Sea Patrol

Season 3 Episode 7

Half Life

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jun 29, 2009 on Channel Nine
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Episode Summary

Half Life
When the Hammersley gets a distress call, the crew go to Victory Island to search for the survivors of a helicopter crash. The island was used for nuclear tests back in the 1950s and the radiation is still at a high level. But time starts to run out for them when one of their own gets injured on the island.moreless

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    Ian Stenlake

    Ian Stenlake

    Commanding Officer Lieutenant Commander Mike Flynn

    Lisa McCune

    Lisa McCune

    Lieutenant Kate "XO" McGregor

    Saskia Burmeister

    Saskia Burmeister

    Navigation Officer Nikki "Nav" Caetano

    John Batchelor

    John Batchelor

    Chief Engineer Andy "Charge" Thorpe

    Jeremy Lindsay Taylor

    Jeremy Lindsay Taylor

    Petty Officer Pete "Buffer" Tomaszewski

    Matthew Holmes

    Matthew Holmes

    Petty Officer Chris "Swain" Blake

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    • TRIVIA (1)

      • In the last episode, 3-6, "Oh Danny Boy", Buffer gets an embarrassing tatoo on the back of his left shoulder. It was a heart with XO appearing on the banner. However, in this episode, 3-7, " Half Life" and the next episode, 3-8, "Red Sky Morning" (and perhaps others), Buffer appears shirtless, but there is no evidence of the tattoo.

    • QUOTES (5)

      • Nelson: I told you, we were filming dugongs.
        Mike: And yet with thousands of square miles of ocean, you crash on a small island that happens to be a radioactive hazard with a Geiger counter in your possession. What are the chances of that?
        Nelson: Okay, so we're making a film on the island's history. So what?
        Mike: Your illegal trespassing has put my sailors in danger.
        Nelson: I didn't ask you to rescue me.
        Mike: But I was ordered to anyway. In the Navy, we don't get to pick and choose who we help. Now why lie about this, Mr. Walker?
        Nelson: Because, Captain, you're a part of the military machinery that's been covering this up.
        Mike: What makes you think there's a cover-up?
        Nelson: Why do you think the island is off-limits to civilians?
        Mike: Because of its radiation levels.
        Nelson: That's what the government wants you to think.

      • (RO is found hanging upside-down from a tree)
        2Dads: Typical, RO. We're busting a gut, and you're just hanging around, eh?
        RO: Hilarious.
        Nav: How did you get up there?
        RO: (deadpan) I was trying to lasso a boar.

      • Jessica: My Grandad was one of the six seamen that died here during the time of the nuclear tests.
        2Dads: Oh yeah, I heard about that. Charge said that B-25 crashed off the coast or something.
        Jessica: That's the official version.
        2Dads: Spider, put her down. What, you think they got caught in the blast?
        Jessica: Nelson says its a cover-up.
        2Dads: It sounds more like a beat-up if you ask me.
        Jessica: I never met my Grandad, so I just wanna find out what happened to him.
        2Dads: You've come all the way out to place like this for someone you've never even met?
        Jessica: You think that's dumb?
        2Dads: No, I think it's kinda brave actually.

      • Mike: RO, surprised to see you up and about.
        RO: You don't want to take your eye off the ball. Not everyone can do my job.
        Charge: (in RO's chair) I don't know about that. It seemed pretty bloody easy from where I was sitting.

      • Swain: I um...I acted selfishly, put my own interests ahead of you and the rest of the...
        Bomber: Swain, it's okay. You're a father, you've got responsibilities.
        Swain: It's no excuse. I'm sorry for everything that happened.
        Bomber: You did save my life, remember?
        Swain: Yeah.
        Bomber: Besides, if you'd gone in the first place, I would have had to come rescue you.
        Swain: Well, that's assuming I would have gone over the cliff's edge.
        Bomber: Oh, you would have (laughs and winces) Oh, that really hurts.
        Swain: Yeah, don't laugh too hard.
        Bomber: We both copped a fair dose of radiation, didn't we? How soon? How long until we find out?
        Swain: Not for a long time, Bomber. Could be years before we know if its had any effect.
        Bomber: Not much point in worrying about it then.
        Swain: Not much point at all, mate, not much point at all.

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