seaQuest DSV

Season 3 Episode 8


Aired Unknown Dec 06, 1995 on NBC



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    • O'Neill (about Scully): Three hundred people died on that ocean liner. How can they pardon that?
      Ford: You kill one person, you're a murderer. You kill a hundred, you're a statesman.

    • Morse (to Hudson): Don't you dare lecture me on commitment! I'm the one you left standing at the altar twice, remember?

    • Scully: You don't like me much, do you?
      Lucas: I don't know you, sir.
      Scully: Sure you do. You were on seaQuest when Nathan Bridger chased me down. And for the last three weeks you've been downloading every byte of information you could find on Ecotopia.
      Lucas: For the record, sir, I think that Ecotopia could be a model for all future colonies, above and below the sea.
      Scully: Really? But that's not an answer.
      Lucas: No, sir, it isn't.

    • Hudson (about Tony not making lieutenant): You were up against the best the academy had to offer. You'll do better next time.
      Piccolo: Next time? Sir, I gave it everything I had.
      Hudson: But you learned in the process.
      Piccolo: Obviously not enough.

    • Lucas (about Scully): I think that what he did was unforgivable, that's what I think. But, I do think that what he's doing right now is very noble.
      Hudson: Noble? He arrived at nobility by killing hundreds of people. I think if you look at him closely you'll see him to be the fanatic that he is.
      Lucas: I think if you're saying he cares deeply about the environment then I'm probably a fanatic too.

    • Lucas: Dirt farming? Isn't that hopelessly inefficient in comparison to modern hydroponics?
      Scully: Only if you're trying to feed the world.
      Lucas: From what I read, I thought that was the point.

    • Scully: I was a good man once, until the evils of this world drove me to an unspeakable act. Now I can't change that act, but I am trying to change the world.
      Lucas: Will that silence the screams, Ambassador?

    • Henderson (referring to Brody's son): Why didn't we know about him?
      Piccolo: I thought I was his friend.
      Henderson: You were. We all were. I thought.
      Piccolo: Makes you wonder how much we know about anybody, huh?

    • Morse: What radiation?
      Hudson: From Freedom Point. seaQuest's there investigating a leak.
      Morse: Scully's behind this.
      Hudson: Yeah, right. Along with global warming, near-sightedness, and every sock you ever lost.

    • Lucas: Ambassador, do you realize what a nuclear explosion of this size will do?
      Scully: Well, I suppose it'll rattle a few windows, disturb a few antiques, send a cloud of dirt into the air so high that the sun's rays won't be able to penetrate, thus thrusting us into a new ice age and eliminating mankind from the face of the earth.

    • Lucas (to Scully): So this is how you plan on silencing the 300 screams in your head. By drowning them out with a hundred billion more.

    • Piccolo: My father used to work in a tiny donut shop in Brooklyn. When I was little he was in that store every morning by three o'clock, but he'd always come home at seven and woke me up, smelling of sugar, and grease. Even though he left home when I was eight, I still can't pass a bakery without thinking he's right there next to me.
      Henderson: Tony, why are you telling me this?
      Piccolo: 'Cause one day I may fly off in a specter and never come back. Brody died among strangers. I don't want to.

    • Hudson: So, do you still find Maximillian Scully noble?
      Lucas: His behavior was totally unacceptable, he did some terrible things. I just hope Ecotopia is his legacy, not his insanity.

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