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Laura Gibson (Sigrid Thornton), a high flying city lawyer is prompted to undergo a 'Seachange' and move to the small coastal town of Pearl Bay where she becomes the magistrate after her husband is arrested for fraud charges and is discovered after having an affair with Laura's sister Trudy. Pearl Bay, a town with many colourful characters in its midst is isolated from the rest of the world after the bridge connecting Pearl bay to Port Deakin was destroyed in a natural disaster which Pearl Bay is known for having. Bob Jelly (John Howard) is the Mayor of this town and he is thought throughout the town as slime, his sneaky and often illegal business deals always backfire and he only thinks of himself. Diver Dan (David Wenham) owns the local cafe/boatshed, he is a quirky, red-headed fisherman who soon becomes Laura's love interest until he leaves for the Galapogas Islands in season 2. Meredith (Jill Forster) runs the towns hotel and restaurant. She is most famous for being able to recall faces, dates, times and events decades after they happen. Harold (Alan Cassell) is the ex-magistrate in Pearl Bay and is Meredith's lover, together they had a child who is Bob Jelly's wife. Rupert and Miranda are Laura's two children, they come with Laura to Pearl Bay to start afresh. Max (William McInnes) A foreign correspondent who comes back to his home town to spend the final years of his wife's life with her. She dies shortly after his arrival and two years later him and Laura are expecting a child. Pearl Bay has many more jovial and wacky people living amongst them, watch the series and find out! This is a wonderful show with hilarious storylines and dramatic moments. Fun for the whole family.moreless

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    The 71-year-old, known for his roles in hit Australian films Muriel's Wedding, The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and Strictly Ballroom, was admitted to a Melbourne hospice on Monday.


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    • Australia CAN make great drama

      Usually when I watch Australian drama I end up cringing at the hollow acting and substandard plotlines, and wonder why we can't make good quality drama, definately on the commercial networks anyway. But then I think of a show like Seachange, and realise we CAN! I think Seachange was one of the best drama series Australia has ever produced. It had an ensemble of really great characters, a nice setting, and everything about it seemed so genuine. David Wenham was great as Diver Dan, and even though William McInnes could never compare there were plenty of other quirky characters to keep things interesting in Pearly Bay.moreless
    • "You probably think I'm mad but it feels good to me, 'cos from now on I'll live as close as I can to the sea." When Seachange first aired on the ABC Sunday nights had never looked so good.moreless

      It might not have had quite the same punch after Diver Dan but it proved that 60 minutes is not invincible and it made me want to live near the sea! An absolute brilliant piece of Australian television. Short, sweet and on the cheap but still absolutely brilliant. Only a few seasons but they wanted to leave on high while the quality was still there and they certainly did. When Seachange was aired their was some talk about putting it up against 60 seemed silly that an Australian television show, a gamble at best anyway, would be put up against what was thought of as a garenteed ratings winner. The winners turned out to be the ABC who raked in the ratings. Seachange is a rarity in Australian television, good actors, interesting characters, humour without resorting to slapstick or playing up the inner bogan, good scripts and enough of a plot to last a couple of series without loosing their ommph.moreless
    • Good series with some flaws.

      This was a good show with plenty of interesting characters. Laura Gibson, being the focal point, was funny during the first series, but started to go downhill fast in the second and third. I grew tired of her half-way through the second series, and only watched to see what the others were up to.

      Diver Dan really made the show. While Max was a decent character, I saw him as a carbon copy of Diver, which didn't provide any fresh spark for Laura. Like Diver, Max would crack a joke or tell a white lie, then when Laura called him on it, he'd instantly tell the truth with a look of shame on his face. Just like Diver.

      I watched the series for David Wenham. Then I decided to see the episodes after his departure, partly because someone told me Max was a better match for Laura. I was told their arguments were a sight to see. Sadly, like with Dan, they were one sided. Laura needed a match who was going to go head to head with her, and there really wasn't anyone in her league. So instead they made her a miserable, neurotic mess to compensate.

      Well, enough about Laura. What about the others. Like I said, Max was pretty good. I liked him. I didn't at first, but he grew on me.

      Same with Angus and Karen. First series was a little annoying, but when both characters started to develop their stories got better and I wanted to keep watching. Same for Kevin. First season wasn't much, but by second his plots were more interesting.

      I can see why the ratings went up in the second and third seasons.

      One character who really bothered me in the second series (aside from Laura) was Carmen. Using the deaths of her daughter and Max's wife to tug at his heart was a low blow in my opinion. She purposely wanted him vulnerable, so she would jab at his soft spot. Then once he gave into her she ran off. Either she realized how manipulative she had been or she just didn't have a clue. Either way, I was not pleased with that obvious way to tug at the heartstrings.moreless
    • It’s about a lawyer whose husband in unfaithful with her sister. She decides to move with her kids to a small village and take a job as a judge. Then she got some love troubles and everything seems to happen in that little village.moreless

      Seachange is by far the best show I ever seen. And I have seen many, believe me. The first episode was not so good, but the rest was all super! Sigrid Thornton is one of the best actresses ever! And here she was just outstanding. And the whole cast was great. My favourite, except Sigrid Thornton, was of course… no, I can’t choose someone, I love them all. I only wish they will send it again or if someone could tell me where I can by the whole series. I managed to tape some episodes and they are almost worn out. I will never get tired of it. Laura, who is hysterical, Heather Jelly who is very naïve at first but then she tells Bob what she wants. Diver Dan who does everything in his own way. Bob Jelly who gets in trouble all the time, but nothing can stop him. Kevin Findlay who seems to be the nicest person alive and of course Max, who is….just Max! And all the others. A perfect show with joy, sorrow, beautiful pictures and as I already mentioned: a wonderful cast!moreless