seaQuest DSV

Season 1 Episode 23

Higher Power

Aired Unknown May 22, 1994 on NBC
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Higher Power

A brand new power plant which is set to supply energy to the whole world goes wrong and there is a danger of the polar ice caps melting. Bridger decides he must sacrifice the seaQuest in order to save the world. Meanwhile, Lucas has a reunion of sorts with his father.


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  • Seaquest is the greatest show ever made they go through so many trials and different things so much drama and other things that makes it so exciting to watch.

    i love this show i used to watch it everytime it came on but now i watch it everyday i love jonathan brandis it it a great show and i hope that they bring out all 3 seasons on dvd so i can watch all three seasons again i cant wait i miss the show i wish that they still showed it on tv.
Marco Sanchez

Marco Sanchez

Sensor Chief Miguel Ortiz (Season 1-2)

Don Franklin

Don Franklin

Commander Jonathan Ford

Frank Welker

Frank Welker

voice of Darwin

Stephanie Beacham

Stephanie Beacham

Doctor Kristin Westphalen (Season 1)

Stacy Haiduk

Stacy Haiduk

Lieutenant-Commander Katie Hitchcock (Season 1)

John D'Aquino

John D'Aquino

Lieutenant Benjamin Krieg (Season 1)

Kristoffer Tabori

Kristoffer Tabori

Dr. Wolenczak

Guest Star

Charles Cyphers

Charles Cyphers

Calvin Shelley

Guest Star

Patricia Harty

Patricia Harty


Guest Star

Richard Herd

Richard Herd

Admiral Noyce

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When Lt. O'Neill starts making a distress call, he announces the seaQuest's location as 13 degrees, 15 minutes. When repeating the location, he calls out 15 degrees, 13 minutes.

    • TRIVIA: This is the final appearance of series stars Stephanie Beacham (Dr. Kristin Westphalen), Stacy Haiduk (Lieutenant-Commander Katie Hitchcock) and Royce D. Applegate (Chief Manilow Crocker). This is John D'Aquino (Lieutenant Benjamin Krieg) last appearance as a series star, but later appears in the season 3 episode "In the Company of Ice and Profit" as a guest-star.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Rosenthal: I think we should shut it down.
      Dr. Wolenczak: This is a hundred billion dollar project, Mr. Rosenthal. We don't shut it down, we fix it.

    • Bridger (to crew): I hope all of your time aboard seaQuest has been productive and insightful. Thirteen months – we've logged over 100,000 sea miles, participated in 17 rescue operations, completed 3 years of underwater research. Congratulations. I just hope your memories of this tour are as warm as mine. As many of you know, this boat has been a dream of mine. I'd like to thank all of you for making this dream come true. Some of us are going on to the next tour, others are moving to newer opportunities. But I'd like to wish all of you great success. Thank you, and good luck.

    • Westphalen: Nice speech, Captain.
      Bridger: The short ones are always nice.

    • Westphalen: Still on for dinner tonight?
      Bridger: Absolutely.
      Westphalen: About time.

    • Bridger: You know, someone once sent me a stripper-gram. I spent half an hour running around my room trying to get a nude geisha girl back in the box. Thanks, I think I'll pass. (hands gift back)
      Krieg: How did he know what it was?
      O'Neill: 'Cause it was your idea, Ben.
      Ortiz: Probably just started in the sewer and worked his way back up from there.

    • Lucas (to Bridger): After what you've done for me, now everyone's saying good-bye, giving you presents and stuff. It's like a bad birthday party. Don't worry, I didn't get you anything.

    • Bridger (referring to Lucas's dad): Do you want me to call him?
      Lucas: No. No, that's all right. (Bridger starts to leave) Oh, but if you do, tell him I said hi.

    • Westphalen (about the hologram): Who is that?
      Bridger: My wife.
      Westphalen: Your wife? Can she see us?
      Bridger: I hope not.

    • Bridger: Dammit, Lucas, how dare you invade my privacy?
      Lucas (on com screen): I was just... (sees Westphalen getting dressed) Oh, I get it now, Captain. Sorry about your privacy. (quickly hangs up)

    • Lucas (just after hearing that his father was dead): Captain, my father...
      Bridger: Noyce made a giant assumption about your father, now you're stuck with it. I know what that's like.
      Lucas: Yeah, and your son died.
      Bridger: I'll never be certain. And not knowing eats at me a little every day. But I'll tell you something, you know what's helped me? You. You can't imagine how important it is for me to have you here. Now I want you to know how important it is for me to be here for you.

    • Bridger (to arguing officials): Hey, guys, listen! A rise in temperature like this is going to melt the polar collapse. You're going to need scuba gear to stand on the observation deck of the World Trade Center. Your cities aren't going to collapse, they're going to drown.

    • Bridger: I can't risk sending anyone over there, it's suicide!
      Crocker: So maybe I die now instead of a little bit later. Besides, his old man might be able to help us figure out what's going on here. Let me go see if I find him.
      Bridger: Chief, I can't.
      Crocker: Captain, I don't want to waste away on some barstool in San Diego. The sea is where I live; it's where I'd prefer to die.

    • Krieg: Says here to include the names of at least 3 persons who will recommend you without reservation. Come on guys, it's just a recommendation.
      O'Neill: What for?
      Krieg: The seminary.
      Ortiz: Father Krieg?
      Krieg: All right, med school.
      Shan: Dr. Krieg?
      Krieg: Okay, a manager for a fast food franchise.

    • Bridger (misses ball and lands by Westphalen): What are you laughing at?
      Dr. Westphalen: You. I think you look cute.
      Bridger: I'm not cute. I'm four points behind.
      Dr. Westphalen: Well just don't get hurt. We've waited a long time to say goodbye.
      Bridger: I'm still working on hello.
      (Dr. Westphalen smiles.)

    • Lucas: Wait in line, Lucas. Stand over there, Lucas. Take a number, Lucas. We'll get to you.

    • Dr. Wolenczak: ...And if you're gonna whine, why don't you stand over there in the corner?

  • NOTES (1)