Sealab 2020 - Season 1

NBC (ended 1973)


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Episode Guide

  • The Arctic Story
    Episode 13
    Members of the crew use the submarine Dolphin in a desperate search for a two-man arctic research station which is underneath a capsized ice floe.
  • The Capture
    Episode 12

    Sally and Bobby take matters in their own hands to stop an aquarium from capturing two of every sea creature on the Seamount.

  • 11/18/72

    A malfunctioning cargo submarine crashes into the side of Seamount and its damaged nuclear reactor threatens Sealab, forcing an evacuation. The oceanauts race against time to prevent the sub's reactor from melting down, but complicating the situation is its commander, who has an acrimonious history with Captain Murphy.

  • The Challenge
    Episode 10
    The Sealab team meet Alex, an archaeologist who has dedicated the last 7 years to finding the sunken ship 'Viking', which sunk over 100 years ago. It's rumored that the ship was carrying some Aztec treasures. Alex's brother Chuck is very excited by the discovery, and his excitement is getting in the way. Sealab follows rules and guidelines that guarantee safety, but prevent Chuck from finding the treasure faster. Alex is willing to cut his losses if lives could be lost, but Chuck will not let the last 7 years of his brother's life be for nothing...moreless
  • The Deepest Dive
    Episode 9
    The crew of Sealab are testing a new submersible vehicle called the "Crystal Ball", which is made out of mostly glass and is supposed to be better than conventional submersibles and dive deeper. They are given a mission to place a seismograph unit at the bottom of a deep part of the sea, but for some reason the unit stops functioning. They go back out with a second replacement seismograph unit and realize that a giant squid had taken the first unit and used it for material for its rock home.

    The squid catches the Crystal Ball and the crew is stuck trying to escape from its grasp. They eventually get free and the new seismograph unit works.moreless
  • Backfire
    Episode 8
    Sealab members are out trying to capture an electric manta ray when they see some strange figures who they figure out are there drilling for oil, with Sealab's permission but without the crew's knowledge. They attempt to try to get the men relocate the oil drilling to another field miles away from Sealab but the drillers refuse. Then a tsunami hits and their oil drilling operation is destroyed, the episode is called Backfire because if they would have moved the drilling operation they would have been fine.moreless
  • 10/21/72
    Men, women, and children live in a technologically advanced laboratory, located in the depths of the ocean, called Sealab 2o2o. Dr. Paul Williams is determined to defend his lab and the surrounding ocean from danger, and teams up with his fellow Oceanauts Hal, Gail, and Ed. Captain Mike Murphy joins along for the ride with his two children, after his boat capsizes, leaving them stranded at Sealab 2020.moreless
  • The Basking Shark
    Episode 6

    The aquanauts try to find a sunken space probe before time runs out, but it may have been swallowed by a basking shark. Meanwhile, the impatient representative of the aerospace company accuses the sound technician involved in the search of being a foreign agent.

  • The Shark Lover
    Episode 5

    When the level of shark activity skyrockets around Sealab, they call in a shark expert to try to learn the cause and ensure safety for the oceanauts.

  • The Singing Whale
    Episode 4
    A whale expert and his wheelchair-bound son visit Sealab just as a blue whale and the obsessed hunter chasing it come to the seamount.
  • Green Fever
    Episode 3

    Sealab is damaged in a storm, causing a leak that threatens to flood the station. But repairs are complicated by a crew member suffering a sudden bout of "green fever," an uncontrollable longing to be on the surface and close to nature.

  • Lost
    Episode 2

    A red tide engulfs Sealab, cutting down its oxygen supply. Meanwhile, Gail becomes attached to a lost, young dolphin she found and tries to train it to rescue divers.

  • Deep Threat
    Episode 1
    The seamount is hit by seaquakes, which crack open drums of radioactive waste dumped nearby in the 1970s. The crew tries to find the source of the radiation while at the same time looking for lost children Sally and Bobby, who went diving without telling anyone.