Sean Saves the World

NBC (ended 2014)


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  • To Soon to Say Goodbye!!!!

    I liked the show. A few changes here and there and would have been great. He is a great talent and Linda Lavin is a veteran. I say give it another shot!!!
  • Bad is being nice to this show

    This has got to be one of the worst shows on the air. every other line is NOT funny, but you would sure think so based on the laugh track. Might be tolerable if they cut back the laugh track by about 90%, but still probably not. There is limited story line, and the characters are not in the least bit entertaining. I gave it a couple episodes and I will never get that hour + back. Sean is more of a supporting role actor than a main character.

    I don't understand why critics are against this show. I'm a fan of Sean Hayes and was thrilled when I learned he was coming back. I'll agree the first episode was a bit weak, but as the book term goes, "never judge a book by its cover" well i feel implies to "sean saves the world". You have to give new sitcoms a chance. Watching one episode is not enough to get a real understanding of the show. As each week goes by, the episodes keep getting funnier and the cast works surprisingly well together. Viewers who watched the first episode need to come back and watch the rest, I bet their opinions would change. I'm tired of good shows being cancelled and ones that should be off the air are still on. Get it together NBC and save this show!!!!
  • laughing out loud!

    After the first episode, I was unsure, but I love Sean Hayes and wanted to give this show a real chance. It is hilarious! My sister, my mom, and I watch this show and laugh outloud. The supporting cast are absurdly awesome! It is a great new sitcom.
  • Please save this show !!

    This show is funny

    The first episode was a bit weak so it would be great if the reviewer could watch just a few more episodes. It is so much closer to the Will and Grace we have been missing than any of the other wanna bes (Partners, Sh*t my father says, etc)

    It is clever and witty, they have fun with word play and the timing and deliveries are spot on (hallmark of just about anything Sean Hayes does).

    It has Linda Lavin, FGS !! Why is her return to television not being lauded much much more.

    It has heart, but the mother-son relationship is based on anger and hurt feelings and still gets back to enough cheese to make you smile.

    It has Megan Hilty !!! We knew she would be funny but when are they gonna let her sing ?

    It has physical comedy, pratfalls and hip swaying and dancing inthe break room. These things have always made us laugh, long before Youtube.

    It has Thomas Lennon !!! Why is this man ever not on television !?!!

    Please, please everyone. Give itone more look see