Sea Patrol

Season 4 Episode 1

Night of the Long Knives

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Apr 15, 2010 on Channel Nine
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Episode Summary

Night of the Long Knives
A peaceful assignment to provide security for an Internationally Protected Person turns swiftly into an explosive situation for the crew of HMAS Hammersley.

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    Danielle Horvat

    Danielle Horvat

    Seaman Jessica (Gap Girl) Bird

    Ian Stenlake

    Ian Stenlake

    Commanding Officer Lieutenant Commander Mike (CO) Flynn

    Lisa McCune

    Lisa McCune

    Lieutenant Kate (XO) McGregor

    John Batchelor

    John Batchelor

    Chief Engineer Andy (Charge) Thorp

    Matthew Holmes

    Matthew Holmes

    Petty Officer Chris (Swain) Blake

    Kirsty Lee Allan

    Kirsty Lee Allan

    Chef Rebecca (Bomber) Brown

    Tammy MacIntosh

    Tammy MacIntosh

    Commander Maxine (Knocker) White

    Recurring Role

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      • 2Dads: Why would the Navy get some big Yank to dish out medals, eh?
        Swain: Joint taskforce in the Gulf, mate. These guys distinguished themselves. The Americans are very grateful.
        2Dads: Americans hand out medals like Chupa-Chups, Swaino.
        Bomber: Sounds to me like someone's jealous.
        2Dads: I don't need some tin badge to tell me how good I am.
        Swain: You do a pretty good job of that yourself.

      • Mike: I've alerted NavCom, sent photos of the deceased to Commander White, see if we can ID them.
        Kate: Knocker. How is she?
        Mike: Don't ever let her hear you call her that.
        Kate: Well, in the Navy, if your surname is White, you're going to get called Knocker.
        Mike: The last sailor that called her that found himself mopping out the heads in the military lock-up.

      • Kate: You should know better than that.
        Dutchy: Just trying to get some answers.
        Kate: By torturing the man?
        Dutchy: Well, asking him nicely wasn't working, was it?
        Kate: Oh, so why not go straight to waterboarding? We just saved a woman from that sort of inhumane treatment.
        Dutchy: Hey, if you're gonna give me the 'we're no different to them' speech, don't bother, ma'am.
        Kate: Is this how you got your medal in the Gulf?

      • Kate: Looks like Dutchy's fitting in pretty well.
        Bomber: Yeah, he seems really easy-going.
        Bird: And he's pretty hot too.
        Kate: Bird, I take it that your gap seamanship course filled you in thoroughly on Navy regs?
        Bird: X, I know all about the 'no snogging your shipmates' rule. But there is no rule that says you can't check them out.
        Kate: No, no, there's no law against that.

      • 2Dads: Hey, so Dutchy, are you going to tell us how you scored the medal in the Gulf or what?
        Dutchy: Oh, you know how it is.
        2Dads: No, I've got no idea. What'd you do? Catch the biggest fish?
        Swain: Surf the biggest wave?
        Charge: Eat the biggest falafel?

      • (To RO, who is drunk)
        Swain: Eh, Robert, stay away from golf buggies.
        Charge: And transexuals.

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