seaQuest DSV

Season 1 Episode 12

Photon Bullet

Aired Unknown Dec 19, 1993 on NBC

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  • a group of hackers try to save the world. but at what cost,

    lucus is on the bridge and he thinks he is getting in every ones way. a call comes in from and under water station asking for supplys from the seaquest. lucus and bridger go to the station and on the station are a group of kids. very smart computer hackers. they hack into different places and transfer money into diffrent accounts. later on lucus finds out that they wanted him there for a reason. its up to lucus and woffman and a few others to stop a mad man from destroying the world. i like this episode as you see bridger and lucus bond even more. and he finally gets paid like the rest of the crew.
  • Well this was an early look into the early days of what would one day become the Internet.

    The Episode delt with a Group of Genius Teenagers in an underwater Bubble controlling the "Inter-Nex" an early look at what would one day become known as the Internet.

    This Episode is any Internet Geeks version of a throwback Jersey. it kinda reminds me of watching an old episode of "The Jetsons" where they thought everyone would have flying cars by the 21st Centery.

    This Epsiode seems to show a Future not too Far off from where we are today in 2005, just in a Campy kind of way.