Sea Patrol

Season 3 Episode 9

Pearls Before Swine

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jul 13, 2009 on Channel Nine
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Pearls Before Swine
While pursuing criminals, the inflatable runs out of fuel as 2Dads had skimped on his duties, and he is reprimanded accordingly. As a response to Kate's harsh reaction surrounding this, 2Dads plants a rumour that Kate and Buffer are an item which causes a lot of problems for the two of them.moreless

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    Ian Stenlake

    Ian Stenlake

    Commanding Officer Lieutenant Commander Mike Flynn

    Saskia Burmeister

    Saskia Burmeister


    John Batchelor

    John Batchelor

    Chief Engineer Andy

    Jeremy Lindsay Taylor

    Jeremy Lindsay Taylor


    Matthew Holmes

    Matthew Holmes


    Kristian Schmid

    Kristian Schmid

    Radio Operator Robert

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      • Mike: The malicious talk about Buffer and the X. I wanna know exactly where it started and how or I promise you, you will not be discharged, you will be off my boat.
        2Dads: Buffer and the X, when they're together, they give off heat. It's electric.
        Mike: Right, you're finished.
        2Dads: Sir, no!
        Mike: Get out.
        2Dads: Sir...
        Mike: Get out!
        2Dads: Something I might have said as a joke has been taken completely out of proportion and context. I certainly never meant anything to be taken seriously, sir.
        Mike: Get in here. I take this seriously. You can destroy careers with this sort of thing.
        2Dads: Oh, come on....
        Mike: Listen to me, 2Dads. The two people involved are absolutely first-class dedicated sailors, two of the very very best.
        2Dads: Sir, I fully...
        Mike: Shut up and listen to me. You don't deserve to be on a boat with either of them. Now you're at the end of your line. Any more rubbish out of you and you're not just off my boat, you're out of the Navy. Understand me?

      • Kate: Do you have any idea how the rumour started?
        Buffer: 2Dads.
        Kate: Well, how did he get an idea like that?
        Buffer: He made it up.
        Kate: Why?
        Buffer: Well, he was embarrassed about this screw-up with the fuel and then he couldn't cope with you and I tearing shreds off him.
        Kate: That's just part of being in the Navy. It's standard Navy discipline.
        Buffer: And he cannot handle it.

      • Buffer: If you wait for something, it'll never happen.
        Kate: What're you talking about?
        Buffer: This, what we're doing. Yeah, you watch, we'll sit here, waiting, all night. They'll never show. Then if we weren't waiting, then they'd just turn up.
        Kate: (hearing a noise) What is that?
        Buffer: That's just the anchor line.
        Kate: Sssh. (they end up closer and looking at each other)
        Buffer: My feelings for you are purely professional.
        Kate: Yeah, mine too. I mean, about you.

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