seaQuest DSV

Season 3 Episode 9

Good Soldiers

Aired Unknown Dec 20, 1995 on NBC

Episode Recap

This episode opens with Secretary-General McGrath sitting on a park bench awaiting a meeting with Dr. Emil Veracheck. Veracheck is a man the UEO has 'erased' from it's list of scientists as it tries to hide a very dark secret. Veracheck informs McGrath that although the majority of his research has been destroyed one base still remains. Later aboard seaQuest a Section Seven ship hails for permission to dock. Commander Ford and Captain Hudson head to the docking bay to meet the Section Seven sub. To both their surprises Captain Nathan Bridger steps out and demands control of seaQuest again. Hudson tells him he doesn't need Section Seven to have control of his boat and Bridger explains that for this mission he is Section Seven. Bridger explains that their mission is in Macronesian territory. He orders Hudson to give him Commander Ford and Lucas for a classified mission on Banabas Island, an Alliance Outpost that the UEO just handed over 6 months ago. Bridger explains to Lucas and Ford that they need to retrieve classified information out of a sub-structure from below the outpost. When Hudson asks Ford if he knows the outpost as Bridger is suggesting Ford does, Ford explains that he was stationed their as a ensign but he doesn't remember much. When Bridger explains what their looking for Lucas starts to question Bridger's motives. When Bridger and Ford are alone Bridger questions Ford about information but Ford clams up. As they're leaving Dagwood requests joining the team and after an argument between Ford and Dagwood, Bridger allows him to go. The four start their journey but it's hampered by UEO proximity mines. After getting through those mines they find the docking ring and squeeze through some tiny spaces to get in. The four enter the mines and start looking for the classified data disks. Dagwood touches a wall and has a flashback of some one strapped to a table and screaming in pain. He doesn't tell anyone and they continue on. Dagwood touches a cryogenics chamber door and this time Lucas sees his reaction. They open the chamber door and find a dead Dagger inside. Ford is the next one to have a flash back. His shows a younger Dr. Veracheck and the dagger on a bed. Lucas, shocked at seeing the dead dagger points out the UEO technology around them. Bridger, no longer able to hide their mission explains all to the team. Bridger explains that years ago he was a member of an intelligence detail that oversaw Dagger research. He continues and explains that all the research was destroyed when he realized the inhumane way the experiments were done on Daggers. Back On seaQuest, they are detected by Alliance Recon drones. O'Neill sends out Darwin to distract the drones. Darwin heads out of seaQuest as the two drones collide while chasing him. The Alliance base sends a ship out to investigate the run-in. Underneath of the main base the search for the data disks continues. Ford has another flash back and points the team in the right direction. When they enter the main chamber, Dagwood sees the table from his visions and realizes the extent of torture on the other Daggers endured. Bridger lays a guilt trip into Ford about what he knew and then Lucas lays into Bridger. Dagwood brings them back to reality and they continue on their journey. Back on seaQuest the recon ship discovers them and they are forced to grab onto to it with a grapnel. They Alliance ship overloads his engine though and implodes. When the base realizes what has occured they send a warship towards seaQuest. They also notice a hole that was cut by Bridger's team and discover they're on the base. Downstairs Dagwood finds the datadisks and has a hard time dealing with the torture of his fellow daggers. Lucas displays the only disk that still works for the team to review. It shows a dagger's arm being cut off and growing back almost instantly. Lucas' faith in Bridger is shaken when he realizes that Bridger knew what was going on and that when he brings the disks to McGrath Bridger's rewards will be to have his name erased from all records pertaining to the genetic experiments. Bridger doesn't calm him but orders him to continue on and calls seaQuest for rescue. Back on seaQuest the Alliance warship finds seaQuest and orders them to leave their waters. Hudson buys times for Captian Bridger as he feigns damage to seaQuest's engines. The Alliance leader buy's the excuse and lets them pass. As Bridger's team heads back they discover that they've been discovered. They set charges to blow up the area but Dagwood doesn't want to leave. He wants to stay behind with the other daggers that have died. The Alliance party finds them and starts firing at them. A gunfire fight ensues but Dagwood still won't leave. Ford decides to stay with them to give Lucas and Bridger a way out. That noble deed renews Dagwood's faith in humanity and he helps the four seaQuest members escape before the charges blow. Back on seaQuest, Bridger gives Dagwood the option of what to do with data disks and Dagwood destroys the disk after watching it one more time rather than risking it falling into wrong hands.