seaQuest DSV

Season 3 Episode 2

In the Company of Ice and Profit

Aired Unknown Sep 27, 1995 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • TRIVIA: As of this episode, Lucas is no longer the Chief Computer Analyst of seaQuest, he has enlisted, and is now an ensign.

  • Quotes

    • O'Neill: Let's eat, okay?
      Piccolo: Yeah, but someplace nice. I'm sick of eating out of plastic squeeze tubes. This morning I accidentally ate my toothpaste for breakfast.

    • Piccolo: Me and my superior here used to hang out in this joint about 10 years ago.
      Waitress: When he was eight?
      Lucas: Technically I'm 28.
      Piccolo: Stays out of the sun a lot.

    • Piccolo: I don't believe this! They've got t-bones, tenderloins, all kinds of beef that's been illegal for twenty years.
      Lucas: You can probably get anything that's illegal in here.
      Piccolo: I wonder if I can get some California condor pate.
      O'Neill: Are you completely tasteless, Tony, or is it just an affectation?
      Lucas: Completely.
      Piccolo: I was just kidding. Tastes too much like baby seal, anyway.

    • Piccolo (after listening to a recording of himself reading): You are a stupid, stupid, stupid boy, Anthony Piccolo.

    • Henderson: Are you okay, Tony?
      Piccolo: Not really. I uh...I can't read.
      Henderson: Yes you can.
      Piccolo: Not good, anyways, so I can't learn anything I don't already know, and I have to, if I want to get better, be something more than I am. Like Lucas has. Will you teach me?
      Henderson: Yeah. I'll try.

    • Ford: Anybody seen the captain?
      Brody: Maybe he's giving Darwin a lecture on sea-faring etiquette.

    • Hudson: Lieutenant Krieg was one of seaQuest's original crew members.
      McGrath: And he's spent the last three years trying to climb into the basement windows of the White House. The guy's a nut! He ran for president on a 'Eat Peace' platform. Whatever the hell that means.

    • Lucas: You told me once that the world belongs to those who bring it the most hope. I still believe that, Ben. And seaQuest is part of that hope again.

    • Lucas: I can't let you die, Ben. Not here. Not like this.
      Krieg: What's it matter? The past has turned into the present, and everything now is a nightmare.

    • Hudson: Man's a genius.
      Ford: You don't create the largest mega-corporation in the world without brain power.
      Hudson: I was referring to you, Commander.

    • Hudson: What can you do?
      Dagwood: Um...this. (he hits the bulkhead which shakes)
      O'Neill (on com): Sir, we just registered an impact amidships.
      Hudson: I'm with Dagwood.
      O'Neill: Um, yes, sir.

    • Dagwood: Daggers are not human, so Dagwood cannot be a civilian.

    • Krieg: We're not on the same side anymore, Lucas.

    • Lucas: It was the Earl of Sandwich, and the Duke of Earl guys, come on.

  • Notes

    • First season star, John D'Aquino (Lt. Krieg), makes a guest appearance in this episode, but is working against the seaQuest and its crew.

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