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NBC (ended 1996)


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  • SeaQuest DSV had all the signs of becoming a science fiction classic.

    In the twenty-first century, the nations of the world have expanded their spheres of influence to include the ocean, the last unexplored territory on Earth. Because of the pervasion of pirates, terrorists and war-mongers, the nations of the world have built an experimental submarine named the Seaquest. Seaquest's job is to maintain the peace of the world. Seaquest was one of those unforgettable science fiction shows that was driven by the strength of its characters and the quality of the writing. With adventure, drama, and danger, this series promised something for everyone. There was even a treat for animal lovers in the form of Darwin, Seaquest's resident dolphin who, thanks to an experimental computer program that allowed him to talk, gave the crew of the Seaquest a unique insights into the world, as well as a look at the world of humans from a dolphin's perspective.

    Seaquest offered a galaxy of guest stars, including Charlton Heston and William Shatner. This is a sci-fi series that definitely went before its time but after it's 3rd season was cut short after ratings fell.