Sea Patrol

Season 4 Episode 14

Live Catch

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jul 15, 2010 on Channel Nine
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Live Catch
The ugly use of cyanide poison in illegal fishing threatens the lives of two of the Hammersley's mainstays.
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  • Another Good One. Can't pass up a good kidnapping and cyanide poisoning.

    So this episode was ALLLLLL about Bomber. Bomber by Name, Bomber by nature, was the slogan used. Bomber responds to a situation over drastically, putting her chances of promotion to leading seaman into jeopardy. 2Dad's tries to help, by teaming up with Bomber for a steamy party, and the X comes along, as a spectator only, Giving Bomber a second chance.

    A freak accident, with what was thought to be water and turns out to be a cyanide solution, affects the X, and Bomber and 2Dad's, along with the poisoned X, get kidnapped on board a foreign Vessel. As they struggle to get out alive, and still give Bomber the glory, 2Dad's admits he can't help but provoke Bomber, and she is ok with that, meaning Dot Dot Dot (lol)

    The X survives the poisoning, as does 2Dad's and the ship is restored to normal. Bomber, looking good and showing leadership skills, gets a recommendation from the X for her promotion to Leading Seaman :Dmoreless

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    • (Bomber clangs a plate down loudly with a sour expression)
      Kate: Is that attitude, Bomber?
      Bomber: No, ma'am, it's chicken.

    • 2Dads: We get our fish back for a change. It's a happy ending.
      Bomber: Happy endings only happen in fairytales, 2Dads.

    • Kate: Sir, we're returning the illegal catch to the sea now.
      Mike: Let's hope a good number of the fish survive. Well done, X.
      Bird: Why wouldn't they all survive?
      RO: Stress.
      Bird: Stress?
      RO: Big killer in fish.
      Bird: Really?
      RO: Mmmm. You think I'm making it up?
      Bird: I can never really tell if you're joking or not.
      RO: No, I don't joke. I never joke.
      Bird: You never joke?
      RO: Joking's not my thing.
      Bird: Okerly-dokerly.

    • Charge: With Bomber away, whose gonna cook for us?
      Mike: Well, I'm sure we'll manage. RO, you've had experience in the galley.
      RO: Ah, I think we should probably go back and get her, sir.
      Dutchy: How hard can it be to burn a bit of scran?
      RO: Seriously, I think that we should go back and get her now.
      Charge: He may be right, sir. If you could remember back to last time, there was….problems.
      Mike: Bird, can you cook?
      Bird: Ah, a bit, sir.
      Mike: You can give RO a hand in the galley.
      Bird: Great.
      Mike: There you go, RO, an enthusiastic helper. Just keep it simple.
      RO: We all die, it's not my fault.
      Charge: (to Mike) We will die.

    • 2Dads: I provoked you.
      Bomber: You always provoke me!
      2Dads: I can't help it.
      Bomber: What?
      2Dads: You know, it's that old thing of when you're really hot for someone….
      Bomber: 2Dads, please don't go there.
      2Dads: If we're not coming back, I thought you should know.
      Bomber: I know.
      2Dads: Seriously? You're okay with that?
      Bomber: Apparently.

    • 2Dads: (about Kate) She's high.
      Bomber: What?
      2Dads: I got a whiff of that stuff, it's amal.
      Bomber: What?
      2Dads: Amal, rush, poppers.
      Bomber: In English, 2Dads!
      2Dads: Don't you go clubbing?
      Bomber: No. What, is it a party drug?
      2Dads: Amal Nitrate, a party drug, yeah.
      Bomber: Well, he said it was an antidote.
      2Dads: Only for a boring night out.

    • Mike: Bird, well done at lunch today.
      Bird: Thank you, sir.
      Mike: This lot can be hard to please and I'm betting RO wasn't much help.
      Bird: Ah, I think he's found a new appreciation for Bomber's work.
      Mike: She's a great chefo.
      Bird: Yes, sir. She's taught me quite a bit and not just chefing stuff either.
      Mike: What else?
      Bird: Just…confidence, I guess. I look up to her quite a bit. I just hope that she and the others are okay.
      Mike: We all do.

    • Dutchy: He knows where they are.
      Mike: Agreed. They must have a rendezvous point.
      Dutchy: Then request permission to interrogate him more vigorously, sir.
      Mike: You mean torture him?
      Dutchy: I mean get the information we need.
      Mike: Dutchy, every fibre of my being wants to get that information, no matter what the cost.
      Dutchy: Then just give me five minutes with him. No one need ever know.
      Mike: I'd know.
      Dutchy: Sir, with all due respect, we can't afford to take the high moral ground here.
      Mike: Return to the bridge, Dutchy.
      Dutchy: Sir?
      Mike: That's an order, now.

    • 2Dads: So did you have to give me the kiss of life?
      Bomber: No comment.
      2Dads: You did, didn't you?
      Bomber: Ah, you'll never know.

    • Kate: Well, after the day you've had, it seems a bit rough to be making you cook dinner too.
      Bomber: It was either me or RO, ma'am, and Charge got down on his knees and begged.
      Kate: Apparently Bird saved RO in the galley today and she had some great things to say about you too. Bomber, about your application for Leading Seaman…
      Bomber: Oh, X, you don't have to go there. After spraying cyanide in your face and causing everything that went wrong today, I'm obviously not the right stuff so let's just forget about it, hey?
      Kate: What happened today wasn't your fault and you hadn't have shown the leadership and courage that you did, who knows where we'd be right now.
      Bomber: Yeah, but, X….
      Kate: I'm recommending your promotion.
      Bomber: You are?
      Kate: Congratulations.
      Bomber: Thank you, ma'am.
      Kate: Thank you.

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