Sea Patrol - Season 3

Channel Nine (ended 2011)




Episode Guide

  • Red Reef
    Red Reef
    Episode 13
    This episode is continued from episode 12. The crew set about capturing the oil smugglers and dismantling their operation.
  • Black Gold
    Black Gold
    Episode 12
    The death of ET is questioned when a woman is rescued. Exhausted and paranoid she escapes, the crew have to search for her. While looking for her, Buffer slips into a large oil smuggling syndicate.
  • Secret Cargo
    Secret Cargo
    Episode 11
    A daring and successful rescue by Bomber saves two people. Tragedy strikes when one of those saved falls-down dead.
  • Safeguard
    Episode 10
    The Hammersley is put to fire in a training exercise, which is interrupted by a group of heavily-armed smugglers, who release mines into the water around The Hammersley. Buffer becomes involved with the female training officer. Charge realizes the shipHammersley is meant to rendezvous with has his estranged son on board.moreless
  • Pearls Before Swine
    While pursuing criminals, the inflatable runs out of fuel as 2Dads had skimped on his duties, and he is reprimanded accordingly. As a response to Kate's harsh reaction surrounding this, 2Dads plants a rumour that Kate and Buffer are an item which causes a lot of problems for the two of them.moreless
  • Red Sky Morning
    Red Sky Morning
    Episode 8
    A party of 2 Dads, the XO Kate, Buffer and Lt Bailey are left on board a seemingly abandoned cargo ship. It soon turns the ship is inhabited and the party of four have to fight for their lives. Spider meanwhile become coral poisoned after a snorkelng accident.
  • Half Life
    Half Life
    Episode 7
    When the Hammersley gets a distress call, the crew go to Victory Island to search for the survivors of a helicopter crash. The island was used for nuclear tests back in the 1950s and the radiation is still at a high level. But time starts to run out for them when one of their own gets injured on the island.moreless
  • Oh Danny Boy
    Oh Danny Boy
    Episode 6
    On an evening out, Buffer returns with a an embarrassing tattoo and sends Spider to clean the laundry room as punishment. It is here that Spider discovers a bomb, meaning that a feuding RO and 2Dads must work together to save the crew and the Hammersley from destruction.
  • Ghost Net
    Ghost Net
    Episode 5
    When the Hammersley approaches a fishing boat, the vessel retreats quickly leaving behind a diver.
    Nikki is told some information regarding ET which leaves her doubting him.
  • Guns
    Episode 4
    The Hammersley answers a mayday call. When they get to the boat they find it abandoned near an island and loaded with weapons. Mike and Spider go look for the passengers but get into trouble on the island.
  • China Dolls
    China Dolls
    Episode 3
    Spider goes undercover to expose a sex-slave racket operating off the Australian coast. Swain is forced to perform an emergency childbirth at sea when an illegal immigrant goes into early labour. Also, Kate goes beyond the call of duty to unite a refugee baby with her missing family.
  • Monkey Business
    Monkey Business
    Episode 2
    The crew, especially Nikki, are still shaken over the death of their great friend and crewmate, but tensions increase through a new crewmate on the ship and the presence of a stowaway on board. As the crew continue to investigate the missing 'red gold' coral Nikki and Charge come into trouble when they are taken hostage by pirates.moreless
  • Catch And Release
    Catch And Release
    Episode 1
    The crew of The HMAS Hammersley are rocked following the death of one of their beloved crew members. More problems arise as they start to investigate the mysterious theft of 'red gold' coral from a dive boat.