seaQuest DSV

Season 2 Episode 19

Dagger Redux

Aired Unknown Apr 02, 1995 on NBC
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Dagger Redux

A rogue nuclear physicist known only as the Marauder is determined to destroy the seaQuest. As part of his plan, he rescues a revenge-minded dagger who was imprisoned by Bridger, and attempts to lure O'Neill into his dangerous scheme.

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    Peter DeLuise

    Peter DeLuise

    Dagwood (Season 2-3)

    Marco Sanchez

    Marco Sanchez

    Sensor Chief Miguel Ortiz (Season 1-2)

    Don Franklin

    Don Franklin

    Commander Jonathan Ford

    Kathy Evison

    Kathy Evison

    Lieutenant Lonnie Henderson (Season 2-3)

    Frank Welker

    Frank Welker

    voice of Darwin

    Michael DeLuise

    Michael DeLuise

    Tony Piccolo (Seasons 2-3)

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      • O'Neill: I'm Catholic, Captain, I believe in anything that makes me nervous.

      • Lucas (about Russell Ketchum): They laughed him out of the scientific community. He didn't take that very well. He tried to shoot the dean.

      • Brody (about Dagwood eating an unpeeled pineapple): High fiber diet. Great for regularity, but very tough on the roof of your mouth.

      • Piccolo (to Brody): You got a good salute. I look like I'm checking to see if my hair's clean.

      • Ford (about Mariah): I won't let her go free, but I will let her escape.
        Ketchum: Why should I believe you?
        Ford: Because I gave you my word. But this isn't over. We'll find you.
        Ketchum: I'm sure you will try. But there are many oceans, Commander.
        Ford: Not that many.

      • Bridger: Learn anything?
        O'Neill: Yeah. Learned that the place that you leave looks different when you return, but that's only 'cause you're seeing it for the first time.

      • Ford: Fire first torpedo 16 degrees port.
        Brody: At what?

      • Bridger: Tim, don't you think you're going off a little half-cocked?
        O'Neill: No, sir. It's completely cocked.

      • Bridger: How do you feel?
        O'Neill: Like a football at a baseball game.

      • Bridger: You know, you spelt 'resignation' wrong.
        O'Neill: I did?

      • Ortiz: A broken clock is right twice a day, sir.
        Piccolo: How can a broken clock be right twice a day? (snorts)

      • Piccolo: What he's doing is hanging out there with some babe. While I'm stuck in this tin can watching my life float by.
        Ortiz: Well, bear with us Piccolo, we're watching it float by with you.
        Piccolo: How's it look?
        Ortiz: Not pretty.

      • Ortiz: Go AWOL Piccolo. I'm sure O'Neil will love you as a roomate.
        Piccolo: Hey, I'm a hell of a roomate.
        Brody: A roommate from hell maybe.

      • Brody: Hey, somebody oughta help Dagwood out.
        Ortiz : Why?
        Brody: He's trying to eat a pineapple.
        Ortiz: How hard is that?
        Brody: Apparently very. He's been working at it for twenty minutes.
        Ortiz: Dagwood, don't eat the part that hurts your mouth.
        Dagwood: Okay. Thank you.
        (Dagwood takes a bite out of a whole pineapple, unpeeled.)

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