Sealab 2021

Season 4 Episode 3

Dearly Beloved Seed

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Jul 04, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Captain Shanks hopes to adopt Hesh and Debbie's child, but things go awry at the wedding.

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  • MarchingTwinkie sucks. This really IS a great episode, especially for Hesh fans!

    I've read MarchingTwinkie's review of Sealab episode "Dearly Beloved Seed" (which was written by MCHeshPants420), and he has the gaul to say that it stinks. No seriously, MarchingTwinkie just rants and rants about how it stinks, and not once does he mention the godliness that is Hesh. But now, I can make you fans of Sealab see the truth.

    Shanks is drowning his sorrows because the last of his six brothers passed away, and he's too old to have children, so to solve this problem, Shanks has asked Hesh and Debbie to get married so he can adopt their first-born child.

    On the day of the wedding, the hilarity ensues, as Shanks feeds Debbie a huge crud-load of drugs and pills, and Hesh crossdresses in the gents' toilets.

    As the wedding starts, Hesh kicks it into high gear by rapping his wedding vows about how he used to smoke dope and Debbie previously worked as a hooker, until a jealous Quinn unplugs the microphone and fires an Uzi at Hesh, who magically avoids the bullets and tells everyone that he is The One! Everybody loves Hesh, for Hesh is the most popular character on the Adult Swim lineup, forever more!

    So, in conclusion, it's a great episode, because of Hesh stealing the show with his rap, as well as the classic line "Hesh wants married sex!"

    Before I end this, I'm surpised that MarchingTwinkie has only done three reviews. But I still believe that MarchingTwinkie is pathetic at reviewing episodes of televisions shows. A cow has better reviewing skills, and that's a SHOOT!

    MCHeshPants420, I salute you for writing such a comical episode of Sealab!moreless
  • The last of Shanks' brothers has died and, being to old to have kids, Shanks decides to try and continue the family bloodline anyway... by forcing Debbie and Hesh to marry and give him their child.moreless

    "Dearly Beloved Seed" is a fan-made episode written by a message board user named "mcheshpants420". I give everyone involved points for trying, but this is one of my least favourite episodes of the series.

    The plot involving Shanks was ridiculous. It didn't make any sense, and the kicker is that Shanks himself even admitted it made no sense! And transvestite-hooker-Hesh was a somewhat unpleasant thought (not that there's anything wrong with that!).

    Overall, many jokes and gags fell flat, and this episode was not as funny as the classic Murphy episodes. If you want better episodes featuring Shanks, I would recommend "Craptastic Voyage", "ASHDTV", "Let 'em Eat Corn", or the unseen original ("Dearly Beloved") which is on the second disc of the third season set.

    EDIT 23/5/07--After watching it a couple more times I upped my rating a bit (noticed several funny things that I had overlooked before). I like it better than before, but I still don't think it's that great.moreless
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