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Sea Patrol

Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Monday 8:30 PM May 05, 2008 on Channel Nine
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Episode Summary

The crew of the Hammersley are joined by a federal agent and go in search of an illegal fishing boat. Whilst on board the Navy find evidence on the boat and find the fishing boat crew start to exhibit symptoms of bird flu.

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  • OMG this episode was great!!!

    This episode was fantastic, I loved seeing the E.T./Nikki relationship on the show finally! I also knew that he was going to be ok but i was still on the edge of my seat, and i must admit i did cry a little (but i cry at a lot of tv shows). I thought the bird flu was a little pointless as it didnt really go anywhere but it did make the story work, why Nikki had to join all those exposed and why it was ET and Falton(if thats how you spell it, i would like to call him 'bad guy') who where sent back to the fishing boat. I just thought it was about time we got to see their relationship a bit more otherthan us knowing but not really seeing, im a girl i like a bit of love in the show.moreless
Matthew Holmes

Matthew Holmes

Coxswain Chris Blake

Kristian Schmid

Kristian Schmid

Radio Officer Robert J. Dixon

Jay Ryan

Jay Ryan

Able Seaman Billy "Spider" Webb

John Batchelor

John Batchelor

Chief Engineer Andy Thorpe

Lisa McCune

Lisa McCune

Lieutenant Kate McGregor

Ian Stenlake

Ian Stenlake

Commanding Officer Lieutenant Commander Mike Flynn

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    • Fulton: That's some pretty impressive nav equipment there, Lieutenant.
      Nav: Oh yeah. Only the very very latest.
      Fulton: Does this mean there's no chance of getting lost on a deserted island?
      Nav: Absolutely none.
      Fulton: Where's the romance in that?
      Nav: Well, I don't think we're here for romance.
      Fulton: Speak for yourself.

    • Nav: (about Fulton kissing her) It wasn't something I invited him to do. In fact, I made it pretty clear that I wasn't interested.
      Kate: Did he touch you inappropriately? Did he put his hands on you? If a man puts his hands on you, unasked for, that is sexual assault. Nav, there is no grey area here. We are female crew on a Navy ship.
      Nav: No, look, Fulton isn't Navy so....
      Kate: Well, he's on our ship.
      Nav: Look, I don't want people thinking that I can't take care of myself.
      Kate: Nobody, nobody would think that.
      Nav: No, they will if I start making sexual assault claims.

    • Nikki "Nav" Caetano: I thought I'd lost you.
      (Brief silence.)
      Josh "ET" Holiday: You're not going to lose me.

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