Sea Patrol

Season 2 Episode 11

A Brilliant Career

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jun 09, 2008 on Channel Nine



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    • Bomber: (about the new CO) He's supposed to be hell of a captain.
      RO: Yeah, he's a golf nut.
      E.T: I hear golf balls aren't the only thing he whacks with his putter. Junior sailors.
      Bomber: No!
      E.T: Oh, I'm serious.

    • Freeman: X, you can take her out.
      Kate: Er....sir? Won't you be driving her out?
      Freeman: Ah, it's your ship. You know her better than I ever will. I'm only here to make sure you don't sink her.

    • Marshall: Hang on, I thought you were supposed to be in bed?
      Mike: You sound like my doctors. There's nothing wrong with me.
      Marshall: Mike, you just took a dose of shrapnel!

    • Swain: That's one hell of a bullet wound.
      Freeman: He doesn't appear to have been in the water long.
      Swain: Do you think he was thrown out of that prawn trawler?
      Freeman: (sarcastic) Oh, well, unless he fell from space.

    • Mike: Mercenaries operating on Australian soil, organising some sort of coup on Samaru.
      Kate: Can you leave it to the Feds? This is not your personal mission.
      Mike: After what they did to Charge? And you? You bet it's personal. I wanna find out what these people are up to.
      Kate: Just be careful, right? You poke spiders, they bite.

    • Swain: Excuse me, sir. I know we're not meant to leave the ship or anything.
      Freeman: I'm sensing a 'but'.
      Swain: Sir, my baby's teething and Sally, my wife, she's at home on her own.
      Freeman: Yes, well, I know what it's like having a wife and kids wanting me ashore, Swain.
      Swain: I know, sir, we all have the same problems. I understand.
      Freeman: Swain? I'm not married anymore and I'd save anyone going that pain if I could. Go, you've got an hour.
      Swain: Sir, thank you, sir.

    • Kate: (about Freeman) You know, his whole way of managing things is completely inappropriate.
      Charge: Well, he had a point - someone on the ship is a thief.
      Kate: And we still don't know who that person is.
      Charge: Maybe not, but the Captain is the ship. You question him, you question everything.

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