Sea Patrol

Season 4 Episode 2

Crocodile Tears

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Apr 22, 2010 on Channel Nine
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Crocodile Tears
A new Commanding Officer and the discovery of a cruel and lucrative trade in crocodile skins, results in some tense and disturbing moments for the crew of the HMAS Hammersley.

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  • So pretty Much another Beauty. great episode, even if you delete all the great MIke and Kate Scenes, But you can't, they were Great.

    Definitely one for the Mike and Kate lovers out there, showing what their lives would be like if Mike had a shore posting, and Navy regulations didn't apply anymore. A great Storyline, turning the new CO of Hammersley, whom we believed to be a nice guy, into a piece of work. After a nest of Crocs had been killed and their skin taken, Hammersley go on a mission to stop the ruthless murders of the great animals, with special mating rituals. Mike and Kate are able to go on a real date, Well the date never happens because Kate gets angry with Mike, as he sides with Maxine, against his old crew mate, 2Dads. However, he goes to her house and one thing leads to another and Dot Dot Dot.

    2Dads rescues a croc from a bar, but then drops it and it gets hit by a car, with another crew member from Hammersley, The New CO. Coburn, inturns, blackmails 2Dads into not telling anyone, but is found out anyway and dismissed from his duty's with the RAN.

    The end of the episode ends with a new CO of Hammersley being announce, MIKE. Bringing an end to the short lived relationship between Mike and Kate :'(

    But overall, very well written storyline. i Thouroughly enjoyed this episode :Dmoreless
Danielle Horvat

Danielle Horvat

Seaman Jessica (Gap Girl) Bird

Ian Stenlake

Ian Stenlake

Lieutenant Commander Mike (CO) Flynn

Lisa McCune

Lisa McCune

Lieutenant Kate (XO) McGregor

John Batchelor

John Batchelor

Chief Engineer Andy (Charge) Thorpe

Matthew Holmes

Matthew Holmes

Petty Officer Chris (Swain) Blake

Kristian Schmid

Kristian Schmid

Radio Operator Robert (RO) Dixon

Steve Bastoni

Steve Bastoni

Lieutenant Commander Steve Coburn

Guest Star

Tammy MacIntosh

Tammy MacIntosh

Commander Maxine (Knocker) White

Recurring Role

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    • Bird: Awww, is that a…?
      2Dads: Croc egg. Yeah, I rescued him from that nest we found. Poachers must have missed it. It's undamaged.
      RO: He wants you to cook it.
      2Dads: Don't listen to him, he's inhumane. Now I'm going to nurture him and I'm going to hatch a little croc.
      RO: What, so it can grow into a man-eating killer? That's a great idea, 2Dads.
      2Dads: I'm going to take him to a sanctuary when I hatch him.
      Bird: I think that is really sweet of you, 2Dads. Isn't it?
      Bomber: No comment.

    • Bomber: Robert, why is everybody paying all this attention to Bird?
      RO: Well, I thought it would have been pretty obvious, I mean, she's really sweet.
      Bomber: Come on, RO, everyone's falling over themselves to be nice to her and I'm just ignored.
      RO: Come on, Bomber, you're not ignored. You're just……
      Bomber: What?
      RO: Well, you're one of the boys.

    • RO: (about Bird) Getting her to clean ovens? That's not picking on her? I'd hate to see you with a real grudge.
      Bomber: Oh, for your information, she's underage. She couldn't come out on the gas with us anyway. Could she, Swain?
      Swain: Well, she could have had guava juice or something.
      Bomber: Oh yeah, and how boring would that be, listening to a bunch of drunken sailors banging on all night?
      2Dads: Excuse me? No, no, no, no. I happen to very entertaining when I'm socially lubricated.

    • Dutchy: How'd you go with the local authorities?
      Coburn: Complete waste of time. Corrupt as hell. They've been paid off by some local business identity, that's the word.
      Kate: So they'll do nothing about the poaching?
      Coburn: Well, put it this way, the guy I reported it to was wearing croc-skin boats. What does that tell you?
      Kate: Well, that it's futile and we're impotent in this situation.
      Coburn: Yeah, well, we'll see about that.

    • Mike: I'd just like to know why you walked away from me today.
      Kate: Because you've turned.
      Mike: And what's that supposed to mean?
      Kate: Well, you're clearly one of the bureaucrats now.
      Mike: I'm just doing my job. I have responsibilities that come with this new position, like it or not.
      Kate: Ah, and that includes not supporting your former crew, does it?
      Mike: I have to be impartial. It's not personal.
      Kate: That is crap. You know, you hide behind this veneer of command. I look at you with your straight back and your square shoulders and it is your armour and you won't let anyone in, because you're afraid. You're an emotional coward, Mike Flynn, and I have put up with it for three years now. And sometimes I think that you actually enjoy tormenting me.
      Mike: Oh, come on, Kate. That's unfair, you know the regulations.
      Kate: Yeah, the regulations. They don't apply anymore, do they? You can't hide behind them anymore.

    • Bomber: Bird seems to know everything that's going on on this boat.
      RO: Yeah, she's pretty popular with the crew. Do I detect a note of jealousy there?
      Bomber: Yeah, there's a whole symphony going on.
      RO: Come on, Bomber, don't compare yourself to Bird. I mean, she's a sweet young thing, but you're…..a woman…you're a very attractive woman. Beautiful. So, you're our chefo as well so we couldn't exist without you.
      Bomber: Thanks. RO.

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