seaQuest DSV

Season 2 Episode 13


Aired Unknown Jan 15, 1995 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • TRIVIA: Series star Ted Raimi co-wrote this episode, making him the first cast member to write an episode. Jonathan Brandis became the second with the later season 2 episode "The Siamese Dream".

  • Quotes

    • Brody: Keep those things away from me. Feels like you're throwing bean balls or something.
      Ortiz: Whiskers are precision instruments, Lieutenant. They would never hurt you. See, I can get within inches. (sends whiskers all around Brody)
      Brody: I think you're ready for my refresher course in survival training, huh, Ortiz?

    • Ford: I saw a fire in the chair. I did! Didn't anybody see the fire?
      Dagwood: There was a fire in the chair.
      Ford: You saw it, too?
      Dagwood: No. But there must have been, because you saw it.

    • Bridger: What's with my chair?
      Ford: I thought it was on fire, sir. I…um….am seeing things. I should be relieved of duty.
      Bridger: Can't anyone on this boat be responsible for their own actions? You want to be relieved, relieve yourself. You're a commander, don't come whining to me. I'm not running a boat for victims. Pull yourself together, man!

    • Bridger: Lucas! Why aren't you in uniform?
      Lucas: I'm a civilian, Captain.
      Bridger: You're going to work on the bridge, you're gonna be in uniform.
      Lucas: But…

    • Brody: How much longer?
      O'Neill: Well, I don't know, it's a lost alphabet, Jim. It's gonna take some time.

    • Piccolo: Hey, Ortiz, what you got there, a Cuban kitchen knife? (Ortiz attacks him with a sword) I was just joking, man!

    • Lucas: We've gotta do something.
      Smith: I can't relieve the captain of duty! Being obnoxious is not a medical disability.
      Lucas: I've never seen him like this before.
      Smith: It's a man thing. Sometimes you guys need to growl and make noise.

    • Ford: This is incredible. A psychiatrist is telling me that it's okay to stay on duty as long as you keep your imaginary friend in his place.

    • Prof. Frobe: Who is this? Why am I arguing with, with, with a child?
      McGrath: This is Lucas Wolenczek. He's a member of the seaQuest science staff.
      Prof. Frobe: Ah. What are your credentials?
      Lucas: Oh, magna cum laude, applied science of artificial intelligence, Stanford. (Frobe looks away)

    • Tim: You think this says 'after five days of strudel'?

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