seaQuest DSV

Season 2 Episode 11

Dead End

Aired Unknown Dec 18, 1994 on NBC



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    • Lucas: I just gotta try not to hit the sides.
      Dagwood (to Lucas): I wouldn't hit those rocks either, if I were you.

    • Henderson (to Lucas, O'Neill & Brody who are singing): Hey, hey, hey! If you guys don't come up with another song real soon, I'm gonna fly us into a cliff!

    • Henderson: How can you flunk a woman in a sexual harassment seminar?
      Lucas: I don't know, maybe 'been there, done that, I know where to kick them next time' was a bit too brief of an answer for the essay part of the exam.

    • Rawlings: I'd say we're in the running for the Nobel prize. Too bad it's not awarded posthumously.

    • Darwin: Darwin not afraid. Darwin famous shark fighter.

    • Henderson: What do you believe?
      Rawlings: That life is an illusion, if it has any meaning at all.

    • Brody: Ever design a submarine before?
      Lucas: Ah, sure. Ten or fifteen times. 'Course it was always on the back of placemats at a restaurant.

    • Henderson (about the dive pod): So, what do you think? Did the government really need to pay all those thousands of engineers to build these things for us, or could we really have done it ourselves?

    • Henderson: Isn't there anything you want, Lucas? Something from the supplies, everyone's dessert from the survival rations? Or…or me to be with you?
      Lucas: Be with me. Just hold me. Just help me get to sleep.

    • Rawlings (giving up his place in the pod to Lucas): Will you give a moving speech to the media about how self-sacrificing I was? It'll drive all my ex-girlfriends crazy.

    • Lucas (to Rawlings): There is one thing, actually. When you give all those interviews to the media, you can tell them how self-sacrificing I was. Maybe it'll get me a girlfriend.

    • Lucas: I worked out the system, and it nailed me. What could be more fair than that?

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