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  • the best from adult swin

    love sea lab 2021
  • The starting shows of absurd

    Before there was cartoon network cartoons, it was hanna babera cartoons and its a good idea they made use of it, in a very odd, good way. First 2 seasons are pretty hilarious, later ones it starts to lack.

    All ep (2009, 2011) Adult Swim, DVD, 3rd party vid site
  • It sucks

    That is the worst show on adult swim. Mabye one or two episodes made me laugh ones. the charecters just reflect how bad this show is. It has vary bad comady and they ended aqua teen for new episodes of this crap. Just in the end don't watch this crapy show.
  • no reason to exists at all

    Pure awful really there is no reason to existed (I’m the kind of person who likes family guy witch means I have a sense of humor) any of you out there who think this is entertaining at any level go get a life or get a sense of humor and go watch family guy.
  • Why is this show rated so how highly? The show is not funny AT ALL.

    I only found one episode of this show funny and that was the one with the Infinity Trident, otherwise this show dosen't make me even chuckle. One of the episodes, the one with their Bizarro clones was hideously disgusting. It made me question TV. Almost every line the word Bizarro was said hundreds of times over, even with a character that can only saw Bizarro. And another episode the characters suffer an electrical shock and start to experience stupid and odd images for the entire episode.This show is killing brain cells. In my opinion this show should be burned and replaced with Tom Goes to the Mayor or something that is actuallly funny. Being one of the first Adult Swim shows does not make it good, so please keep your brain cells intact, don't watch this show.
  • This show sucks.

    I like Aqua Teen Hunger Force a lot, and this show is also on Adult Swim, so I watched it a few times. Annoying. Not funny.

    The guys who made this show didn't care enough to draw anything or write anything, so I'll return the favor and not laugh at anything.
  • A trillion dollar research lab under the sea...what more could anyone ask for? If you're looking for me you better check under the sea.

    I love this show, well at least the first two seasons. In Sea Lab 2021, you find a captain and his crew manning an underwater research lab. However, the show rarely concerns itself with any sort of research or sea life. The crew concerns itself more with whether or not to put their brains into robots, missing cupcake ovens, and if there is a "black" Stormy out there. There's at least one character for everyone to identify with on what may be the worst combination of people for anything, let alone the running of a trillion dollar research lab. Definitely worth watching over and over again.
  • 20,000 laughs under the sea

    Everything in Sealab 2021 is just downright funny from the characters to the situations themselves, they are all hilarious. Based on the cartoon, Sealab 2020, Sealab 2021 follows the adventures of the same crew, but this time, they are all idiots. The show suffers from poor animation with characters that barely move at all and never seem to change their positions. Every character are parodies of who they were in the original cartoon and each brings in humor that will always make you laugh until you can't breath. As the show went on, the episodes got crazier and funnier and it was a shame to see this show end. If you can find this show on DVD, pick it up and laugh until your heart's content at this show.
  • And Thats what I think about That!

    Theese guys are nuts, and I like it. Its a great big underwater biodome minus the pauley shore and steve baldwin. Sealab 2021 is a remix of Sealab 2020 which was well pretty freakin boring to say the least,but now that its been jazzed up a notch we have something to watch that will knock your socks off, if you happen to be wearin socks. Imagine if you will an underwater laboratory , now imagine if this was the scene for the next mtv real world, have I got your attention yet? No? then for fun lets just add a chubby little dolphin speaking boy hmmm? Anything you can think of that may happen can and probably will happen.
    its like the formula throw everything at the wall and something is bound to stick. You will find that alot of sticky things stick. Anyway did I not mention the voices?
    The voice talent is grand, and at time hilarious. You'll wish you were stuck down in the blue depths with this crew of slap happy numbskulls. Just proves that things are more fun under the water and also more wet.
  • I so miss this show.

    You have to have a true love for the bazaar to really get Sealab 2021. The Characters are all pretty one sided and the stories are quick and to the point. (it's only 15 mins apiece) What the show lacks in style points, it makes up for in hilarious situations. Each episode gets funnier and funnier as well as more and more bazaar. Almost anybody with a 15 minute attention span can enjoy the first two seasons, but after season three only the most twisted watcher will really laugh out loud. It may not seem like it, but I recommend this show to every one of my friends. I giggle to myself just thinking about it.
    Great Show.
  • One of the few shows I enjoy from Adult Swim.

    Sealab 2021 is a good show. Random, crudely animated, but very entertaining. Fans of this show might like shows like ATHF ( unlike me ) or Robot Chicken. ( Like me. ) It really belongs on Adult Swim. I haven't seen too many episodes of this show, but from what I've seen, it's a very funny show. Better than Family Guy, better than ATHF, but not quite as good as Robot Chicken. Sealab 2021 should, as I've said about several shows on Adult Swim, be watched by fans of the random comedy genre. If you even like South Park, you're bound to like this. ( Sorry for rambling on, needed 100 words in. :P )
  • This is an animated comedy about scientist who live their daily lives... Stuck at the bottom of the sea. So you can imagine all the ideas that can come from that! Non stop laughter!! AWESOME SHOW!!

    Sealab is another one of my personal favorites. I think that it's really cool how they use footage from the original Sealab 2020 from the seventys, and just change the voices over and make them do really off the wall stuff. Captain Murphy is one of my favorites, Eric Estrada as Marko, he adds alot of humor to the lines. I have to say that almost every single episode is a classic in it's own way. The characters are all very different and some how they always manage to blow up SeaLab. Leaving everyone dead by the end of the episode. But that's OK because they always come back for the next episode. Unfortunatly the man who did the voice for Captain Murphy died, so the later seasons have his son doing the voice of a new captain. From the Williams Street writing team this show is a 10 in amy book.
  • This cartoon chronicles the life of scientific researchers living in an underwater laboratory station. It is a realistic portrayal of the everyday lives of scientist.

    As I myself am a research scientist, I can whole-heartedly report to you fine folks, that this show is indeed accurate in every detail. The producers of this show obviously spent a great deal of time and energy researching the lives of scientists in this particular field and have thus portrayed the typical existence of a researcher. I am delighted to have found such an honest representation of my kind. I now say thank you for the pleasure that you have created in me, and I fully expect your high standards and evident dedication to authenticity to be continuously upheld in future seasons. The world of science is in your debt.
  • sealab 2021: a great show. all the parts work great in this cartoon. a re-mix of sorts, the characters are made to do hilarious things that never happened in the originals. big props to harry goz aka murphy r.i.p. jerkface!

    i loved this show.............wait..........i still love this show! its friggin hilarious! i guess it gets boring living in an underwater sealab, because hilarity is a constant in every episode. murphy has to be one of the best characters ever, just watch the mingus dew episode, youll see. with the end of this show comes the legend status, as nothing like this will ever happen again. this show is perfect in every way, and cant be duplicated. its a ten based on the fact it rules, and has the added bonus of harry goz(murphy). hard to find a funnier show than this.
  • Your sense of humour will never be the same after watching this!

    Sealab 2021 tells of the (mis) adventures of a group of scientists who live in a lab under the sea! Led by the inept Captain Murphey, who is more worried about the fate of his 'Happy Cake Oven' or 'Murphmobile' than the massive explosions that Sealab is prone to, the group also features Sparks, the computer tech who for some reason never seems to leave his office chair, the two Debbies, Stormey (is he brain dead - we don't know!), Quinn, the 'intellectual' one of the group, Dolphin Boy (enough said) and the French Guy (I think he's only there for atmosphere). This 11 minute show featured on Adult Swim and is known for it's crazy though highly humourous situations and if the footage looks a bit old fashioned, its because the footage has just been edited from an old cartoon (Sealab 2020 - I wondered where they got the title from). Watch if you enjoy extremely off-beat humour and being surprised!
  • First 3 seasons with Harry Goz were top notch, the last 2 - uhhhh, not so much.

    Taking old footage from the dull Eco-nut cartoon Sealab 2020 and repackaging it into a comedy format was genius.

    The best episode was I ROBOT where the crew discuss the virtues of putting their brains in robot bodies. The whole episode was a stroke of genius.

    The series was perfect until Harry Goz, the voice of Captain Murphy, died. He was the master of dead-pan humor, the heart and soul of the series. His son tried to carry on but he was mediocre at best and in the last season they relied too much on cheap sex jokes and recycled plots; though there were some good episodes. R.I.P Harry Goz - September 6, 2003 .... You went out with a bang! Well done.
  • When HB went wrong. Actually the original, serious version sucks. So...when HB went a wrong way. Damn funny though!

    When I first saw this, I couldn't get my head around it. Was it a real original cartoon where someone remixed it for their own morbid humour or was it just some bizarre parody of 60's cartoons? I'd already seen Space Ghost: CTC, so I hedged my bets to the former.

    Like Space Ghost, the show re-dits and adds to scenes from the original show and each week there seems to be no plot or even reference to serious nature of the original Sealab 2020. But that's the point. Think Airplane meets South Park set on an underwater base and you're not even close. The first episode I ever saw was the one where they got locked into a closet. From there on I just got hooked. The characters were all suitably bizarre and the situations they got in were even more bizarre. Sometimes the humour levels do slip into purile and maybe too easy at times, but usually this is pretty witty with the pop culture references. There's even moments of just messing around with your expectations, like the epiode that just features the outside of the base and nothing more.

    Later episodes do lose their shine, either because they've run out of original footage and thus resorting to the creation of new (cruder) footage or because the jokes starts to wear a bit thin. For example, once you've heard one joke about Quinn or Sparks, you've heard them all in one form or another. The repetiton of having to start fresh each episode rarely allows for character development which could take the show in different directions. But Sealab 2021 seems happy enough to belt out disturbing surrealism each week. It's in no way a classic due to Family Guy cornering the sick niche and with better animation, but it's still worth your time.
  • the show is so great can't believe its been canceld

    sealab two thopusand twenty one is a very funny tv show. It never is as good as aqwua teen or the braks show but still is pretty funny. it is probably a good televisioon show for peolpe who don;t like intelligent humor. the show is not intelligent humor but goofy and sometimes stupid humor. but still sealab two thousand twenty one is still a very well written and thought about teleivisoion show. I also would like to say damn adult swim and cartoon poopwork for canceling a hell of an good show. they wouldn;t know a good show if it came out and puched it in thew eye.
  • this show is funny!

    This show is so funny- it makes me laugh every single time I watch it. I think averyone should be forced to watch this show. If they watched this show there would be so many less problems in the world. Today.

    This show falls under the same genre as Harvey Birdman: Attorney at law, or Space Coast: Coast to Coast, or Aqua Teen Hunger Force, or the brak show. Or.. I cannot think of any others, but Iam sure there are some.

    It\'s very funny. And I don\'t know if I say this show is verry funny enough.

    xander ROX UR SOX
  • Can\'t beat retard humor! I need more balls! Hey! Biotch! Pill me up! Did you know that the real Sealab people really did go psychotic? That is what makes this great. They were down there doing the same crap to each other.

    Don\'t usually watch cartoons. But for some reason I stopped on Sealab 2021. Got hooked right away. How crazy is this? Some slob is riding around in a golf cart, lost. A weird monster breaks through the wall and this gold pro fool keeps popping up from behind the counter?? The big green phone? I need more balls? Does any of this make sense? Hell no! Then, he stops in this bar and some idiot steals his stuff. So he goes back in and gets in a fight.

    Another Boob is manufacturing drugs and getting everyone else hooked. He takes all of their money and bails. They blow up the Sealab and he gets the demon.

    Retard humor rules!

  • Anyone have a Beabop Cola?

    Sealab 2021 is one of those shows that just grows on you. With it's wacky characters, bizarre, off-the-wall humor and recurring story lines, you can't help but fall in love with this show. What's it about, you ask? Well, it's basically about a group of marine scientists who live in an underwater aquatic research facility who get into all kinds of wacky adventures. Whether it be Captian Murphy becoming addicted to spider venom while trapped under a vending machine, the crew taken hostage by strange alternate versions of themselves, or the whole being stuck in a closet bickering with one another, you know there's going to be something crazy on every week. The voice acting is excellent as well, and I can't count how many times I've laughed at some of the deadpan deliveries the voice actors make.
  • Someday the lauchs will kill me while i see this show. . . . a jewel of the comedy

    What i can say about this serie, i think that the ones who see it know how good it is . . . those who dont, must see it, you wont stop once begin, this show is the most freak, crazy and funny show that i ever saw, they simple make jokes with anything, anything !.

    From Adult Swim this serie is one of my favorites, thx god that sealab 2020 was what it was, so now the cast can joke with it :)

    I really cant say everything that i fell when i see it, you need to see for know, but, if you are afraid to die, dont see it, cause someday the laughs will kill me, taking my air out , cause every moment of a episode is funniest then the one before :P
  • Weird, whacky, surreal, non-sensical, hilarious, and utterly insane. What could be better?

    This show is just so insane, so over-the-top, so twisted and silly that it's just so funny. Not many people will get it, but those that do will more than likely love it.

    My particular favourite episode is "Lost in Time", but the first 10 or so episodes are great.

    Where else can you see a show where a shark on a motorcycle jumps over a pool of Fonzies? Unfortunately, the show was never the same once the man who brilliantly played Captain Murphy died, who never failed to deliver at least five laughs per episode.

    The characters are so utterly ridiculous and their chemistry is great because of it.

    If you want a laugh then check it out. One of the best things about it is that it's only around 10 minutes long.
  • Cleverly hilarious!

    This show is my new best friend. It focuses about the crew of the show ''Sealab 2020''. A year has passed and they have been driven to insanity. This show is always funny and it's so quotable. However, the episodes after the death of Harry Goz aren't that good, but they're still funny. Recommended for everyone who wants to laugh!
  • You need this!!!

    Sealab 2021 is one of those guilty indulgences that, once hooked, you can't get enough of. Don't ask me why it's funny, don't ask for any explination of the show whatsoever, if you have a warped sense of humour you need to get into this one. The first half of the shows run was absolute classic with Harry Goz standing out as Captain Murphy. After his unfortunate passing his son filled the role of captain as Tornado Shanks. Never replacing Murphy, Shanks was great at providing some golden moments. If you're wanting to start out with this show, check out Chickmate, Der Dieb and Green Fever. A few of my personal favs. As much as I love MC Chris and all of his classic lines as Hesh, it's Capt. Murphy you'll just want more of. Moustache on or off? We don't care Captain, as long as it's you.
  • People under the sea,it's hilarious!!!!!

    Enter Captain Hazel Hank Murphy,Marco,Derek Stormy Waters,Debbie DuPree,Jodene Sparks,and Dr.Quentin Q.Quinn.This show is based off of the 1972 show Sealab 2020.The directors used old time animation.This show is rated TV-14 for some language.You might want a T.V Guardian.It mutes out the cussing.It is incrediblly funny.There are funny parts with some just plain weird parts.
    The show was made back in 1995.It comes on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network at 11:00 sometimes.This show is not for little kids.I got a for the characters about Marco,they could say Marco Polo.
    Ha Ha.I watch it when I get the chance.This show is friggin' awesome.Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • A comedy that is more random then the lottery.

    This show is a take of of an old show. The story line is so of the wall I started to wonder after the first season, What they were giving their writers, What ever it is I want some. The fact that they got Erik Estrada in this cartoon, adds a whole new level of funny. Check it out. Great show. Great writers. Great show for wetting your pants... Make sure you have alot of depends handy...
  • The show isn\'t perfect but it has been touched by greatness.

    Unlike the original Sealab 2020 which was an environmentally concious show, Sealab 2021 is about as zany and senseless as any show could dream of being. It has virtually no rules...and if it did, it would break them.

    Unlike South Park, where Kenny is often the sacraficial lamb, the folks at Sealab die all of the time. Often, everyone dies in the show.

    While there are moments where the show isn\'t quite as funny, those moments are forgivable considering how funny the show does get. I\'m not talking about just a chuckle. This show has a few episodes the will make you keel over in laughter.

    As of April of this year (2005) the show has been cancelled. That\'s a big shame considering how funny the show is. It is my hope that they bring it back but only time could ever tell that story.
  • A brilliant show that should have died with Harry Goz.

    Sealab was demented brilliance. You had the daffy captain Murphy, brilliant and irritated Quinn, loose Debbie, and utterly amoral Sparks.

    Each week brought some new insanity, notably involving soda machines, robot banter, and Sparks' ongoing villainy.

    Then the entire show went terribly wrong with the death of Harry Goz. Harry and Captain Murphy were the heart and soul of the show, and not even the addition of his son to the cast could fill the void left at the departure of Captain Murphy.

    Now without heart, the show continued, getting steadily worse as they temporarily wrote out Marco and wrote in his shark son. Painfully unfunny.

    Sealab should have ended when Harry passed away. But up until that point, it was one of the funniest shows on the air. Long live the true Sealab.
  • who likes The Brak Show, Aqua Teen Hunger force, sealab 2021, harvey birdman, attorney at law and space ghost coast to coast

    think The Brak Show, Aqua Teen Hunger force,
    sealab 2021, harvey birdman, attorney at law,
    and space ghost coast to coast are the best shows on adult swim. who think so? my name is deric plz reply

    who likes The Brak Show, Aqua Teen Hunger force, sealab 2021, harvey birdman, attorney at law and space ghost coast to coast
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