Sea Patrol

Season 4 Episode 11

Brotherhood of the Sea

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jun 24, 2010 on Channel Nine
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Brotherhood of the Sea
Gloom envelopes the Hammersley and her crew as one of the ship's favourite sons seems to have been lost at sea.

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    Danielle Horvat

    Danielle Horvat

    Seaman Jessica (Gap Girl) Bird

    Conrad Coleby

    Conrad Coleby

    Petty Officer Bosun Dylan (Dutchy) Mulholland

    Ian Stenlake

    Ian Stenlake

    Lieutenant Commander Mike (CO) Flynn

    Lisa McCune

    Lisa McCune

    Lieutenant Kate (XO) McGregor

    John Batchelor

    John Batchelor

    Chief Engineer Andy (Charge) Thorpe

    Kristian Schmid

    Kristian Schmid

    Radio Operator Robert (RO) Dixon

    Jason Dundas

    Jason Dundas

    Jack Fiene

    Guest Star

    Tammy MacIntosh

    Tammy MacIntosh

    Commander Maxine (Knocker) White

    Recurring Role

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      • Charge: You booked this boat because it's popular with Swedish backpackers.
        2Dads: Mate, do you really think I'd be that shallow?
        Charge: Oh please, ask me a hard one.

      • Bird: (about the missing 2Dads) I can't believe it. He was standing right here this morning, laughing and joking.
        Bomber: Bird….
        Bird: You know, it's like one of his practical jokes gone wrong.
        Bomber: Bird!
        Bird: You know he even made a comment in your comment book, look….
        Bomber: Stop it. There's nothing to worry about.
        Bird: There isn't?
        Bomber: No, it's a popular dive site. Coast Watch are on the case, we're on our way, he's wearing scuba gear.
        Dutchy: Bomber's right, Bird. 2Dads'll be fine. He's got a BCD and an FSB.
        Bird: I know a BCD's a Buoyancy Control Device, what's an FSB?
        Dutchy: A Female Swedish…
        Bird: Backpacker.
        Dutchy: Bingo. Ten bucks says Coast Watch will find him hitting on her and he'll blame us for cramping his style.
        Bird: Yeah, I hope so.
        Dutchy: Hey, I know so.

      • Charge: Do you know how many recreational divers have been attacked on that reef in the last fifty years?
        Bomber: No.
        Charge: One. So what are the odds of another attack happening, tripling that number?
        Bomber: It's still bound to happen….
        Charge: Astronomical. He's out there, Bomber, and he's still alive and we're not gonna give up hope.

      • Dutchy: Mate, there is no conspiracy. If it looks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, then it's a duck.
        Charge: Yeah, or a goose.
        Dutchy: No, geese honk. I know you love your conspiracy theories…
        Charge: I'm not a nutter.
        Dutchy: Who killed JFK?
        Charge: It was the Mob or the CIA.
        Dutchy: No, Lee Harvey Oswald.
        Charge: Yeah, right. With a magic bullet? I just want the truth, Dutch.
        Dutchy: Come on, Charge. This isn't The X-Files, mate, and the truth is it's not your fault either. It's just a stupid senseless tragedy. Two kids are gone.
        Charge: No. I refuse to believe that.

      • Charge: (during a shoot-out) We need to consolidate our position.
        2Dads: We need to get the hell out of here, Charge.
        Charge: That too.

      • Charge: I let you down, mate. I'm sorry.
        2Dads: Mate, if you didn't show up……we're square.
        Charge: Yeah, well, if there's anything else I can do, if you ever wanna go on another diving trip, I will do it. I will make myself do it.
        2Dads: I don't think I'll be doing that for a while. There is one thing I've always wanted to do.
        Charge: What is it?
        2Dads: Just never found anyone to do it with.
        Charge: Hey, I'm there. I'm your guy. Name it.
        2Dads: Sky-diving.

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