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  • Season 3
    • Half-Life
      Episode 13

      Laura must deal with the fallout of her cancelled wedding whilst Angus and Karen plan another. Laura's job as magistrate is under threat and Meredith suffers a stroke as everything in Pearl Bay comes to a head for the last time.

    • To Thine Own Self Be Relatively True
      Laura desperately wants to be honest with Warwick about her night with Max, but the moment constantly eludes her. To compound on her anxiety, Jack, distraught since Trudi left him, refers to Laura as the 'good', faithful sister. Work is no help either. Barry Boston and his ex-lover, Ari, are in battle trading accusations of deception and passionless love. With the rocky Jelly marriage creating bad PR, Morton threatens Heather into supporting Bob to keep face. However, newly independent Heather can not be swayed and throws her support behind the new candidate on the block - Meredith. To add to Bob's woes Craig goes through a sexual crisis, closely observed by a bemused Miranda. Yet despite the setbacks, Bob's campaign rolls on with Morton in the driving seat. Max's investigations reveal Morton plans to turn Pearl Bay into a nucelar wastedump! An incredulous Bob goes public and withdraws his nomination. Meanwhile poor Karen bravely accepts her fate as the 'dude bride' at her forthcoming surf wedding while Laura struggles to escape hers. It isn't until Max reveals his love for Laura to Warwick that Laura is forced to pull the plug on the big day. In an uncharacteristically callous gesture, Warwick leaves a little momento behind to remind Laura of his broken hearted departure...rotten fish has never smelt sweeter.moreless
    • Love in the time of Coleridge
      While Laura's on a one way track to the altar, Maxs announces he has accepted a lucrative job with an international newspaper and will be leaving Pearl Bay - and Laura - behind. Of all things, a trivia night question causes Max to reassess his life. Max is reminded of his likeness to the mariner in Colerdige's 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner', who shot an albatross, his potential saviour. In other words, Max realises he should stop making a habit of sabotaging his own happiness. Meanwhile, Bob launches his campaign with Morton at the reigns. Mr Jelly receives female attention from his forward image consultant, Astrid Moore, prompting Bob to warn Heather she'll let a tiger out to play if she doesn't take him back. Heather knows Bob couldn't cheat on him no more than she could on him. Her theory is proved when a terrified Bob bails out a restaurant toilet window to escape Astrid's advances. Trudi finds herself in Vietnamese interpreter. As the case unravels, the defendant is revealed to be Lewis' father. He traded identities with a crim and risks imprisonment just to see Trudi again and beg her to return home with him. Desperation drives Karen, too, when in a last ditch attempt to win Angus back, she learns to surf. At the eleventh hour Max confesses his true feelings for Laura but his words are soon upstaged by the fact they are careering downriver in an out-of-control dinghy. However, after a champagne drenched hen's night Laura, again, finds herself careering out of foot, to the shack at the end of the beach.moreless
    • Checks and Balances
      Kevin is acting strangely. He heads out of town without Phrani, won't speak more than three words at once and most worrying of all...he's wearing slacks. Phrani's worrying is appeased when Kevin's sister, country singer Suzy, arrives in Pearl Bay to claim their recently dead father's silver guitar. The case ends up before Laura where Suzy's adamant belief her Dad was a member of the "Master's Apprentices" is challenged...and eventually proven correct, resulting in a cliff side tribute concert. Laura is reluctant to spread the news of her impending marriage but she is keen to sever all legal ties with Jack. However, when Jack pays Laura what he owes, she is left feeling unexpectedly hollow. Karen, too, is eager to even the scales. After Karen reveals her continental infidelity to Angus, she inisists he has an affair to compensate...while Meredith has her own way to keep Harold on his toes. Construction work finally begins on the tunnel site, arousing Max's curiousity. When Max doesn't keep his discoveries to himself, Morton pulls a few of his very long and very connected strings, revealing Max as the writer behind 'Still Waters'. The town alienate Max immediately but things could be worse...he could be Bob. Wifeless and facing a lenghty prison sentence, Mr Jelly decides to end it all, a hard task with only three sleeping pills. However, Bob's fortune seems to improve when Morton offers to back him in his quest for the mayoral robes. Bob would be thrilled if he wasn't comatose.moreless
    • Eminent Persons
      Eminent Persons
      Episode 9
      Laura's ego is battered when she is not chosen to speak during Eminent Persons Week at Rupert's school. Laura heads off to the principal's office under the guise she is concerned about her son's education. She should be, her visit brings Rupert's report card fraud to the attention of Ms Philby. But perhaps worst of all for Laura, Warwick has asked her to marry him. The corrupt former Port Deakin councillors are finally brought to trial before Laura. Max is suspicious as to who pays the councillors' entourage of legal eagles - headed by an old associate of Laura's, Hilary Tonks Q.C. Naturally, when Max and Hilary meet at Laura's dinner party, Max can't help but stir things up. An emotional argument ensues catapulting Laura into accepting Warwick's proposal. Meanwhile, Heather is excited to learn she is the recipitent of a prestigious real estate award. When Bob mocks her legitemate success, Heather packs up and leaves...for good. Bob plummets to rock bottom when Morton threatens Mr Jelly's past crimes could come back to haunt him - in the form of a lengthy prison sentence...moreless
    • I Name Thee Bay of Pearls
      Laura's mother, June, arrives in town during a geriatric traffic crime spree. June's suspiciously sudden appearance is more of an inconvenience than a pleasure for Laura, who is too caught up in her own life to sense her mother's sadness. When Laura eventually discovers her father's declining health has forced June to place him into respite care, she is forced to reassess her priorities. Max begins to spend more time with his father and his friends, learning of Pearl Bay's real, great, textured history. However, Bob has his own interpretation of the town's past and plans to turn Pearl Bay into Ye Olde Pearl Bay : a sure-fire tourism hit. Max plays along with Bob's redundant plan for his own entertainment. When judgement day arrives and the city tourist agents descend on the town, instead of letting Bob hang himself, Max turns an inevitable disastrous slide show into a tribute to the older citizens of Pearl Bay. Meanwhile Harold feels the grip of old age tightening. His frustration is worsened by representing elderly drivers caught in the recent, unexplained traffic crime spree. Meredith reminds him being comfortable with yourself defies age, presenting him with a nude portrait of herself. One look at the picture and Harold is young againmoreless
    • Blowing in the Wind
      An old friend of Max's arrives in town but no-one seems to like him when he is locked up for breaking Grey's trumpet. As music fills the jail all weekend, Grey and the prisoner have to bond to survive. Laura and Max consider their friendship and the entire town seems to be contemplating the future. Grey is rejected from the police band to his dismay and the town is left wondering if their lives are really good or just blowing in the windmoreless
    • Adversely Posessed
      Griff is being kicked out of his home and moves into the Jelly's house. Laura tries to help him using a law of Adverse Posession. As Laura continues to see Warwick, the town grows to like him and wonder what Max will do. Trudi is back in the town and Rupert is fond of her child. However, Laura is not impressed and still will have nothing to do with her.Kevin and Phrani continue to work on their relationship after moving in does nothingmoreless
    • Pipeline
      Episode 5
      The new court reviewer, Warwick Munro takes an instant delight to Laura and they start dating. Max tries to stop them but to no avail. Angus gets in big when he pretends to have a surfing company to impress legend Mark Richards. The town TRY to help and when Angus' surfboard is stolen he will go to great lengths to get it back. As Bob is sucked into Mortons plans he has little idea what lies in store...moreless
    • Bonfire of the VCRs
      After Max and Carmen's affair, Carmen goes to the city for a job interview. The whole town thinks he took advantage of her and shuns him. Laura has no idea though. Bob convinces the town to boycott Port Deakin, causing Phrani to be at a loss for supplies. The town has to pitch in to help. Morton Tregonning is the only person who Max thinks can help - with a vision of the Robert James Jelly Tunnel connecting Port Deakin and Pearl Bay - much better than a bridge!Bob is sucked in and cancels the boycott. Sergeant Grey meets a group of hippies who are fighting over Television. The leader is Harold's nephew. In a court battle, Laura is put to the test. Carmen returns, deciding to take the job because she knows Max really loves Lauramoreless
    • Hungi Jury
      Hungi Jury
      Episode 3
      Laura joins the Women's Auxilary to be a part of the town's women. Meredith and Karen try to stop her, but she won't. The newly elected president - Vicki Drury, wife of Dave, is opposed to Heather and her "minions" - Phrani and the like, but Laura joins anyway. At the big sporting event, Laura gets in extreme trouble for what she does. Vicki, however, is the butt of everyone's joke when her husband is arrested for faking a burglary. Heather decides she should be a martyr and get the women of the town really together. Angus discovers he is too predictable and changes his timetable, causing Kevin to get into all sorts of troubles. Max and Carmen go on a stakeout but it ends up turning into a night of love.moreless
    • How Much Greener Was My Neighbour's Valley?
      With the Fire Brigade dance looming, Laura struggles to get a date. Max is taken with the new Latin Dancer and even Griff has a date in Karen! Jules is arrested for theft, much to Heather's dismay and the dance is the fire of everyone's emotions. Max and Laura however seem to be getting on well - dancing on the pier in the moonlight.moreless
    • Best Laid Plans
      Best Laid Plans
      Episode 1
      Bob is distraught after the council has been fired. Worried that he will be involved, Bob must track down the Port Deakin mayor. Karen returns from her travels to split up with Angus and find a new job. Angus takes some time off from his role as Court Clerk. Max must fight to keep his boatshed from being destroyedmoreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 1
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