seaQuest DSV

Season 3 Episode 4

Destination Terminal

Aired Unknown Oct 18, 1995 on NBC



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    • Henderson: Why do men take dancing so seriously?
      Ford: I don't take it seriously. I just don't do it. Unless I want it to rain or I'm celebrating a lion hunt.

    • Ford: At ease, Henderson.
      Henderson: Thank you, sir.
      Ford: No, don't be at ease. (she salutes again) Just relax!
      Henderson: One of us should, sir.

    • Hudson: In your considered opinion, Mr. Wolenczek, should we put 50 VIPs on the Omni Pacific and rocket them through a vacuum tunnel between San Francisco and Beijing at 2,000 miles an hour?
      Lucas: That depends. How much do we like these people?

    • Lucas (referring to the train): This is very impressive, Bradley.
      Dumont: Yes, it is.
      Lucas: You minored in humility at Stanford, am I right?

    • Henderson: Now, it's your call, Commander. Official function or date? We have to set the ground rules.
      Ford: Okay, what are the rules if it's a date?
      Henderson: We get to eat and dance and laugh and see what happens.
      Ford: And if it's an official function?
      Henderson: Polite small talk and awkward silences.
      Ford: Then, Henderson, it's definitely a date.
      Henderson: Then, Commander, it's definitely Loni.

    • Ford: I'm very comfortable with my feminine side. Women have them, I don't.

    • Piccolo: You know the difference between a violin and an onion? Nobody cries when you chop up a violin. (Hudson glares at him) Ah, I just heard that. It's not my personal opinion, sir.
      Hudson: You know, for a man whose name is Piccolo, you show very little musical appreciation.

    • Ford: Lucas is here.
      Henderson: What'd you tell him?
      Ford: I told him you were the Nairobian ambassador.
      (later in the show Lucas walks in on them almost kissing)
      Lucas: Miss Ambassador.

    • Lucas: I'm working on it, Captain, okay, but this isn't the college boards. At least there you knew there was a right answer.
      Hudson: There wasn't when I got there. How do you think I ended up in the navy?

    • Captain Hudson: Commander, welcome back.
      Commander Ford: Thank you, Sir.
      Captain Hudson: Please attend to Lieutenant Henderson.
      Commander Ford: Sir?
      Captain Hudson: Debrief her, whatever.
      Commander Ford: Yes, sir...
      Lieutenant Henderson: Debrief me.
      Commander Ford: Yes. And I think it was an order.
      (Commander Ford kisses Lieutenant Henderson, and Lieutenant Henderson lays her head on Commander Ford's shoulder)

    • Command Ford: I can't believe this radio still works.
      Lucas: When I fix something, it stays fixed. I went to Stanford, remember?

    • Captain Hudson (breaking up an argument between Lucas and Dumont): Alright, gentlemen, put your pants back on.

    • (Lucas asks a bartender for a martini, shaken not stirred, and is asked to show ID that he's over 21)
      Barkeep: Ah, Mr. Bond. Next time Q makes up one of these for you, don't tell him you're 29. Say 20. Maybe.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Hudson: "The Red Badge of Courage" is not about a war, Piccolo.

      "The Red Badge of Courage" is a novel by Stephen Crane, published in 1895, about the meaning of courage. It follows young Henry Fleming, a recruit in the American Civil War, as he tries to make sense of the reality of war, and of his own part in it. Though the author had never seen battle himself, the story is considered one of the most realistic and influential American war stories ever written. It was made into a film in 1951, starring Audie Murphy, and in 1974 it was remade as a made-for-television movie starring Richard Thomas.

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