Sea Patrol

Season 3 Episode 2

Monkey Business

Aired Monday 8:30 PM May 25, 2009 on Channel Nine
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Episode Summary

Monkey Business
The crew, especially Nikki, are still shaken over the death of their great friend and crewmate, but tensions increase through a new crewmate on the ship and the presence of a stowaway on board. As the crew continue to investigate the missing 'red gold' coral Nikki and Charge come into trouble when they are taken hostage by pirates.moreless

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    Ian Stenlake

    Ian Stenlake

    Commanding Officer Lieutenant Commander Mike Flynn

    Lisa McCune

    Lisa McCune

    Lieutenant Kate "XO" McGregor

    Saskia Burmeister

    Saskia Burmeister

    Lieutenant Nikki (Nav) Caetano

    John Batchelor

    John Batchelor

    Chief Engineer Andy (Charge) Thorpe

    Jeremy Lindsay Taylor

    Jeremy Lindsay Taylor

    PO Bosun Pete (Buffer) Tomaszewski

    Matthew Holmes

    Matthew Holmes

    PO Coxswain Chris (Swain) Blake

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      • Kate: I wanted to see how you are.
        Nav: I'm fine.
        Kate: Nik, I know how much you miss E.T. We all do.
        Nav: (crying) It's so hard. Everything's the same, but it's not, it's different. I still expect to see him, every time I turn a corner. That new guy, 2Dads, he's the complete opposite. Every time I see him, I just…..I'm just reminded E.T's gone.
        Kate: Maybe you've come back to work too soon. You need some more leave.
        Nav: No, couldn't bear hanging around at home. Work's been the only thing getting me through.

      • Mike: (about 2Dads) He smuggles a monkey on-board which then proceeds to pickpocket the entire crew?
        Kate: You know, he has been nothing but trouble since he joined this ship. He behaves like he doesn't want to be here.
        Mike: He doesn't. He only joined the Navy to avoid going to jail.
        Kate: What?
        Mike: He's had minor run-ins with the police since he was a teenager – vandalism, offensive behaviour, that sort of thing. Three years ago, a magistrate recommended his parents get him to join the services, for a bit of discipline before he ends up with a conviction.
        Kate: Since when did we become a rehabilitation service?
        Mike: I know. Anyway, soon as we're back home, he's off my ship.

      • 2Dads: We'll be okay, Nav. I'll think of something.
        Nav: I don't need you comforting me, Leading Seaman. It's your stupidity that got us into this!

      • Pirate: We have three of your crew hostage. If you try to board us, we will kill them.
        Mike: I'd like to speak to Lieutenant Caetano or Chief Engineer Thorpe.
        Pirate: No, no, no, no. You get nothing 'til I get what I want.
        Mike: And what's that?
        Pirate: Two thousand rounds, fifty calibre ammunition.
        Mike: In return for my three crew members unharmed.
        Pirate: The lieutenant and the engineer, mmmm. But my crew has some business with the young man. Him, we will keep.

      • Mike: Whatever you did in the market, clearly contributed to these events.
        2Dads: Yes, sir. I take full responsibility for my behaviour.
        Mike: Up to an hour ago, you were off my ship, headed for a captain's table.
        2Dads: Yes, sir.
        Mike: But you've earned yourself a last chance.
        2Dads: Thank you, sir.
        Mike: And the honour of sterilising everywhere that monkey's been with a toothbrush.
        2Dads: Yes, sir.
        Mike: Now if you wanna stay on my ship, you gotta prove yourself.
        2Dads: I won't let you down, boss.
        Mike: Very good.
        2Dads: Thanks, boss.

      • 2Dads: Good with animals, great with nunchucks, and I am rich too so got that going for me as well. Oh come on, Nav, I'm not that bad, am I?
        Nav: You jumping back on-board wasn't some great plan to save Charge and me, was it? You just wanted to save your own skin. I know the others think you're okay now, but doing something by default, that's not good enough in my book. I'm watching you.
        2Dads: As long as it's not in the shower.

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