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  • What a shame

    I loved watching this show but was very dismayed when Universal TV decided to start showing it at silly o'clock, as in 5am!!!!!! I missed a lot of episodes because of that and more to that I missed the very last one!!! Come on Universal TV, bring the whole series back even as repeats please so I can watch it again on my full tv instead on here on my laptop. LADIES: LOADS OF EYE CANDY!!! But also an extremely good drama series
  • Nothing on the scope!

    I never heard of this! Sounds good. What channel is/was this on?
  • whats up with spider?

    this has become 1 of my favorite shows but as season 2 progresses this is quickly becoming a very predictable show,it seems as if spider is a full blown liability to everyone on the hammersley and the women are turning it into a soap opera with their failure to perform duties because of lust. captain has turned a blind eye to the affair of 2 crew members apparently even tho everyone else sees it. season 2 progresses it is getting hard to watch it even with it being a fav,,from what i can see spider shouldnt be allowed to be in the navy,he panicks and forgets his training when hes in the water and doesnt even act like hes part of a team and whats worse is he is a clutz anytime he is working with team am gonna grin and bear it thru season 2 but i hope something changes and the crew start acting more like navy personel like in season 1 am watching on roku and just started watching,its good but getting to be just like other shows as it progresses
  • Brilliant

    I only started watching this brilliant Sea Patrol programme by default in the UK in 2014 and still catching up in 2015. To learn it was discontinued in 2011, really was unbelievable. I understand the high production costs, but in my view should be justified for this unique programme, with a fantastic reality cast and not even a feature length film, I trust they'll reconsider 4 years on as I'd love to see the latest status of this excellent team!
  • Sea Patrol

    Sea Patrol has real impact of eighties where I am not a fan of the CGI of today.

  • Ex navy bandie

    Ex navy and I can't get enough of this show. Love it.
  • sea patrol

    hae guys sea patrol was my favourite programme i wonder if its ever coming back on
  • amazing

    i am hooked to this show! love lisa mccune and ian stenlake! if you like drama then i really reccomend this! howver the episode red sky in morning, is abit creepy and very jumpy which i didnt like
  • best show going

    i have enjoyed this show very much and woundering when a new one comes out
  • Best show ever

    I've never seen a TV show that I enjoy as much as Sea Patrol :)
  • Great Show!


    All five of our family live in Vancouver, Canada and absolutely love this show. We try never to miss it. We enjoy each episode and talk about it together at dinnertime. It is on at 5 pm on weekdays here which is inconvenient but we try and get home in time to see it as much as possible. What we really like is the development of the main characters. The only other shows we have here that equal that type of writing for dramas are shows like N.C.I.S. and Law & Order.

  • Amazing Australian Drama

    I started watching sea patrol in season two on channel nine and loved the episdoe I watched so I went back and rewatched the first season and I have since been a major fan ever since.

    This show does what Aussie drama is supposed to bring in the big wigs in aussie drama like Lisa and Jermey, but also lets the newer younger stars come through and show their talents off for the rest of us to witness!

    I like how much they have kept the navy look up, and haven't made too many silly Hollywood like takes on what the navy actually does for our country. Another show that gives us a little drama like look into what our tax help pay for, and how we are protected here in Australia it is a shame this show isn't shown majorly overseas!
  • This Australian Drama, Does exactly what an Aussie Drama is meant to do. I watched all episodes up to date (till season 4 ep 13) in 4 days, i was so in love.

    So this is an Australian drama following the crew from the Royal Australian Navy, aboard a Armidale Class Patrol Boat off the coast of Cairns, as they deal with boarder protection, and other Ocean things that come with it. Each episode, some would say, is overly Dramatic, But i would like to point out again, and Emphasise, that this is an Australian Drama, and therefore, Of course it has alot of drama in every episode. It has Forbidden love, Love that never seems to come together, explosions, bombs, hijacking's, kidnappings, Hostage situations, and alot of Ian Stenlake looking worried on the Bridge of Hammersly. Every episode has good looking Aussie blokes in Kevlar, and on many occasions they go shirtless :P

    So overall, it has everything. Drama, Action, Romance, and there are some Great one-liners, so Comedy, and the characters are written so well you have no choice, but to fall in Love with them.
  • I am new to the show and i am hooked

    I have only just started watching Sea Patrol but i am hooked already. I find the episodes really easy to watch and really easy to follow (partly due to the situations being similar in every episode but that doesnt really bother me because it is everything else in the episodes which makes me want to watch). I love all of the characters particularly E.T., Nikki and Buffer, I was very happy when E.T. came back to the ship. I think all of the characters work really well together (or at least look like they do) and the banter between all the boys is fun to watch. I love the fact that this is an Aussie show that isnt quite as silly as neighbours and home and away but it has its moments and i just love watching it, the only peoblem is that there isnt enough episodes!
  • I must admit moving to Australia I didn't really think much of the Aussie made drama's. This show put pay to that.

    I must admit moving to Australia I didn't really think much of the Aussie made drama's. This show put pay to that.

    Iv'e always been very critical and analytical by nature, able to find problems in almost any tv show or film. This show however had good plotlines, actors that played their characters to perfection, a good cast of characters that worked well together within the limits of the script, and great sets and filmography.

    The way the show uses the strength of the reality of the Australian navey, coupled with the comedy and sheer ridiculousness of what at times seems like a large disfunctional family. Makes the show the success I think it will become. Even with my typically analytical eye I found it hard to find fault with this show.
  • If all the current writers for the show are sacked and Lisa McCune could act the part a bit better then this would be a much better show.

    Sea Patrol follows the crew of HMAS Hamersely a fictional patrol boat of the Royal Australian Navy and there patrols of Northern Australia and the pacific.

    To be honest when this show was first announced I was looking forward to it, it was a new concept to Australian TV and thankfully it wasn't more reality (something Aussie TV is already overrun with).

    However it was evident even in the first episode that Sea Patrol wasn't as fantastic as one had hoped. These where the problems:

    Lisa McCune - She's a very famous Australian actress who has had great success throughout her career, Sea Patrol is probably the biggest project in her career for sometime now. The sad thing is which really holds Sea Patrol back is that her acting isn't were it should be with this role. She's not convincing as an officer in the Australian Navy nor is she a very entertaining character.

    The other problem which doesn't help McCune's situation is the writers of Sea Patrol, they should be thrown out. Seriously and I hate to brag but I could do a better job then them. The things the characters say are ridiculous & hilarious (due to the stupidity) of course these moments aren't as frequent as you might think but theres too much of them to be excused.

    Some of the plot elements are very poor also, I have felt on numerous occasions that 'this' or 'that' could have been better or left out. I think that alot more script editing should be done and take more time to write it all because seems as if it is all rushed.

    The production values are very nice though for the second series the RAN (Royal Australian Navy) lent two of the new Armidale class patrol boats for filming. Theres action but it feels a little limited and you think that there could be a bit more.

    The progression of the show throughout each season is very well done, and the overral plot is very creative not to mention unexpected. Its just each episode that needs the work.
    What also puzzles me and I cannot understand at all is that when there is a gun fight between the crew and some mercenaries, fishermen or whatever that the crew will be shooting at them but never make a shot (from what I have seen) I mean its the military, people get hurt. Enemies of the crew never are killed are the producers scared of this or what? Come on some realism please even if it is minor.

    I think if Sea Patrol is to survive then its going to need some changes but not mess up what it already has got right. Still its great to see something patriotic from Australian TV.
  • Sea patrol: A show about the happenings and going-ons of a naval patrol boat.

    Sea patrol so far has been an excellent aussie show. With a large budget they use every cent to deliver pure excellence. A well known cast and crew are always a good sign that the show will go to new heights. An excellent bit of drama mixed with action entices you watch just a bit more, till the show stops. The Hammersley being an amalgamated vessel of actually two naval boats is seamless. I enjoy the odd comic relief and love the banter between the boys. The show fills me with patriotism and a fear of water. I give the show a well deserved 9.2
  • Here in the UK we are coming to the end of the first series on sky and l am looking forward to the next series, provided its shown,even my hubby likes it, so it must be good, keep up the good work, the sea patrol people do an excellent job so l am told.

    I love the show and the cast are excellent, like liza mchune in blue heelers, shame it was off british tv. Hope they carry on showing this excellent show, its nice to see Steve Bisley, more please.My hubby likes the show even though it is on board a boat, he does not like the sea, so it must be good, the way the characters refer to each other has taken us awhile to get used to,the only downer is the fact that the EX has a slightly femminist attitude which is not really good for such a small boat, and she always wants to be in the front line showing the guys whose boss, not on,I'm sure that that sort of thing is barely tolerated in real life,everybody has to obey the captain even if they disagree, thats why he is called captain.Keep up the good work.
  • I want to be able to take Sea Patrol seriously as it is Australian TV's best local defense against the Reality TV take over currently taking place. How can you go wrong cute men and women in uniform, fast boats and wide open seas.

    I have to start by saying I don't know why it is so hard for Australian produced shows to create serious and engaging drama. When you compare it to US or British TV it is very hard to respect Australian TV, and I desperately want to as I am proud to be an Aussie, but sorry to say, a little embarrassed by our TV.

    Despite the above, Sea Patrol is slowly growing on me, and as the love grows it is easier to gloss over it's shortcomings. The two remaining issues that I struggle with are the dialogue and the maturity that the characters display. I wish Networks (or whoever) would spend more money on their scriptwriters. I probably shouldn't have lead with the negative as I do look forward to Monday night. Mondayitis is a thing of the past. What I like:

    The men and women in uniform - excepy for the white one, not so appealing. I love the strength that seems to come with the uniform. I'm an old fashioned girl - I like the knight in shining armour.

    The action when everyone takes off in those little 'rubber' boats, the drama, the pace, the potential for hurt, all very watchable.

    ET and the Nav, I love to 'ship', it's usually unrequited unfortunately.

    I like the juxtaposition of the adherence to the regulations within the Navy with the freedom and isolation afforded by the wide open sea.

    The stories are engaging, though often predictable.

    Hopefully the Australian public give it a chance - it did make the top 20 in Melbourne last week, and the network reward us with tighter scriptwriting.
  • I don't what it is about uniforms ... but the men in this programme certainly show them off to their best advantage!! Of course I don't just watch it for that ...

    I like the series a lot and I particularly like the way the storylines have been expanded to allow the series to grow. Each of the characters participate extremely well with each other and the sexual undertones are quite cute! They always leave you with the will he/won't he syndrome! Excellent!

    Of course the scenery is amazing, and you can almost feel the heat coming through the screen - certainly makes you wish you were there!

    I approve of the new ship, boat, whatever, it has added a new edge to the story and to the crew - giving them a more professional approach. You don't feel that they are going to sink ... as with the other boat, ship, whatever!

    I really hope this expands into series 3 - it certainly deserves to!
  • Exciting Aussie Drama!

    This show has the right amount of action, drama and sexual tension between the characters.
    A great cast is assembled for this costly drama show and it is well worth it.
    This show is full of drama and excitement but I feel it lacks a bit of a personal side to the characters when they are off the boat and would like to see more of that.
    With the basic plot line carrying on through the whole season we cant wait to see what is going to happen next.
    It is also a pleasure to watch all these young good looking blokes on the screen.
  • watch this how, it really is a great show to watch and I think that you will enjoy it. The acting is really something that is strong on this tv series.

    I think this is a great show, great plots, great chemistry! The relationship between the characters is great and that is part of what makes the show the great way that it is. They act very well to make it seam that we are there.

    I hope they do a season 3 because it deserves it. Everthing just fits in so well. The actors are great and do a great job at doing what they are doing. This show derserves a 10 out of 10 because of eveything I mentioned about how they do the show and preform it! ! !
  • A promising Australian naval drama with heart. Well chosen cast and interesting writing. Well worth a look.

    A mix of rather interesting, if not played out, story lines and a cast of talented Australian actors has brought this high seas drama to my attention. With John Batchelor (Chief Engineer Andy 'Charge' Thorpe) bringing an award winning performance to the party and Lisa McCune (Lieutenant Kate McGregor) delivering an interesting if not slightly one dimensional character. However, it is still early days for this promising Aussie drama and I would not be surprised at all to see some much needed character development further down the line.
    With tales spanning from run-away father's to African-conflict diamonds, Sea Patrol may just be worth the time on the couch. Time will tell.