Sea Patrol

Season 2 Episode 13

Soldiers Of Fortune

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jun 23, 2008 on Channel Nine



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    • Charge: (as the engine he's fixed starts up) Sweet music to my ears.
      Buffer: That's the sound of you snoring, big fella.
      Charge: (to the woman) I don't snore.

    • Mike: Are we on the same page here, X?
      Kate: If you're thinking that Ray Walsman is behind this, yes.
      Mike: Well, he's backing Balanbaan in the election. It's in his interest to see him win.
      Kate: It's fairly extreme though, isn't it? If you can't win over an island, you blow up its ballot boxes.
      Mike: After he tried to have Buffer killed, I wouldn't put anything past him.

    • Mike: What's really in this for you? Is it just about your mining interests?
      Ray: In return for mining interests, I'm going to finance their roads, their hospitals, education centre. Bringing Samaru into the twenty-first century. Hell, I'm the greatest thing that ever happened to this place.
      Mike: You're stripping Samarus of its natural resources. You're exploiting its people for personal profit.

    • (Ray Walsman is taken away by police)
      Mike: It's over, Buffer.
      Buffer: Why don't I feel like it's over? The political situation is still unstable. How can we be certain he's going to be extradited?
      Mike: As long as you're around, the only time he'll spend in Australia will be behind bars. You can take comfort in that.

    • Buffer: Why the face like a smashed crab?
      Spider: Nothing.
      Buffer: Carly Walsman?
      Spider: Buff, I was totally in with a chance, until we arrested her old man.
      Buffer: You may have dodged a bullet. Look, Spider, the way I see it is this, it's a choice of loyalty. I mean, where would you rather be, with that beautiful Carly Walsman, or here with the crew, watching E.T attempt to limbo like an idiot?
      Spider: Is that a trick question? Nah, I reckon I'd rather be here, Buff.

    • Mike: (to the crew) Now I know it's been a long few months, but our time here in the Samaru Islands is almost at an end. I just want you to know how proud I am, of all of you, for the great work you've done under difficult circumstances. I don't know what the future holds for this country, but I do know that thanks in part to Hammersley, the next time we see Ray Walsman will be in court. All right, no more speeches. Lets enjoy ourselves!

    • (Buffer is putting up a hammock on deck)
      Mercenary: We're not putting you out of your beds, are we?
      Buffer: No, mate. There's plenty of room down for you in austere. I'm having trouble sleeping. I bunk with a snorer.
      Mercenary: I sympathise with you. My wife, she sounds like a lawnmower.
      Buffer: Well, I hope she doesn't look like one.
      Mercenary: Well…..

    • Mike: You did well too, X.
      Kate: I'm ready to go home.
      Mike: Oh, ETA home base 1800 tomorrow.
      Kate: Provided there's no unexpected developments.
      Mike: Ah, I reckon we can always count on those.

    • Marshall: The Navy prides itself on honour, loyalty, honesty, courage, and integrity. They are values that each and every one of you have exemplified under extraordinary circumstances. Therefore it is with great pleasure that I present to the crew of the HMAS Hammersley a Chief of Defence Force Unit Commendation. Your achievements are of the highest order and in keeping with the finest tradition of the Royal Australian Navy and the Australian Defence Force.

    • [Pushing Ray Walsman's head under oil]
      Buffer: How does it feel, when you know you are about to die?

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