seaQuest DSV

Season 1 Episode 20


Aired Unknown May 01, 1994 on NBC

Episode Recap

While under water in a special diver's suit that allows a person to survive at depths over 20 thousand feet, Ford sees a woman swimming around with no scuba gear. When he tells Bridger and Westphalen about the woman, they tell him it must have been a hallucination. Ford, however, is unconvinced, so Bridger takes him of the job of testing the new equipment, and sends him up to dry land for a while to clear his head. While in a bar, Ford sees the woman from under water, and follows her to the ocean, where to men try to grab her. Ford intervenes, and is captured by the two men, and dragged into the sea, leaving the woman behind. In the mean time, Lucas lies to Bridger about a party he is planning to attend, and tells him it is a conference on "post adolescent phenomenon." Bridger agrees to let Lucas take the stinger to the "conference." Lucas then goes to Krieg for some cologne, but ends up getting more than that: condoms. When Lucas arrives, he sees Juliana with another boy. When he confronts her, she tells him it is her brother, and that she came to see only him. They head into a private room. Both of them are very nervous, and Lucas tells Juliana that he doesn't think they are ready to loose their virginity, and she agrees. Just then her brother barges in and tells Lucas to get lost. Back with Ford, we find out how the woman he saw and the men who kidnapped him are able to breath underwater. A famous scientist who faked his own death has found a way to modify the human body to breath through gills. Bridger and his crew find out about the scientist, and rush to Ford's aid just in time to free him from a tank of water. Ford eventually asks the woman on a date, and she agrees. Bridger finds out about Lucas' lie when he is pulled over by a police submarine for "reckless driving" of the Stinger. However, he is not angry.