seaQuest DSV

Season 3 Episode 11


Aired Unknown Jan 12, 1996 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • TRIVIA: This episode aired out of sequence originally, and in reruns. It actually takes place before the events of the episode "SpinDrift" when Lt. Brody was killed in action.

  • Quotes

    • Ford (to Hudson): I'll tell you one thing, abolishing the U.E.O. does have one benefit. You don't have to go to one of the mixers every time the charter expires.

    • Hudson (to McGrath): The problem is, sir, half the people in this room think you're running the U.E.O. like a police state and the other half think you're just a big wimp. It must be hell talking out of both sides of your mouth.

    • Piccolo (reading a news article): "McGrath's veto of the U.E.O. arms ban was overturned by the security council for fear it would destabilize diplomatic relations with non-nuclear, anti-strike opponents." I finally got my dyslexia under control and people stopped talking English.

    • Piccolo: No offense, Lucas, but there's a big difference between being a brain and helping somebody find it for themselves.
      Lucas: You know what they say: those who can't, teach.
      O'Neill: And those who can't teach, teach languages.

    • Brody (about Fredericks): Well, maybe it's easier to engage when the consequences of danger have been programmed out of you.

    • Henderson: (Ford) shouldn't be jealous.
      Piccolo: Maybe he should be.
      Henderson: Oh. I didn't know.
      Piccolo: Hey, neither did I.

    • Lieutenant Henderson: No, Jonathan. It's time. I want people to know okay? I'm tired of sneaking around.
      Commander Ford: Whoa, wait a second. You're the one who said you thought secrets were sexy.
      Lieutenant Henderson: No, I said dirty e-mail is sexy. This is pathetic. I feel like I'm dating a married man. Just once, I'd like to go some place where we might actually bump into our friends instead of hiding from them. Maybe if people knew they wouldn't get the wrong idea, or if they did get the wrong idea it would be the right wrong idea. And people like Tony wouldn't get hurt.
      Commander Ford: Oh, right, let's be sure and run everything through Tony Piccollo. He's certainly my litmus test.
      Lieutenant Henderson: What is that supposed to mean?
      Commander Ford: It means I'm glad you and Tony have become such good friends.
      Lieutenant Henderson: At least he knows how he feels.
      Commander Ford: Well, maybe you'll feel better dating Tony.
      Lieutenant Henderson: Maybe I will. Jonathan... just say it. You don't want to do this anymore.
      Commander Ford: It's not what I need to say to you Lonnie. It's just I have such a hard time saying these things. I don't know, maybe I'm defective or something. But I'm really trying. I'm really trying.
      (They kiss as the scene ends)

    • Fredericks: You know what Noonan? It's guys like you, that give guys like you, a bad name.

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