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The prophecy is true! On the same day that some extremely handsome, all-knowing being predicted that Sean Saves the World would be canceled, Sean Saves the World was canceled. According to multiple reports, NBC has stopped production the sitcom, effective immediately. 

NBC originally ordered 13 episodes of the Sean Hayes comedy, then boosted the order by five for a total of 18. Twelve of those episodes have already aired, and two more of them have been filmed; according to The Hollywood Reporter, NBC will hold those two episodes and burn them off at a later date, probably well after the country's eyes are off the network's coverage of the 2014 Winter Olympics. That means Sean Saves the World will also be leaving the schedule immediately. 

Okay, so predicting Sean Saves the World would be canceled was about as easy as predicting that Sean Saves the World would be terrible. But it's a move that came sooner than I expected; because NBC has such a strong working relationship with Hayes (who produces Hollywood Game Night and was also a producer on Smash), I figured the network would at least let the series finish out its run, which wasn't even a complete season to begin with. But Hayes himself is probably even more surprised as I am, given that he once said his show was the funniest sitcom on television.

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