Sea Patrol

Season 4 Episode 10


Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jun 17, 2010 on Channel Nine
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Episode Summary

Floods, sea going cattle rustlers and relationships in troubled waters absorb the Hammersley sailors as they provide emergency aid to a stricken northern town.

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    Danielle Horvat

    Danielle Horvat

    Seaman Jessica (Gap Girl) Bird

    Ian Stenlake

    Ian Stenlake

    Lieutenant Commander Mike (CO) Flynn

    Lisa McCune

    Lisa McCune

    Lieutenant Kate (XO) McGregor

    John Batchelor

    John Batchelor

    Chief Engineer Andy (Charge) Thorpe

    Matthew Holmes

    Matthew Holmes

    Petty Officer Chris (Swain) Blake

    Kristian Schmid

    Kristian Schmid

    Leading Seaman Robert (RO) Dixon

    Tammy MacIntosh

    Tammy MacIntosh

    Commander Maxine (Knocker) White

    Recurring Role

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      • 2Dads: So they tell him to leave and it ends up being just me and these three gorgeous women.
        Bomber: As if, 2Dads.
        Bird: Hey, Robert. How was your shore leave? We've just been hearing all about 2Dads' adventures.
        RO: I spent my time reading.
        2Dads: Sounds like an absolute cracker, RO.
        RO: At least I wasn't hallucinating.
        Charge: Oy, you blokes, enough yack. Come on, help me with the jenny.
        RO: You can do that, 2Dads. I've got to get to COMCEN.
        2Dads: Lazy slacker.
        Bomber: Pot meets kettle.

      • (after Dutchy arrives with a girl in a flashy car)
        Kate: So was it a rental?
        Swain: The girl?
        Kate: The car.
        Swain: Oh, on a bosun's salary, probably.

      • RO: I had my appendix out when I was on shore leave and the doctor said that I shouldn't do any heavy lifting for four to six weeks. As it turns out, she was absolutely right.
        Kate: Why didn't you tell me this before?
        RO: Well, ma'am, I made the decision to keep it to myself because I didn't want to get left behind.
        Mike: You put yourself above the needs of the crew. You're not a team player, RO.
        RO: Sir, with respect, I strongly disagree. I believe I'm the ultimate team player.
        Mike: By isolating yourself from your colleagues and not letting anyone know of your situation, you put a man's life at risk. If it wasn't for Dutchy, the guy would have drowned, not to mention Bomber.
        RO: I just wanted to do my job, sir.
        Mike: Well, from now you're on light duties and be thankful you're not off the ship. Dismissed.
        Kate: You sure you weren't a little hard on him then?
        Mike: He has to learn to be a team player.
        Kate: He just wants to be here. It's amazing what people will give up to be on this ship. RO thinks that he's indispensable, not unlike you.

      • RO: I'm being ostracised.
        Bomber: Well, maybe if you were less self-absorbed and thought more about others, it wouldn't happen.
        RO: What do you mean?
        Bomber: Well, be more like Dutchy. See how he looks out for Bird? It's not all about you.

      • Bomber: RO, why are you being all weird over here by yourself? What happened to your nose?
        RO: I was trying to be more like Dutchy and it didn't work. I know that I'm emotionally deficient, that I'm an outsider. But what am I supposed to do?
        Bomber: RO, you've completely misinterpreted what I said. You don't have to be Dutchy, just be yourself. Well, you know, a more people-friendly version of yourself.

      • Mike: Can't we just have a coffee?
        Kate: I know what I want. Do you know what you want?
        Mike: Yes, coffee.
        Kate: Mike, I'm thirty-five years old. I want to resolve the direction of my life. I need to decide whether I'm going to move forward with my career and push to become a CO or whether I'm going for marriage and children and a shore posting. Either way, it's decision time.
        Mike: It's a weird time to spring this on me.
        Kate: Well, you said this situation was only going to last for a few weeks, it's been months and there's no sign of anything changing.
        Mike: They haven't found a replacement.
        Kate: I know you want to stay on as CO of Hammersley and that is perfectly understandable. I just wanted you to know how I feel. Enjoy your coffee.

      • Mike: I've thought about you said. I guess RO's not the only one who's been a bit self-absorbed.
        Kate: I know that you're not ready to give up Hammersley just yet and I can see how important it is to you.
        Mike: So what do you we do?
        Kate: Be professional, as always.
        Mike: And marriage? Kids?
        Kate: Well, it does take two, you know. You enjoy your shore leave.

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