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  • Not the First Show to Be Ruined in the Second Season

    I LOVED the first season of this show! The second kind of lost me, and I never even knew there was a third.

    Same thing happened to Buck Rogers, Human Target, and Harry's Law. Awesome, wonderful, engaging first seasons, then someone (probably a producer with a new love interest) added characters that did not belong in the show AT ALL, changed the storyline to accommodate the love interest, and ruined the show completely, to the point of cancellation. Blame it on the horny producers....
  • SeaQuest DSV

    I Love SeaQuest DSV and I have Season 1 and Season 2 and I will be looking for Season 3 soon but right now I am not sure when I will be able to find it
  • Fun and entertaining, been missing it for over 10 years

    This show was one of my favorites from the early 90s.

    The characters and the places they go are just awsome. The show its self is a cool blend of military action and science know how. Although some of the show is a little out there, especially those alien episodes, the stories are fun and you could see how most of the technology is just around the corner.

    Although the special effects are dated now back then they were top of the line for a tv show. Darwin was especially fun to watch, come on who does not love a talking dolphin.

    I loved the first 2 seasons and the stories were great, but the 3rd and final season was just ok. It never really got going, it changed from being a mostly scientific adventure series to a military one adn it just sort of lost me. Also it was a real shame that they lost the original Captian of the Seaquest. The first 2 seasons are definate buys on dvd and they look great, but the 3rd season is just ok and if you are a fan of the show worth a watch but that is about it.
  • This is a classic!

    SeaQuest is an absolute classic. A take on the traditional explores in space, you get explorers in the sea. The writing of the show if pretty high quality with good episode plots and lots of fun characters. The acting can be a bit campy, but in a fun sci-fi way not in a terrible I can't watch this way. Its a definite must see show for sci-fi fans and a good show for people with families. Its entertaining enough for the adults without being to scary or graphic for a preteen. The production values on the episodes is also high, which sells a sci-fi show.
  • the captain has a party and piclo has to help his dad

    this is my favourite one. we get to see pickol and lucus and dagwood go to the smoke room to see his father who in real life is his father dom deluise and also his other son has appearance in it.. his mum has turn young and he has to try to save her from the pills she is taking. we see the whole crew go to the captains island where he is having a party. they all arrive for the bbq and are having a great time. darwin learns about money, and there becomes a atraction between wendy and bridger...
  • Has a show ever gone from good to crap as quickly as "seaQuest?"

    When it premiered, "seaQuest" blew me away. I loved every minute of it, and it was a Sunday night ritual in our house, marking the end of the weekend and serving as one of the few shows my whole family could watch together. The mix of adventure, sci-fi and humor, coupled with a cast that seemed to be enjoying themselves under the command of Roy Schieder, was perfect. seaQuest saw action, to be sure, but there was always a sense of awe and wonder about the ocean and the world beneath the sea. This wasn't a gunship, it was a vessel of discovery.

    Then Season 1 ended, and the downfall began.

    What went wrong? Too much to list here, but the sense of adventure and exploration (along with oceanic tidbits from Bob Ballard) were jettisoned for more action (which was usually mindless), more women (who lacked the charm and beauty of Stacy Haiduk and Stephanie Beachum) and more sci-fi (which brought far too many aliens, monsters, ghosts and mutants to the forefront). It's the curse that befalls any show that wants to aim high. Network interference inevitably brings it back down to earth. Don't even get me started on the retcon which jettisoned Schieder. I wanted the seaQuest of Season 1 back. No Daggers, no DeLuise brothers, no Neptune, no travel to other planets. Just the seaQuest trying to keep the peace and aid humanity as the UEO tried to control the oceans.

    At least Season 1 is out on DVD. A bit hokey now, but it has recaptured my imagination. And I don't have the subsequent seasons to disappoint me.
  • This show got me through my childhood!!

    Seaquest and Earth 2 were my first big forays into relatable science fiction. Beyond that of Star Trek, being set so far in the future. Seaquest was near future and had a dolphin. I was convinced that by now we would all be living in the Oceans, So sad that no one ever took a queue from the show. Oh well. Season 2 was my favorite because there was a more supernatural twist to the show, and although the critics were disgusted with it, I think it finally saved the show to not always be so focused on polotical things.
  • An updated version of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

    I did like Roy Scheider as the captain of the sub and the stories were fairly interesting enough to keep me watching but overall the series was good but not great. I dont remember much of it these days.

    Michael Ironside in Season 3 was good as well, but the struggle to decide where the series was headed killed it. In Season 3 it became darker and more like Star Trek under water. I do remember the Season 2 to Season 3 cliffhanger where the submarine was scooped up and transported to a water planet to fight in a war, but not much else. Season 3 picked up 10 years later after the sub returned to Earth by the aliens, explained by time dialation of near light speed travel. I think the time passage and darker themes turned alot of viewers off. Though I thought it made the series a little better.

    I havent seen the series since it originally aired and I really dont care to see it again.
  • SeaQuest DSV had all the signs of becoming a science fiction classic.

    In the twenty-first century, the nations of the world have expanded their spheres of influence to include the ocean, the last unexplored territory on Earth. Because of the pervasion of pirates, terrorists and war-mongers, the nations of the world have built an experimental submarine named the Seaquest. Seaquest's job is to maintain the peace of the world. Seaquest was one of those unforgettable science fiction shows that was driven by the strength of its characters and the quality of the writing. With adventure, drama, and danger, this series promised something for everyone. There was even a treat for animal lovers in the form of Darwin, Seaquest's resident dolphin who, thanks to an experimental computer program that allowed him to talk, gave the crew of the Seaquest a unique insights into the world, as well as a look at the world of humans from a dolphin's perspective.

    Seaquest offered a galaxy of guest stars, including Charlton Heston and William Shatner. This is a sci-fi series that definitely went before its time but after it's 3rd season was cut short after ratings fell.
  • i like the 1st season, not sure about 2 and 3.

    i really liked season 1 of this show, it was ahead of its time. but i'm not much of a fan of season 2 and 3. the addition of the genetically engineered lifeforms looked silly. when roy scheider was replaced by michael ironside, i didn't like that either. i kept watching the show anyhow just to check out the effects. and the stories were still interesting. but it wasn't as good as the 1 season, that season was cutting edge, it was truly ahead of that time. the writers screwed the show by adding the genetic people. it looks silly from that point.
  • In the year 2018, mankind has began living and exploring the sea. To serve as law enforcement and keep the peace the UEO's Deep Submergence Vechicle, Seaquest, ventures into the deep sea, discovering new and exciting things about the oceans.

    I loved watching this when i was younger, it was the first sci fiction tv show i got hooked on and i watched it regularly on the tv. The stories were interesting and the special effects were amazing, especially for the year it was made it. One very unquie and interesting part about the seaquest show was the educational credits they presented at the end of each show, which taught me many interesting things about sea creatures and the ocean enviroment. Unfortunately the show only lasted 3 seasons which i was disapointed at but all things must come to an end.
  • one of the best sci-fi shows ever

    i am sure it was expensive to produce, but the special effects were awesome. some of the stories really stunk but all in all a great show. it kind of changed a little when michael ironside took over the captains chair. but it was still a great show. the talking dolphin was stupid though.
  • In the future, the oceans are open to be exploted and a new organization UEO (United Earth Oceans) is created to keep order on the new frontier. UEO makes the seaQuest DSV 4600, a powerful submarine to preserve peace and explore.

    This was an excellent tv series on its first season. It was a good example that it's possible to make an intelligent scientific based tv series keeping the good action. I liked the cast of the first season, it was more appealing. I didn't like when they lost confidence on the project and they introduced in a very forced way too many fantastic characters like telepathic doctors, mutants, guys with gills, etc... And they changed the good old Chief Crocker for a more handsome guy only to get up the ratings. Even they changed the uniforms when they already had one of the coolest uniforms on sci-fi series and truthfully to the vision of what a submarine uniform looks like. Some changes were stupid like making long the hair of the character of Marco Sanchez only to make him look cool, he is a military officer, he can't be serving with hair so long! Dr. Westphalen character gave class and intelligence to the stories but they changed it for another actress very pretty but giving her telepathic powers that weren't necessary to the series.
  • Never should have been cancelled

    seaQuest DSV was a risk taken by NBC to put a science fiction show in a prime time slot. If you see today, dramas and sitcoms are the only prime time shows that the major networks will dare put on today. I remember when I was in junior high and high school watching seaQuest. It was a very good science fiction show, plain and simple. Today there are many fine science fictions shows, including Battlestar Galactica which was originally on a major network in the late 1970s. Today it has excellent ratings on the SciFi network which is an accomplishment. seaQuest should have never have been cancelled, NBC was just worried about the serious risk of lower ratings. I am surprised that SciFi hasn't redone seaQuest with Michael Ironside or even a whole new cast. I hope DVD sales convince SciFi that the show is still popular.
  • A tv show set in the future (not too far away now). The idea was Star Trek underwater. Positive looking future with a few people trying to mess it up.

    I really loved the first two seasons of this show. I try not to let the third season mess it up for me. What they did to Lucas's character was argh!!! Anyway deep breathe moving past all that. The second season was the best. Best writing most interesting look into the future etc. I liked season one alse but it was almost too innocent for my taste the scrounger was the darkest character on the ship. Every ship needs a shady good guy but he just wasn't it. Man this review sounds negative I really do love this show :)
  • The first season was wonderful.

    The first season was wonderful. It was a great show that I thought had a lot of potential. the second season came and the show changed it's format and got way off of what had happened in the first season. None the less, I enjoyed the show a lot and wish that it had more seasons. It was probably a little bit before it's time.
  • Had great potential but took a wrong turn

    There was such promise in this show that it's a crying shame it got wasted. The first episode had problems, most notably with an incredibly unconvincing Shelley Hack, but most of the first season was watchable. Some aspects of the show were derivative, like supply officer Krieg, who recalled Tony Curtis' similarly creative officer from the "Operation Petticoat" movie. But the show had its heart in the right place. It did more exploring in that first season than the entire four year run of "Enterprise," despite the producers of the latter show claiming they would focus on exploration. Right up until the last episode of the first season, it tried to bring home the majesty of the oceans.

    The second season was a whole different matter. Aside from the sudden emphasis on action rather than science, there were large problems with continuity and casting. Where the first season's "Abalon" episode made water-breathing humans a unique experiment, all of a sudden, there were a number of water-breathing Daggers from years before. The cast suddenly skewed young with the addition of Henderson, Brody, Dr. Smith and the DeLuise boys.

    Season 3 found it even more off course. Suddenly the SeaQuest with the biological coating that shouldn't be exposed to air was found in a cornfield. The show gained a militaristic bent. It became everything season 1 wasn't.

    Unfortunately, SeaQuest went head to head with the eminently forgettable "Lois & Clark" on Sunday nights, which split the sci-fi/fantasy audience. That fight to the death forced the producers to compromise in ways that killed the soul of the series. I can't even watch the second or third seasons anymore. They only remind me of what went horribly wrong.
  • Started out great but then fell into hack writing and bad acting

    This show had great intentions when it first aired and was a Science FACT show expect for some of the ship technology. It used many naturally occuring events underwater to drive it's episodes. The CG computer animation SUCKED and you never really got to know the ship...the muddy fake underwater stuff was done so poorly that it was laughable.

    When producers saw ratings slide they changed the focus of the show and introduced Aliens and Bang! the show got higher numbers. This started the decline of the show as it went more Sci-Fi and started with more silly alien stuff.

    It's too bad that they didn't do more real underwater filming. As cheesy as some of the Irwin Allens show were (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea) There was a realness to the Seaview Sub. It was a character in the show with the Flying Sub just about the coolest thing I had ever seen. This show lacked that realism. Don't do a show about underwater if you never really go there!!
  • I loved the original cast the best and the original storylines from Season One.

    I wish they would have kept with the writer’s original idea as well; it isn't that I don't like Sci-Fi, but the show was so cool in the beginning, and it sort of took a dive in the end.

    I hated that!

    It seems like Stargate Atlantis might be the one to watch in seaQuests absence.

  • A great science fiction show that allowed one to see what happened when the US Navy built a submarine that allowed exploration of the last great frontier of Earth, The Oceans. A great cast and a great special effects drama that gave an hour of fun televis

    I loved this show and was excited when it first aired on NBC in the early 90's. The submarine was awesome and I remeber building the first plastic model when it came out in local toy stores. I was glad to see it on reruns on Sci-Fi channel in early 2,000's. I still feel the show had agreat human impact of what the future could hold if mankind allowed the exploration of the seas to help cure hunger and over population. A great escape when it aired plus I always enjoyed seeing the secret attraction between the the Captain and the Doctor.
  • One of the best non-space sci-fi series until today! Great cast with unforgettable Roy Scheider, Jonathan Brandis and Stacy Haiduk! We want more shows like this, not a CSI for every city!

    SeaQuest really was a great show!
    To begin with season one and its original crew. Every story was a classic on its own, with some really breathtaking producer's ideas. Like who could ever forget the ghost ship they found on the bottom of the sea.
    There was also a lot of characteristic relationships which made a show even more dramatic to watch. I really liked the crew, there were young minds, old experienced minds, woman minds, dolphin minds... Different people, different aspects, one crew with the same goal: To boldly navigate the submarine where noone has gone before, or has one? :-)
    The second season introduced (too) many new faces, so that I really missed some old ones like sexy Stacy Haiduk. Nevertheless, the new cast did a pretty decent job and made the show still very thrilling, but then came the Third Season and the change of Captains of the Seaquest. Well, with the goodbye of Roy Scheider they actually did a good thing to cancel the series, it's just they should do it more endful, so that we would truly know it is the end.
    Still, thanks to Steven Spielberg for another unforgettable TV experience!

    Season One
    Overall Rating: 9.0
    Story: 9
    Graphics: 10
    Music: 9
    Acting: 9
    Directing: 8
    Special Effects: 9
    Moral Values: 9
    Fun Element: 8
    MPAA Elements: 9
    Originality: 10

    Season Two
    Overall Rating: 8.5
    Story: 8
    Graphics: 9
    Music: 8
    Acting: 9
    Directing: 9
    Special Effects: 10
    Moral Values: 7
    Fun Element: 8
    MPAA Elements: 9
    Originality: 8

    Season Three
    Overall Rating: 7.8
    Story: 7
    Graphics: 9
    Music: 8
    Acting: 7
    Directing: 8
    Special Effects: 9
    Moral Values: 7
    Fun Element: 8
    MPAA Elements: 9
    Originality: 6
  • A great show, that although had problems, was still great to watch.

    Ahh...seaQuest DSV. This was easily one of the best shows on television. I will be the first to admit that it had problems, but overall it was a great ride. The first season was deffinetly the strongest, which is something you don't normally see. The second season, while interesting, started to go to much towards the sci-fi realm (aliens, the second season finale). The third season, you could tell the writes and powers that be knew the mistake they made with the second season and tried to fix it, but it was too little too late. This show really had great characters, fine acting and one of the most interesting premises on TV. Hopefully someday it is brought back in some form.
  • A Great Series That Ended Before Its Time

    Beneath the Surface lies the future.

    Those words summed up this great series.

    The lasted 3 good years and in the 3rd year it turned alot darker and it was even getting more excitied and then for no good reason they up and it was getting really good its a great lose too.

    I hope to see this show on DVD really soon.
  • "Beneath the ocean, lies the Future."

    I never missed an episode of SeaQuest DSV, and it wasn't just because of cutie pie Jonathan Brandis.
    The first season started off a bit slow, and I remember thinking that the Lucas character was alot like Wesley from Star Trek, there were alot of Lucas saves the ship at the last minute shows.
    I feel that if it had aired later on in the 90's it would have gone on a few more years, and if the premise hadn't changed from exploration to war.
    I do hope that someday SeaQuest will be released on DVD, with a tribute to the late Jonathan Brandis and Royce Applegate. Hopefully with the never aired episodes as well
  • who knew a show that revolved around a futuristic submarine could be so cool?

    This show is the best ever. Still is on reruns on the Space channel here in Canada. It provided an escape from reality when it first aired and is my guilty pleasure every Saturday night. It stared Roy Schieder in (what i believe to be) his best role ever, (All That Jazz excluded.) The show started going down hill mid way through the second season.
    We won't get into the disaster known as 2032. The third season did provide us with gems like Equilibrium through so it wasn't all bad. This is one show I'm eagerly waiting to come on DVD. I'll be the first one in line for a copy.