Sea Patrol - Season 1

Channel Nine (ended 2011)




Episode Guide

  • Cometh The Hour
    Cometh The Hour
    Episode 13
    As the decommissioning of the HMAS Hammersley draws near, the crew risks life and ship to hunt down a rogue terrorist boat and retrieve its cargo of bio-toxins. In ordering the sinking of the rogue ship, Mike makes the most difficult decision of his career.
  • Deep Water
    Episode 12
    A CD containing a terrorist threat is delivered to the Hammersley but Navcom aren't sure how serious it is. The Hammersley comes across a stolen powerboat, with a very pregnant woman on board.
  • Chinese Whispers
    Episode 11
    The Hammersley saves sailors from a sinking ship, only to learn they are diamond smugglers who will kill to save their cargo.
  • Damage Control
    Damage Control
    Episode 10
    The crew pursues a distraught father who has kidnapped his own children. Then, while searching a crocodile-infested swamp for the missing family, the crew discovers a badly mauled fisherman.
  • Under The Hammer
    Episode 9
    The Hammmersley's mascot is stolen by another Patrol Boat, creating a sense of bad luck on the ship. Disaster looms for the crew when a fire erupts in the engine room, and Charge's eye injury continues to bother him, and ET takes a vow of chastity in a desperate attempt to prove himself to Nikki.moreless
  • Through The Storm
    Episode 8
    The video of Chefo's bucks' night finds its way into Kate's hands and she is humiliated by what she finds on it. The HMAS Hammersley is called into help search for two missing boys after a cyclone and come across an unexploded sea mine. Spider manages to save the life of a boy who was near the mine, but have Spider's days in the navy come to an end?moreless
  • Rescue Me
    Episode 7
    The HMAS Hammersley confronts a series of new menaces in the northern waters from pirates to toxic crabs, not to mention a gorgeous solo yachtswomen with a rescue fetish.
  • Precious Cargo
    Episode 6
    The crew uncovers a people smuggling racket, when they almost collide with a floating shipping container full of North Korean refugees.
  • Under The Radar
    Episode 5
    Has Mike actually found love with one of his crewmen? And what if she was then to go missing? An illegal fishing ship has been caught in their radar and the HMAS Hammersley attempts to capture it, but they are then attacked by eco-terrorists.
  • Irukandji
    Episode 4
    HMAS Hammersley responds to a Mayday call and instead of pirates find refugees. As they are brought on board, some of the crew are stung by a deadly jellyfish. Emotions among crew members become heightened with the prospect that one of their friends and colleagues may die.
  • Ghost Of Things Past
    After being battered by a tropical storm, the crew of the HMAS Hammersley come across an abandoned catamaran in the middle of the ocean. A solo sailor has gone missing - was he murdered or did he fall overboard? Nikki must put her navigational skills to the test in the attempt to find him.moreless
  • What Lies Beneath
    Episode 2
    The HMAS Hammersley encounters trouble at sea, and the lives of all of the crew members are placed at risk. And tensions rise when Commanding Officer Mike Flynn and Lieutenant Kate McGregor clash over what course of action to undertake.
  • Welcome Aboard
    Welcome Aboard
    Episode 1
    The HMAS Hammersley, an Australian Navy patrol boat, is taking on a new crew for its next cycle of duty. Among them is commanding officer Mike Flynn and Lieutenant Kate McGregor. The two of them were old flames, but went through a nasty break-up. How will Kate find having to serve under Mike? And will their personal issues create problems between the crew and their mission?moreless