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Jeez, you haven't left the couch in over two weeks? You've used an empty family size container of Red Vines as a bathroom? You're pay the Chinese food delivery man extra to bring the food directly into your living room? All this because you're trying to watch every single new fall show? Well if you've been reading our series of helpful guides to figure out what you should and shouldn't watch, then maybe you would have time to meet your Chinese food delivery person at the door like a normal person who can't cook. Let's get you on the road to recovery with this latest edition of Hey TV.com, Get Me Off of This Couch! Today, we're discussing Sean Saves the World.

Sean Saves the World... so it's a show about a guy named Dave?

No! This half-hour multi-camera comedy about a guy named Sean, you dope! But it's also not about a guy saving the world, unless you're NBC and your world is your Thursday-night comedy block. This Sean guy is a recently divorced dad who also happens to be gay. When his teenage daughter moves in with him full-time, he must accept the challenge of balancing work and life that so many sitcom stars before him have also had to face.

Who plays Sean and who created it?

Sean is played by Will & Grace's Sean Hayes, who has signed some sort of superdeal with NBC to produce and star in just about anything he wants for the network, even if it's just a bunch of famous people playing board games. Linda Lavin (Alice) plays Sean's overbearing mom, Sami Isler plays Sean's daughter, Thomas Lennon (The StateReno 911!) plays Sean's boss, Megan Hilty (Smash) and Echo Kellum (Ben & Kate) play Sean's friends, and Vik Sahay (Chuck) plays Sean's coworker. Victor Fresco (Better Off Ted) created the series.

When does Sean start saving the world?

Sean Saves the World premieres Thursday, October 3 at 9pm on NBC. It's sandwiched between two other new shows, Welcome to the Family and The Michael J. Fox Show, joining the latter to create a one-hour block full of faces you might remember. It will air against ABC's Grey's Anatomy, CBS's The Crazy Ones, Fox's Glee, and The CW's Reign

What other shows remind you of Sean Saves the World?

This is a throwback to late-'90s and early-'00s multi-camera sitcoms, right down to the rambunctious laugh track. But the single gay dad thing modernizes it for today's audiences.

What's good about Sean Saves the World?

Thomas Lennon is his usual funny self. And it's about a gay guy, so this is progress.

What's not so good about Sean Saves the World?

Yeesh. Everything else, pretty much. Sean Saves the World, despite being somewhat progressive in featuring a gay lead, is horrendously dated. The entire show looks like it stepped out of 1995, and the jokes in it were probably rejected from other shows that aired back then. Poor Sean Hayes is reduced to spouting terrible punchlines, but as one of the show's producers, he deserves a lot of the blame for that. And OH MY GOD the laugh track will make you want to commit suicide.

So, I get the feeling you're saying I shouldn't watch this...

You are correct, sir/madam. Skip this one as hard as you can and don't ever look back.

You got a trailer for me?

Yes. But really, you should skip this, too.

Sean Saves the World premieres Thursday, October 3 at 9pm on NBC.

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