Sean Saves the World

NBC (ended 2014)


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  • Please save this show !!

    This show is funny

    The first episode was a bit weak so it would be great if the reviewer could watch just a few more episodes. It is so much closer to the Will and Grace we have been missing than any of the other wanna bes (Partners, Sh*t my father says, etc)

    It is clever and witty, they have fun with word play and the timing and deliveries are spot on (hallmark of just about anything Sean Hayes does).

    It has Linda Lavin, FGS !! Why is her return to television not being lauded much much more.

    It has heart, but the mother-son relationship is based on anger and hurt feelings and still gets back to enough cheese to make you smile.

    It has Megan Hilty !!! We knew she would be funny but when are they gonna let her sing ?

    It has physical comedy, pratfalls and hip swaying and dancing inthe break room. These things have always made us laugh, long before Youtube.

    It has Thomas Lennon !!! Why is this man ever not on television !?!!

    Please, please everyone. Give itone more look see
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