Sea Patrol

Season 4 Episode 14

Live Catch

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jul 15, 2010 on Channel Nine

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  • Another Good One. Can't pass up a good kidnapping and cyanide poisoning.

    So this episode was ALLLLLL about Bomber. Bomber by Name, Bomber by nature, was the slogan used. Bomber responds to a situation over drastically, putting her chances of promotion to leading seaman into jeopardy. 2Dad's tries to help, by teaming up with Bomber for a steamy party, and the X comes along, as a spectator only, Giving Bomber a second chance.

    A freak accident, with what was thought to be water and turns out to be a cyanide solution, affects the X, and Bomber and 2Dad's, along with the poisoned X, get kidnapped on board a foreign Vessel. As they struggle to get out alive, and still give Bomber the glory, 2Dad's admits he can't help but provoke Bomber, and she is ok with that, meaning Dot Dot Dot (lol)

    The X survives the poisoning, as does 2Dad's and the ship is restored to normal. Bomber, looking good and showing leadership skills, gets a recommendation from the X for her promotion to Leading Seaman :D