Sealab 2021

Season 4 Episode 5

Let 'Em Eat Corn

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Jul 18, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Let 'Em Eat Corn
Fed up with paying taxes, Stormy inspires Captain Shanks to declare Sealab a sovereign nation. Unfortunately, soon after Shanks declares the existence of the nation of "Sealabia" and acquires some nuclear arms from England, everyone else gets the same idea and starts forming their own countries. And before anyone knows it, full-out nuclear war threatens Sealab with utter annihilation. But what else is new?moreless

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    Kate Miller

    Kate Miller

    Debbie DuPree

    Bill Lobley

    Bill Lobley

    Jodene Sparks

    Brett Butler (II)

    Brett Butler (II)

    Dr. Quentin Q. Quinn

    Ellis Henican

    Ellis Henican

    Derek "Stormy" Waters

    Michael Goz

    Michael Goz

    Captain Bollerophon "Tornado" Shanks (Seasons 3+)

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • Stormy's keys are on his dresser (which seceded from him), so he can't get his launch key (meaning that Sparkopolis cannot launch it's nuke). However, Sparkopolis still manages to launch at the same time as everyone else (including the Plumbots, but not the Changeatrons, who should still have Stormy's Launch Key).

      • When Shanks is giving his secession speech, Hesh makes him sign more papers; when Shanks asks if he's sovereign, Hesh replies "No, but I am!" Assuming Hesh is the only notary on Sealab, there is no way for the rest of the factions to secede (including Shanks). Heshopolis is actually the only sovereign nation on Sealab.

    • QUOTES (6)

      • Hesh: No, it is forbidden. Come on, hump her. Make a Bearaffe, or a Giraffabear.

      • Shanks: (after signing some papers) So, are we sovereign?
        Hesh: No, but I am! Welcome to Heshopolis, bitches!

      • Stormy: Nine hundred dollars to Social Security? I'm trying to think up a joke about a lock-box, 'cause it's so timely...

      • Shanks: Some of you may be wondering why I've called you here today... well, it's not to show you my diorama of George C. Scott as Patton, from the legendary film of the same name.

      • Stormy: And my dresser... it's a Change-a-tron See the Change-a-trons fled their home planet to escape the evil Plumb-bots and they came to Earth disguised as quality furniture. Where they lived for generations in peace, but the Plumb-bots followed them here. And so persecution began anew. And they led them into our homes Sparks and they let those evil Plumb-bots...
        (Sparks begins beating Stormy with a baseball bat)
        Jesus: Don't be afraid to choke up on it!

      • Jesus: I GOT IT!
        Crew Member: Nice save, Jesus!

    • NOTES (12)

    • ALLUSIONS (4)

      • Marie Antoinette

        The episode title is a reference to the famous words of Marie Antoinette during the French revolution "Let them eat cake". Marie Antoinette's full phrase " They want bread, then let them eat cake" however, for this one it would be " They want teeth, then let them eat corn".

      • Stormy: Nine hundred dollars to Social Security? I'm trying to think up a joke about a lock-box, 'cause it's so timely...
        Timely nothing! The "lock-box" refrence is to a mutitude of SNL satire about Al Gore... This "lock-box" was supposed to somehow save no on Social Security by hoarding funds in a litteral contanier. Stormy missed "timely" by about four years

      • Full Metal Jacket: "Born to Kill"
        The helmet worn by Sparks was worn by "Joker" in the film Full Metal Jacket.

      • Stormy: And my dresser... it's a Changeatron!
        Stormy's rambling bout the Changeatrons and the Plumbots could be a parody of either the Transformers or the Go-Bots, two famous TV shows from the 80s about transforming robots who disguise themselves as vehicles and other machines while warring with each other.