seaQuest DSV

Season 1 Episode 9

Bad Water

Aired Unknown Nov 07, 1993 on NBC

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  • the crew are at the devils triangle when a hurricane forces them to to choose between a group of scared children and there lose crew mates on the services.

    the seaquest are in search of a lost french sub that is calling for mayday. its lost in a worm hole underneath the bottom of the ocean. meanwhile lucus and the commandar and the doctor and ben have to inject to the surface when they have trouble with there sub. the only promblem is that they are in the middle of a hurricane in the middle of the ocean. captain brigder has to find the french sub before they run out of air. and they also have to save there crew mates before the hurricane hits them and they become lost at sea.
  • A hurricane threatens to prevent the rescue of a French sightseeing submarine which is stuck in a freshwater sink hole and running out of oxygen. When a team from the seaQuest are forced to the surface they must rely on each other to survive the storm.

    I thought this episode was definitely exciting. I liked that Bridger made everyone focus on the submarine, even though you could see that he was also worried about his crewmembers. I thought it was also nice how the crew on the surface were able to rely on eachother to survive the hurricane.