

  • Season 3 Episode 8: Missile Watch

  • Goof: When Carl is shot with a spear gun, the spear hits him in the center of the chest. When he and Mike surface, the spear is below his right shoulder.

  • Season 2 Episode 27: The Getaway

  • Mike normally wears a double tank, when diving. In this episode, he uses a single tank, as he's testing a propulsion device that attaches to the end of an air tank.

  • Season 2 Episode 25: Treasure Hunt

  • There is a continuity problem during this episode concerning the tank marked "ED." Mike enters the ship wreck, finds the stolen goods, and then an air tank marked "ED" (Ed's tank). When Mike picks it up it clearly doesn't have a regulator or air tube. As Mike and the other diver leave the room with the stolen goods, Mike takes with him the air tank marked ED. It still is without a regulator or any tubing, as they leave the room.

    Yet, when they are slowly raising to the surface and Gorden is about to attack Mike, the tank he's carrying has both an air hose and regulator and no longer has ED written on it.

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